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"Seattle Day 3" is the fourth chapter of The Last of Us Part II. It contains the sections "Road to the Aquarium", "The Flooded City", and "Infiltration".






Road to the Aquarium

After recovering from the events in the Lakehill Seattle Hospital, Ellie and Jesse discuss the need to move Dina from the city, as she has come down with a fever. Jesse reveals he has deduced that the symptoms Dina exhibits mean she is pregnant, adding to the urgency to get her home to Jackson. Ellie remains resistant, though, wanting to find Tommy, and also hunt down and kill Abby Anderson. Jesse agrees to a compromise: the two of them will go out into the city, but only to find Tommy, not kill Abby. They suspect Tommy has also tracked Abby's whereabouts, so heading towards her should lead them to Tommy. After informing Dina of their plans, the pair set out toward the Seattle Waterfront Aquarium, where they believe Abby resides.

Using the Ferris wheel as their landmark, the duo pass through a series of dilapidated buildings, including a convention center and a bookstore. They also discuss Dina's pregnancy and the reason for why Abby's group killed Joel. After gaining a suitable vantage point, they both find that most of their paths consists of floods too treacherous to pass on foot.

However, they spot a passing boat and make their way to hijack it. They encounter a group of WLF soldiers patrolling the mall, and overhear that a sniper has been causing havoc at the marina and that a backup team has been rerouted to assist. Concluding that it may be Tommy, Jesse points out the direction that leads to the marina. Ellie, however, intent on searching for Abby, assures him that Tommy will be fine and can take care of himself. Their disagreement causes them to split up, with Jesse heading to the marina, while Ellie successfully hijacks the WLF's boat and makes her way to the aquarium.

The Flooded City

Ellie passes through numerous obstacles during her trip to the aquarium, from fences, to flooded buildings, to WLF and Seraphites battling each other, and to a rapidly-worsening storm. She eventually ends up at an arcade, where her path is blocked. As she sets out to clear a path, she stumbles across a bloater. She manages to defeat the bloater and clear her path, but the flooded streets soon lead her to the open waters of Puget Sound. A large wave whipped up by the storm strikes the boat, sending her overboard. Determined, Ellie swims the final few hundred feet to the aquarium.


Ellie makes her way into the aquarium, and seeks out Abby. While sneaking through the abandoned building, the vent she's traveling through collapses. Dazed, a guard dog attacks her, but Ellie kills it with her switchblade. She then discovers bloodied bandages and medical equipment in the aquarium kitchen. She also finds a Firefly pendant belonging to Owen Moore. Knowing she is in the right place, she creeps towards the main hall, where she overhears Mel and Owen arguing.

Drawing her gun and pointing it at them, Ellie takes a map out and demands they tell her Abby's whereabouts. Mel moves to show her, but Owen orders her not to because he believes Ellie will kill them either way. Ellie shouts back at him, then advances on Mel. Owen jumps forward, grabbing for Ellie's gun. In defense she punches him, then shoots him in the chest. Mel cries out, draws a knife, and tries to stab her. They briefly struggle over the weapon, but Ellie is quickly able to overpower the other woman. Ellie pushes her to the floor, falling on top of her, and stabs her in the neck.

Ellie retrieves her dropped pistol, moves to Owen, and jabs the gun into his neck, ordering he tell her where Abby is. Owen, before passing, reveals Mel is pregnant. Shocked, Ellie approaches Mel's corpse, and unzips her parka, revealing her pregnant stomach. Distraught, Ellie descends into a panic attack. A man quietly approaches from behind, prompting Ellie to whirl around and aim her gun but... it's Tommy. Realizing she's in shock, Tommy grabs her arms as Jesse runs in behind him. Ellie drops the map as Tommy guides her from the aquarium, leaving the corpses behind.

Later that night, the trio have returned to the Pinnacle Theater, Abby's whereabouts still unknown. Ellie lies with a sleeping Dina before getting up and heading into the auditorium, where she finds Tommy and Jesse planning a route to get them back to Jackson. Tommy asks her how she is, but Ellie only remarks she wishes she had killed Abby. Tommy assures her that, with him and Ellie having killed all of Abby's friends, their revenge has been satisfied. Ellie relents, but Tommy senses she is still disappointed. To distract her he reveals he found a gold necklace to gift Maria Miller when he returns home. He clutches his torso, where a stab wound still pains him, and heads to the lobby to get the necklace. Now alone, Jesse asks Ellie how she is, but Ellie only teases that he's a sap. Jesse then jibes back. The pair grow quiet when they hear the sound of blows from out front, and Tommy shouting out.

Ellie and Jesse rush towards the doors but, as they go through them, Jesse is shot in the face. Ellie cowers behind a desk, shocked at Jesse's sudden death. Then she hears his killer call to her to stand up. It's Abby. She threatens to shoot Tommy, who lies at Abby's feet, if Ellie doesn't reveal herself. Despite Tommy telling her not to, Ellie does so, tossing her gun to the side. Ellie tries to talk Abby out of it, offering to go with her if she will spare Tommy. Abby only declares her disappointment that Ellie and Tommy didn't stay away from her after she killed Joel but spared the two of them, and aims her gun at Ellie.



"Seattle Day 3" contains the following nine artifacts:

Name Section Location
Garage note Road to the Aquarium Before reaching Kingston's Bookstore, there will be a dark garage after Ellie and Jesse finish swimming. Kill the three infected in the garage and then search inside. At the end of the garage, climb up a car to the left to reach a broken road. The note is there.
Bookstore note Road to the Aquarium In the children's book section of the bookstore at the corner of the ground floor, this document is on the table.
Textile note Road to the Aquarium After facing WLF soldiers, enter the big store on the right called Rachel's Fabrics. On the upper floor you will find this note pinned to a wall.
Stash note The Flooded City After unlocking the first journal entry, this note is found on a corpse to the right.
Shambler note The Flooded City When using the boat, searching from the Carthy Hotel building. Drive inside and pick up the document next to a corpse. This is found before the encounter with the Seraphites and WLF.
Sniper's note The Flooded City When encountering the WLF and Seraphites skirmish, avoid the fight and instead drive the boat to a destroyed train hanging from a bridge to the left. Exit the boat and climb inside. Within, there is a rope near a locked door. Throw it through the hole in the roof, aim to the right so it falls out to the doorway. Climb the rope to enter the next cabin through the roof to collect the note by the sniper's corpse.
Encampment note The Flooded city After killing the Seraphites and WLF at Kingsgate Brewing, collect the document hanging on the wall on the upper floor.
Arcade flyer The Flooded City When you reach the W&B Arcade, enter it and find this document on the ground by the dining table.
Arcade note The Flooded City In the W&B Arcade, go upstairs and enter the “PC Cafe”. The note hangs on the wall left after entering the PC Cafe entrance.


  • This is the first chapter in The Last of Us franchise to feature multiple human factions that are simultaneously hostile to the player and to each other during combat segments.