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"Seattle Day 3" is the eighth chapter of The Last of Us Part II. It contains the sections "The Marina", "The Island", "The Escape", and "The Confrontation".






The Marina

By morning, Abby awakens from a dream. However, unlike her previous dream this one shows her father, peaceful, in the St. Mary's Hospital theater, where he smiles at her. Abby begins to look around the aquarium, where she is confronted by Mel. Abby attempts to thank her for her help in saving Yara, but Mel berates her, stating she knows Abby still only really cares for herself before storming off. Heartbroken, Abby kicks a chair and begins to weep. Yara finds her, noticing her distress, but Abby insists she is fine. Yara asks Abby to help her look for Lev who has run off after arguing with her.

Yara reveals Lev wishes to return to the Seraphite island to convince their mother to also flee Seattle with them, but Yara knows it is futile. She reveals that, unlike herself, their mother is not as understanding about Lev's need to openly identify as a man; Abby reveals she suspected such after a group of Seraphites called him "Lilly".

The pair soon reach the aquarium's shop, where Abby finds a toy shark Yara can use to cheer Lev up. Owen then arrives and informs Yara that Lev went towards the boat area. Yara heads there. Abby moves to follow but Owen asks her to talk. He reveals he still wants to start again with her, away from the WLF but Abby refuses, stating he has to be with Mel. Owen deflects her comment, remarking they both have a right to be happy.

Suddenly, Yara cries out. Abby, Owen and Mel rush outside where they see Lev has stolen a boat and headed for the island. Yara insists their mother with kill him if he finds her, so Abby agrees to head to the island with her. Owen attempts to join them, but Abby orders him not to, and instead focus on Mel.

Abby and Yara head to the docks of the marina to take a boat to the island. On the way to the docks, Abby hears gunshots from afar and orders Yara to stay behind. As Abby proceeds towards the gunshots, she runs into Manny, who is the last of his patrol battling against a sniper. Manny informs Abby about Isaac's plan to invade the island, and how the sniper has prevented his patrol from securing the boats needed to reach it.

While chasing down the sniper, Abby and Manny encounter infected in the cruise terminal parking garage, drawn by the noise of the gunshots. They kill them and reach the terminal the sniper is hiding within. After cornering the sniper in a locked storage room, Manny and Abby plan an ambush from a different entrance to surprise the sniper. However, the sniper sneaks up and shoots Manny from behind, killing him, and forces Abby to hide in the diner.

Once recovered from the shock at seeing Manny die, Abby spots the sniper sneaking outside onto the pier. She runs out to confront him but the sniper, whom she recognizes as Tommy Miller, ambushes her. Tommy successfully pins Abby against a barrier but, before he can toss her into the sea, Yara arrives and stabs Tommy from behind. Tommy punches Yara away but, seizing her chance, Abby hits Tommy with his rifle and pushes him through the barrier into the sea. Yara asks if Abby knows the sniper but she dismisses the question, pressing on towards a boat in the docks. They board it and travel to the Seraphite island.

The Island

Abby and Yara reach the island and make their way from the coast towards the villages where Lev is believed to have gone to reach his mother. They evade a Seraphite patrol along the way, who discuss the WLF and their expected invasion. Soon, said WLF invasion arrives on the island, assaulting the city of Haven. An alarm sounds around the island, prompting many adult Seraphites to evacuate their children from the villages to the interior of the island. Yara implores Abby to hurry and find Lev before the alerted Seraphite soldiers do.

The duo fight their way through the Seraphite farmlands, learning that the WLF have successfully landed and begun pushing inland. They reach Yara and Lev's house, finding Lev in tears on the floor, having killed their mother in self defense. Yara consoles him, before convincing Lev to join her and Abby in fleeing the island.

The trio head towards the docks in Haven, planning to steal a boat. They cross through a firefight between a WLF platoon and Seraphite soldiers; the former kills the latter. Abby boosts Yara through a window, attempting to evade the platoon and cross through the woodlands area instead. However, a WLF soldier finds Yara and shoots her in the abdomen. Abby races to the man and disarms him, taking his pistol. Lev collapses by Yara, begging her to get up as she bleeds out. Abby attempts to drag Lev away but the gunshot alerted the rest of the WLF squad, who proceed to surround them.

Suddenly, Isaac steps forward from the trees, questioning why Abby is protecting a Seraphite. Surprised, Abby drops her gun and asks Isaac to hear her out. Isaac complies, ordering his soldiers to lower their rifles. Abby explains her situation to Isaac but her dismisses her, proposing she let him kill Lev and rejoin the invasion as his second-in-command. Abby refuses. Isaac draws his own pistol on her, giving her three seconds to move. Even by the final count, Abby does not move. Before Isaac can shoot, Yara shoots him from behind, causing the WLF to open fire and kill her instead. Abby drags Lev away, forcing him to flee with her into an abandoned building. She barricades the door, but Lev is in shock at seeing his sister killed. He shouts at Abby for what her people did but Abby asserts Lev is who she cares for now and convinces him to continue fleeing the island.

The pair push through another WLF platoon and proceed towards Haven, stealing a horse and racing through numerous skirmishes between both Seraphites and WLF soldiers. They eventually reach the city and push through the area to reach the docks. However, a burning building collapses onto Abby, forcing her to ditch her bag and weapons to reach Lev, who is fighting a large Seraphite brute. Abby commandeers a sickle and fights the brute in melee combat, eventually killing him. Abby and Lev then find a boat and row it back to the aquarium, leaving the Seraphites and WLF to destroy one another.

The Escape

Arriving back at the aquarium, Abby finds Alice's corpse in the hall. Cautious, Abby picks up a nearby pipe and proceeds further into the aquarium. She tells Lev to hide behind her. She enters the main hall, where she encounters the corpses of Mel and Owen, causing her to break down and vomit in grief. While Abby mourns the loss of her friend and lover, Lev finds the a map on the floor with markings on it. Abby and Lev uses the map to deduce the location of where her friend's killers are hiding; the Pinnacle Theater.

The Confrontation

Arriving at the theater, Abby and Lev use the fire escape ladder to enter the premise. Abby finds that the trespassers were tracking the WLF operations through radio transmissions and positions, as well as hunting each member of her Salt Lake crew with Leah's photos.

Drawing her gun, Abby proceeds downstairs where she finds Tommy, who was collecting the gold necklace he found for Maria. Abby orders Tommy to raise his hands, back away from his bag and get down on his knees. Tommy calls Abby a coward for threatening to shoot him from behind. Angered, Abby knocks Tommy to the ground. Jesse and Ellie burst into the room, leading Abby to shoot Jesse in the face as Ellie ducks for cover. Abby demands Ellie to show herself and drop her weapons, threatening to kill Tommy if she doesn't. Ellie complies, and tells Abby she knows the reason why Abby killed Joel. Enraged Ellie and Tommy killed her friends despite her sparing them in Jackson, Abby moves to shoot Ellie. However, Tommy attempts to wrestle the gun from Abby; Lev shoots Tommy in the leg, allowing Abby to shoot Tommy unconscious.

Ellie uses this opportunity to seize her weapons and fire back at Abby, while fleeing to the backstage of the theater. Abby chases her, ordering Lev to watch the exits so Ellie can't escape. Abby follows Ellie back stage, where the latter hits her with a 2x4 then attempts to stab her with her switchblade, but Abby blocks the attack and tosses her to the ground. However, Ellie picks up Abby's dropped pistol and shoots at her. Abby dodges the shot then sneaks around Ellie, surprise attacking her from behind. Abby puts Ellie in a chokehold, but Ellie bites her arm, leading Abby to throw Ellie down and slam her through the floor.

They land in the basement, where Ellie draws a shotgun and once more forces Abby to hide from her. Eventually, Abby attacks Ellie again, this time pinning her against the wall, where she chokes her. Just as Ellie is about to lose consciousness, she draws her switchblade and stabs Abby in the leg. Abby cries out, headbutting and then punching Ellie in the nose, breaking it and knocking her down. She moves to hit her again, but her injured leg halts her. Ellie flees, hiding in the shadows where she draws her bow and arrow and plants mines and tosses Molotov cocktails at Abby. However, Abby sneaks up on Ellie once more, throws her to the floor, breaks her arm and begins beating her to death. Dina charges at Abby with a knife, pushing her off Ellie and slashing her arms and face. Lev arrives, and shoots Dina in the shoulder, allowing Abby to push Dina off then repeatedly bash her head into the floor.

Just as Abby is about to slit Dina's throat with a knife, Ellie begs Abby to spare her, as Dina has 'nothing to do with this'. Ellie also informs Abby that Dina is pregnant, but Abby sees this as an opportunity to avenge Mel. However, Lev appears in the door and calls Abby's name, causing her to hesitate. After a moment's reflection, Abby spares Dina and warns Ellie not to cross her again. Abby and Lev leave the theater, leaving the beaten Ellie to reflect on her decisions.