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The Scoped Semi-Auto Rifle is a weapon that appears in The Last of Us and exclusively to the multiplayer mode, Factions MP, as a part of the Scoped Weapons Bundle. It belongs to the large firearm group and is a scoped version of the Semi-Auto Rifle.

General InformationEdit

The Scoped Semi-Auto rifle is, for the most part, functionally similar to the default Semi-Auto rifle. However, it costs more loadout points to equip and more parts to upgrade. In return, it is equipped with a low-powered scope, which greatly improves default accuracy by shrinking the reticule. This turns it into essentially a weaker El Diablo, or a stronger Variable Rifle. The higher default accuracy also means that while upgrades are more expensive, they are less beneficial than to the default semi-auto rifle.

As with all other scoped variants, the presence of the scope makes the gun somewhat more difficult to use at closer ranges due to the loss in peripheral vision.

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