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"Seattle Day 2" is the third act of The Last of Us Part II. It contains the chapters "Hillcrest", "Finding Strings", "The Seraphites", and "St. Mary's Hospital".







Upon waking up, Ellie soon finds Dina throwing up in a room which houses a radio and a map detailing the different zones the WLF has set up across the city. One of the transmissions details an unknown trespasser causing disturbances in Zone 14, to which Dina points out is Hillcrest. Ellie seeks out the trespasser, hoping that it is Tommy.

Upon arriving there and fighting through WLF soldiers, she learns the trespasser is in fact Jesse, who had followed her and Dina to Seattle. The pair hijack one of the WLF's vehicle and escape the WLF after luring the troops into a horde of Infected.

Ellie and Jesse return to Dina at the Pinnacle Theater. Ellie leaves the two to catch up for a while as she thinks back on her time in Jackson.

Finding Strings

Three years before the current events, Ellie and Tommy are out on one of their patrols. Sensing Ellie's inattentiveness, Tommy comforts her by lending her his scoped rifle to rid the outlying areas of Runners. They soon reach the ski lodge, where Joel waits. Pointing out to Ellie that her guitar strings should be changed, Tommy suggests the two head out to a nearby music store to find some. Joel agrees and the pair ride their horses down the hill towards the store.

Finding the main road blocked, they enter a hotel, riddled with spores. Ellie points out the pointlessness of wearing her mask when no one is around, but Joel insists that it is for in her interests to wear it, so she does not have to explain her immunity. Discovering Infected inside, they clear it out. However, a Bloater attacks them. After a lengthy fight, Joel hacks the Bloater to death with his machete.

Now safe from Infected, the pair make it to a café. Inside, they find a pair of bodies, one of them being a Clicker, which Joel kills. They deduce the bodies belonged to a couple from Jackson who left the city in hopes to makes lives better but had been infected during their journey. Ellie, who has grown distrustful of Joel, asks him what had transpired at the hospital back in Utah, to which Joel insists there was no cure. He then deflects her further questions, insisting they should bury the bodies back at Jackson.

The Seraphites

Back in 2038, Ellie decides to pursue Abby's whereabouts at a hospital. After Ellie survives a strong current and escapes the sewer, she continues to Lakehill Seattle Hospital to find Nora. As she makes her way through a park, she gets shot in the shoulder with an arrow by a group of Seraphites looking for stragglers.

After the encounter with the first group of Seraphites, Ellie soon encounters another group of them and witnesses the ritual execution of a WLF soldier. After escaping and killing the second group of Seraphites, Ellie encounters a Seraphite brute wielding a sledgehammer; she finishes the large Seraphite with their own weapon and continues to head toward the hospital.

St. Mary's Hospital

Two years earlier, Ellie returns to St. Mary's Hospital to seek answers about the Fireflies and the development of the vaccine. Going through rooms of old medical and research equipment, Ellie finds medical documents and x-rays of the Cordyceps brain infection in the brain of an immune patient. She also finds a note left by a former Firefly discussing their plans to join another group as the Fireflies officially voted to disband. Scavenging through the operating room, Ellie also finds a duffel bag with a tape recorder. Ellie plays a voice recording from a Firefly, revealing that Ellie was the only immune patient available and that producing the vaccine is impossible since their only doctor capable of such a feat was murdered.

Ellie repeatedly plays the recording of the Firefly outside the hospital until Joel arrives. Joel dismounts his horse and moves to hug Ellie, chastising her for running away in the night. As Joel attempts to bring Ellie back to Jackson, she orders him to tell her the truth about what really happened at the hospital in 2034. Ellie further states that, if he lies again, the two will part ways forever. Relenting, Joel tells Ellie that producing the vaccine would have killed her, so he stopped the surgery. Ellie breaks down, rebuking Joel's efforts to console her, pushing him away. Ellie declares she will return with him to Jackson, but wants nothing more to do with him.

Lakehill Seattle Hospital

Ellie soon arrives at Lakehill Seattle Hospital, and bypasses a group of WLF soldiers, including Whitney and Bear. Ellie then climbs through the vents, and overhears a conversation between a couple of WLF soldiers and Nora about Abby's recent arrival at the hospital. Tailing her, she corners Nora at gunpoint and asks where Abby has fled to, but her interrogation soon results in a chase between both Ellie and Nora.

She eventually corners Nora again, but a group of WLF grunts hold her at gunpoint. Unwilling to let Nora go without having information on Abby, she throws herself and Nora into the lower floors, which are filled with spores. With Nora now infected, she attempts to reason with Ellie about Joel's past actions and loyally refuses to give up Abby's location. Visibly angry, Ellie tortures Nora, eventually finding out Abby is currently hiding at the Seattle Waterfront Aquarium.

Traumatized, she returns to Dina and Jesse, where she breaks down.


  • The WLF soldier that is seen hanging from the noose cannot be saved. Even if the player kills the Scar that is programmed to kill the soldier, the soldier will die from the hanging in a matter of seconds.