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The Scoped Full-Auto Rifle is a weapon that appears in The Last of Us and exclusively to the multiplayer mode, Factions MP, as a part of the Scoped Weapons Bundle. It belongs to the large firearm group and is a scoped version of the Full-Auto Rifle.

General InformationEdit

Considering the very poor default accuracy of the un-scoped Full-Auto, its scoped version receives a higher accuracy improvement than most other weapons. However, given the Full-Auto's very slow time to kill, targets at ranges long enough to warrant a scope can still escape fairly easily. The damage is so low to body and head, so this scope removes any close quarter option of this weapon.

Using the scope on this weapon (like all scoped weapons) limits the field of vision for the player, this can be problematic for close quarter combat as it makes the player more likely to get killed by a shiv or a player using melee attacks.