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The Seraphite island, formerly called the Queen Anne Suburb[1] is a location in The Last of Us Part II. The island is home to the religious cult known as the Seraphites.[2] Its largest settlement is a town named Haven. It also contains the Space Needle tower in a flooded and derelict part of the city of Seattle, known to and by the locals as Old Town.[3]


Before the outbreak of the Cordyceps brain infection, the island was once the Lower Queen Anne suburb within Seattle. The residents here detached themselves from the rest of the city to survive independently against the Infected at the insistence of their female leader. The military from within the QZ eventually found them but the group refused to receive their protection, instead following their self-proclaimed "prophet" and formed their own group, the Seraphites.[1]

Over the years, severe flooding in the city eventually caused the suburb to detach from the rest of the city, leaving it stranded at sea a short boat ride from the marina. As such, many within Seattle, like the soldiers within the Washington Liberation Front called the suburb an island, its pre-apocalypse name being forgotten.[2]

By 2038, the Seraphites had transformed the island into an egalitarian neighbourhood. The island consisted of several farms, barns, horse stables and fields scattered throughout it that the Seraphite farmer grew crops on. Furthermore, the Seraphites also created their own boats to travel from the island to the main land city. They also constructed their biggest living quarters on the southern side of the island, Haven.

Once war between the WLF and the Seraphites erupted, the Elders within the community ordered the soldiers to kill any and all trespassers on sight.[3]



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