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The Serevena Hotel is a minor location in The Last of Us Part II. It is a hotel in Seattle that was used as an outpost for the Washington Liberation Front until the soldiers stationed there were killed by Tommy Miller.[1]



At some point during the war against the Seraphites, the WLF converted the hotel in to an outpost to monitor trespassers sneaking into the city through the disused wall. After Nick returned from his group's hunt to kill Joel Miller in Jackson, Wyoming, he was stationed there in April 2038.[2]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Tommy Miller encountered the WLF soldiers stationed at the hotel. He killed all but two of them, notably Nick, and tortured them for information in one of the hotel rooms. After they gave him the code for the gate blocking his advancement into the city, he killed them.

Later, Ellie and Dina located the hotel, with runners now roaming the lobby. After eliminating them Ellie and Dina then investigated the upstairs rooms, eventually coming across two more dead WLF soldiers. Ellie immediately recognized one of them as Nick. They located the code Tommy had extracted from his prisoners written on the floor, and Ellie and Dina used it to enter the city, as well.[1]



  • The fictional Serevena Hotel is based on the real life Sorrento Hotel, a historic hotel located in Seattle at 900 Madison Street.