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Multiple infected contacts. Pvts Atwater, Shah, Coolidge KIA
— Waters mentioning Shah[1]

Private Shah was a character who is mentioned in The Last of Us.[2] They were a soldier of the military in the Boston area, in a patrol along with Waters and Private Coolidge.[1]



Not much is known about Shah's background or early life except that they were a soldier in the military.

In July of 2033, Shah was on patrol with O.I.C. Waters, Private Atwater, and Private Coolidge on the outskirts of the Boston area. Atwater heard and/or saw stage two Infected near a collapsed office building, prompting Shah and the others to investigate.[1] However, they were soon attacked by multiple Infected, where Shah was killed.[2]

Events of The Last of Us

Joel Miller can find Shah's corpse in at the Goldstone Building while travelling with Ellie and Tess.[2]