Warrant Officer Sean Brendon was a soldier stationed at the Denver Quarantine Zone. He was the pilot of the helicopter used by Captain Regan's unit, which included two other members,Private Eugene Ellis and Chief Warrant Officer Larry Caulfield.



Little is known about Brendon except that he joined the military and was put in Captain Regan's unit in the 4th Infantry Division, presumably for a while given his rank. During his captain's birthday party, Brendon celebrated with the rest of the unit, posing in a picture with them, which was then gifted to Regan stating she was "the coolest Captain around". Brendon appeared to be Caucasian.[1]

Brendon was stationed in the Denver Quarantine Zone before going on a rescue mission with his unit. While flying over the Colorado Mountain Plaza, he was attacked by their infected patient and subsequently lost control of the helicopter. Caulfield managed pry the patient from Brendon but the helicopter crashed into the plaza, Brendon smashing through the windshield and dying on impact. Caulfield managed to kill the Infected once the crew scrambled out of the wreckage. Regan later remarked on Brendon's death in one of her reports. [2]

Events of Left Behind

Ellie later found Brendon's corpse while searching the helicopter for medical supplies for an injured Joel, early in the Winter of 2033. Ellie also finds the note left by Regan and Ellis, who also suffered terrible fates in the plaza.



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