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The Seraphites[1] are a cult and antagonistic faction in The Last of Us Part II.


Events of The Last of Us Part IIEdit

Members of the Seraphites were first seen in the Paris Games Week 2017 trailer, attempting to sacrifice an unnamed woman and a former member, Yara, but are ambushed by Lev. After a brief struggle, the Seraphites were killed by their would-be victims shortly before a group of Clickers descended upon their location.[2]

The cult was next seen in the E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal trailer. They are seen ritualistically executing an unnamed man and hunting Ellie. After silently eliminating several of them, they find her, during which several brief firefights break out, ultimately resulting in Ellie killing the members of the Seraphites that were pursuing her.[3]

Character Edit

Beliefs and practices Edit

Members of the Seraphites practice a form of ritualistic sacrifice. They hang their sacrifices by the neck and disembowel them, believing that they are "nested with sin". The phrase "clip their wings" also has particular significance to members of the cult, as it is used when in the presence of non-members whom they wish to harm.

Some Seraphite members appear to have specific labels for some of their enemies, such as "wolf", for people like Ellie, "demons" for The Infected, and "apostates", for defectors.

When out in the field, they use specific whistling techniques to communicate over long distances.

Design and appearance Edit

All members of the Seraphites share certain characteristics, for instance, all male members have a clean-shaven face and head, while all female members wear their hair in the same braided crown style. Also, all members have "Glasgow Smile" scars on their cheeks. Regarding their attire, both men and women wear dark pants, black shoes and dark trenchcoats that feature hoods.

Known Members Edit

  • Emily (Deceased)
  • Ethan (Deceased)
  • Yara (Formerly)
  • Lev (Formerly)

Gallery Edit

E3 Gameplay DemoEdit



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