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Seattle is a prominent location in The Last of Us Part II. The city is located in the state of Washington and was formerly a quarantine zone run by FEDRA and the United States military.[1] The group known as the Washington Liberation Front (WLF) control the city by the events of the game, although they face constant attack from the Seraphites, who control the surrounding area.[2]


Seattle was similar in size to the Boston QZ. It had extensive fortifications, with massive walls, checkpoints, and at one point a large contingent of military soldiers guarding the zone. There were many notable locations in the city, such as a bank, a synagogue, a train station, an underground parking structure and a court house.

As the years passed, many residents became dissatisfied with FEDRA's control of the zone, eventually culminating in the creation of the WLF and the first fighting between rebel groups and military authorities. The WLF printed many propaganda leaflets and plastered many of the walls with propaganda images in attempts to rally civilians living in the zone to support their cause.

As the WLF began to attack military supply lines, the FEDRA officers in charge began to increasingly worry that they would be unable to meet ration quotas to feed the populace. As a result, they stopped admitting new residents into the zone and began expelling those who committed crimes, or executing them. This further angered the population. The military also bombed a significant portion of rebel-held territory to clear out the WLF and infected, killing several high-level WLF leadership.

However, a new leader known as Isaac Dixon rose to power and led the WLF on a final offensive against the remaining FEDRA forces. With the situation becoming dire, FEDRA leadership in the city made the decision to evacuate the city. The last forces remaining to oversee the final evacuees were caught up in the WLF offensive and ambushed in their convoy at the highway, and the WLF raided their headquarters and eliminated the last few remaining soldiers and their commanding officer. Seattle was now under near-complete WLF control.

In the following years, a significant portion of the zone was abandoned and infested as neither the WLF nor the Seraphites had the resources to hold that much territory.