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"Seattle Day 1" is the second chapter of The Last of Us Part II. It contains the sections "The Gate", "Downtown", "Eastbrook Elementary", "Capitol Hill", "Channel 13", "The Tunnels", "The Theater", and "The Birthday Gift".






The Gate

The Gate.jpg

Ellie, Dina, and Shimmer reach the outskirts of Seattle in search of the Washington Liberation Front (WLF). On the way there, Dina guesses why Abby Anderson killed Joel, citing the cannibals and Boston smugglers as possible suspect groups she may have belonged to in the past. Ellie cuts her off, stating that she does not see the point in guessing until they find out more information about Abby and the WLF.

After emerging from the forest, the women arrive at the massive gates of the Seattle Quarantine Zone. There, they discover the seemingly-abandoned entrance littered with the skeletons of executed FEDRA soldiers; they speculate that the WLF left the corpses there as a warning to would-be trespassers. After exploring the nearby FEDRA trailers for clues on the WLF's whereabouts, Dina boosts Ellie up a ladder so she can traverse the QZ wall. Once she reaches the other side of the gate, Ellie discovers a generator and more FEDRA trailers and successfully opens the gate to let Dina and Shimmer into the QZ after diverting power from the generator.



The pair travel deeper into the city and discover the Serevena Hotel in the distance. However, it is blocked by another set of gates, except this one lacks gasoline to power the generator. With little choice, the pair ride in to the city's downtown area and search the local courthouse, synagogue and bank for gasoline, clearing out the infected living within them along the way.

Upon returning to the gate, they successfully open it and access Serevena Hotel, Ellie and Dina access the wolf-motif banner building after witnessing a runner climbing over the fences. Upon reaching the lobby, they find several dead WLF soldiers, none of which Ellie recognizes. They soon reach a room on the second floor, and find Nick - a member of Abby's group that came to kill Joel - and another soldier bound to chairs, both dead. She then deduces that their deaths were Tommy's doing by pointing out the torture tactics once used by Joel back in the Lakeside Resort. Noting the code on the floor written in blood, the women leave the base and press on.

Dina attempts to calm Ellie's worries of the bloody sight, saying that she would have done the same - if not, worse - had it been her sister, Talia, who was killed. During their journey, an trap detonates, separating both Ellie and Dina momentarily. Ellie witnesses Mike shoot Shimmer dead, who then knocks her out.

Eastbrook Elementary

Eastbrook Elementary.jpg

Bound to a table, Ellie wakes up in a school, where Jordan taunts her with her switchblade. Jordan inquires if she is acting alone, only for Mike to interrupt him. After revealing that Ellie witnessed Joel's killing, Mike informs Jordan that their leader, Isaac, has issued orders to execute all trespassers. Jordan intervenes, wanting to gain more information from Ellie on whether more people from Jackson are heading to Seattle. Their disagreement abruptly ends when Dina shoots from the skylight, killing Mike, but soon falls to the ground after Jordan shoots out the glass roof. Shocked, the unscathed Jordan then proceeds to strangle Dina, but Ellie cuts herself free with one of the fallen glass shards, and stabs Jordan twice in the neck with her switchblade. Searching through his corpse, she finds a note and a Polaroid of Leah, another accomplice of Abby who took part in Joel's death. They soon escape the school and arrive at a series of apartments for cover. After examining the contents of the note, they found out of Leah's whereabouts at Channel 13, a local TV station.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill.jpg

Crossing through the city, Ellie and Dina encounter several WLF members. Their first group was at a laundromat, the second at nearby gas station and finally a third battalion at a nearby bank. During their journey, Dina asks Ellie what her plans with Leah were going to be, to which Ellie replies that she only seeks Abby's whereabouts, and would use force when it comes to that. They also stop by a bookstore adorned with torn LGBTQ+ flags as well as its nearby streets. Dina jokes about their relationship by referencing a book she finds in the store, titled Sorority Sisters.

Channel 13

Channel 13 Chapter.jpg

After finding a way through Capitol Hill, they discover several explosive traps littered across their journey to the TV station. They then cross a river and discover several corpses and a horse carcass once belonging to Tommy. They press on and upon arriving at the TV station, they notice how quiet the station is, only to see a multitude of WLF bodies. To Ellie's disappointment, they find Leah's dead body, skewered with arrows. Examining her belongings, they take several photographs of the group that were sent out to locate Joel back in Jackson, including Abby. Suddenly, more WLF soldiers arrive, forcing the pair to flee to an abandoned subway station.

The Tunnels

The Tunnels.jpg

Ellie and Dina navigate their way through the abandoned subway station, bypassing a group of both WLF members and clickers, including the newly-discovered shambler. Upon nearing the exit, Ellie's mask breaks. Desperate, Dina attempts to remove her mask to share it, but Ellie stops her, revealing she is immune to the Cordyceps. Before she can explain, a horde of infected chase them. They escape the subway underground but Dina collapses to the ground. Ellie assists an exhausted Dina to a nearby theater

The Theater

The Theater.jpg

Once inside the Pinnacle Theater, Ellie, noticing Dina's unusual behavior, asks her about her condition. Dina reveals that she is pregnant. Shocked and angry, Ellie leaves Dina to rest and searches through the abandoned theater and soon finds a key that leads to the auditorium. She soon finds a guitar and proceeds to play an excerpt of Future Days by Pearl Jam.

The Birthday Gift

The Birthday Gift.jpg

After playing guitar in the theater, Ellie has a flashback to her sixteenth birthday when Joel took her on a camping trip to rural Wyoming. The chapter begins with Ellie practicing the guitar, clearly still learning the chords to Future Days and self-deprecating her skills. Joel reassures her that she just needs to build up calluses on her fingertips and tells her to follow him, after which gameplay begins.

Ellie attempts to guess her birthday gift, much to an amused Joel. After walking along a rocky path, the two of them reach a narrow ledge. Joel insists that Ellie traverse it first, and uses this opportunity to push her into the water. When she re-emerges at the surface, Ellie angrily claims that she could have drowned, to which Joel retorts that she needs to work on her confidence. They reach the surprise gift which is revealed to be the Wyoming Museum of Science and History, a three-day horseback ride from Jackson, Wyoming.

On her way up the museum's spiral staircase, Ellie asks Joel if he went to museums a lot before the Outbreak. He says that his late daughter Sarah dragged him to "every damned museum in Texas."



"Seattle Day 1" contains the following forty-five artifacts:

Name Section Location
Map of Seattle The Gate When at the highway, there will be a trailer on the left side. Enter it and search the drawer inside to collect the map.
Refugee note The Gate When at the first FEDRA gate, this note will be in the first trailer building left of the "TRESPASSERS KILLED ON SIGHT!" wall.
Infected infographic The Gate This is in the second trailer building to left of the "TRESPASSERS KILLED ON SIGHT!" wall.
Isaac's orders The Gate Once you have made it across the wall, you will approach a tower where a ladder leads down, but instead of climbing down, look left for a ladder leading up the guard tower. At the top you will find this artifact.
Checkpoint gate codes The Gate From the last collectibles, climb down the ladders to the bottom. The codes will be in the trailer building straight ahead inside a drawer.
Rooftop note The Gate Behind the trailer building from the last artifact, there will be a generator and a yellow power cable. Turn on the generator and grab the yellow cable. Before opening the fence door next to the generator, throw the yellow cable from the generator over the building to the other side. You can now grab the yellow cable on the other side to use it as a rope and climb up the trailer building. Inside, the note will be found on a chair.
FEDRA census document Downtown After spotting Serevena Hotet, Ellie will automatically dismount the horse. On the left is a small guard post; in its drawer is the document
Bank heist plans Downtown Head towards Westlake Bank. Enter the building and after defeating the clickers inside, check the dark side room for a note inside a satchel. It reveals the vault code 60-23-06.
Bank robber letter Downtown Within the vault of Westlake Bank, there will be a corpse. The letter is on the table by it.
Antique ring Downtown Within the vault of Westlake Bank, the ring is contained in the drawer in the right hand corner.
Cache hunter note Downtown Outside Westlake Bank, there is a canopy. The note is on there.
Letter from Isaac Downtown Between Cherry street and Colombia street, there is a disused military tank is parked there. Left of it is a corpse with this letter.
WLF community supply chest note Downtown On the third block on the left from Madison street and north from Valiant Music shop, there are some stairs you can go up to find a note by a corpse.
Street drawing Downtown At the intersection between 5th Avenue and Madison street, there is a security checkpoint. Climb up the ladder to find note in the drawer of one of the guard posts.
WLF safe house supply note Downtown In northernmost building called Ruston Coffee Shop and north of Spring street, you must smash the windows to enter the shop. The note is on the counter.
Pet store key Downtown Within Ruston Coffee Shop, there is a bathroom area in the backroom. Enter there. Beware of a runner that will charge you. Once you have killed the runner, search the cubicles. The key is inside.
Join WLF note Downtown Find the Barkos Pet Store on the third block from the left between Marion street and Madison street. Having the "Pet Store Key" artifact allows Ellie to open the door in the back of the building. The note is on the printer inside.
Note to informant Downtown Between 6th Avenue & 7th Avenue, head to the north where there is water flooding into the street from the highway. There’s a damaged FEDRA truck parked in front of where the water is coming from. Ellie will mark it on her map as a location. Open the back of the truck to find a group of FEDRA soldier's corpses. The document is on one of them.
Emergency protocols memo Downtown On the second block from between Colombia street & Marion street, there will be the Seattle synagogue. This area is part of the story path. Enter through the fence, then immediately turn right to climb up a ladder. On top are 2 guard posts; in the drawer of one is the memo.
Rabbi Saunders' letter Downtown Inside the synagogue on the upper floor is a rope. Ellie must use it to reach the other side as part of the story. The office nearby will be Rabbi Saunders'. Inside, the document will be on their desk.
Plea to a friend letter Downtown Inside the Seattle courthouse, there will be numerous infected. After either killing or sneaking past them, you must head downstairs to the office area that will have a FEDRA sign over it. Outside the office, there will be numerous corpses. On one of them is the letter.
Lt. Torres' final memorandum Downtown Inside the downstairs area of the Seattle courthouse, there will be an office. Smash the window the break inside. Jump inside and search the corpse of Lieutenant Torres at the end of the hall with a machete inside it. Ellie will pull the machete from the corpse, after which the memorandum will fall from its pocket.
List of known WLF agitators Downtown Near Lieutenant Torres' corpse will be the corpse of Sergeant Ward. The list is on their person.
WLF recruiter journal Downtown When inside Serevena Hotel, the journal can be collected on the upper floor in the second bedroom. It will be in a drawer under the television.
Leah's note Eastbrook Elementary After Ellie kills Jordan, this artifact is automatically acquired.
Leah's photograph Eastbrook Elementary After Ellie kills Jordan, this artifact is automatically acquired.
Isaac's mandate Eastbrook Elementary After making it to the rooftop and killing the WLF soldiers, this artifact is inside the next room you enter on a table.
Chevy's apology Capitol Hill In house with the number 6 on its door by outdoor swimming pool, This document is in the upstairs bedroom, on the bed.
Raul's olive branch Capitol Hill To the right of the Motel is a green dumpster. Use the dumpster to climb into the nearby white balcony on the side. The note is in the kitchen drawer.
Rebecca's tip off Capitol Hill This is inside the book store next to the Gas Station, behind the cash register.
Tower doodles Capitol Hill After encountering the two runners behind the wire traps, search for the ladder before you jump down the muddy slope. Climb up to find the document at the top in a watch tower.
Raul's account Capitol Hill After sliding down the muddy slope, search the back of a truck parked on the left. This is findable before Ellie and Dina locate Tommy's dead horse.
Fran's refusal Capitol Hill After the cutscene where Ellie and Dina find Tommy's dead horse, check the first building on the right where more wire traps are located. The document hangs on a noticeboard at the wall. There will also be a workbench in this building.
Thrift store reminder Capitol Hill In the same building as the previous artifact, go through the door that says "Do Not Enter – Well Wishes Employees Only". In that room on the noticeboard hangs a document
Dad's pep talk Channel 13 Inside the TV station, on same floor where Ellie and Dina find Leah's dead body. check the offices after the Leah corpse cutscene to find this document on a couch.
Subway note The Tunnels After the encounter between the WLF and the clickers, Ellie and Dina will open a train door together and enter a dark train compartment. This note is to the left near the end of the compartment.
Whittled statue The Tunnels After the chain door, enter the second blue door on the right leads to the cafeteria. This figure is by the microwave at the door. There are 3 Artifacts here. 1 Figure at microwave by the door, 1 Soda Can in the “Special Cola” machine (smash glass), 1 Torn Document on table in corner
Soda can note The Tunnels Inside the cafeteria, the soda can is in the "Special Cola" machine. You will have to smash the glass to collect it.
Locker room note The Tunnels Inside the cafeteria, you can collect the document from a table in the corner.
Subway station note The Tunnels As you progress to the next mandatory story point after facing the infected, climb the red box to enter the next train you enter. Turn to the right immediately to find a document pinned to the door.
Program for Cassandra The Theater This is on the ground floor straight ahead of Ellie at the start of the chapter. It can be collected to the left of the counter.
Lone FEDRA soldier journal #1 The Theater Hesd upstairs to find a bar. This artifact is on the counter.
Lone FEDRA soldier journal #2 The Theater Head upstairs to head to the balcony area. This artifact is on a table by the makeshift bed.
The Sick Habit flyer / set list The Theater Once the power is turned on, head into the main theater area on the ground floor. This is by the stage on a box.
Suicide note The Birthday Gift After Ellie is separated from Joel, progress through the Nature exhibit to find a hole in the wall. Crouch through it to find a corpse. This document is by it. Ensure you collect it before triggering the cutscene with the boar.

Journal entries

Ellie makes two journal entries in this chapter.

  1. King of the tyrant lizards - Ellie makes a sketch of the T-Rex and comments "That's a big boy!"
  2. One Day - Ellie makes a sketch of a spaceship after exclaiming that she will be the seventh person to go to the Moon.


  • This is the first chapter since "The Enemy of My Enemy" to feature infected and human encounters simultaneously and the first in a non-DLC expansion.
  • During this chapter, if the player pays attention to Dina but uses camera tricks to see her without Ellie looking directly at her, she occasionally holds her stomach. This foreshadows her revealing to Ellie that she is pregnant at the theater.