Shiv doors are a gameplay feature in The Last of Us. They are locked rooms that require a whole shiv to open which will be expended when used. Inside these rooms are a large amount of supplies, ranging from parts, supplements, ammo and health kit. There are a total of 13 shiv doors.

There are no Shiv doors in The Last of Us Part 2.


Image Chapter Notes
Door 1 The Outskirts (Downtown) After being attacked by the first "live" clicker, there will be a door ahead to the right. The door is white.
Door 2 The Outskirts (Museum) After getting separated from Ellie and Tess, there will be a cafe to the left of a room with the clickers and a horse statue. The door is to the right as soon as you enter the cafe.
Door 3 Bill's Town (The Woods) After you pass the woods, you will pass through an open fence to enter the town. The door is on the left-hand building after the second drop just ahead. (before boosting Ellie over the fence.)
Door 4 Bill's Town (The Woods) After progressing through the town, you will eventually come across a clicker that blows up in an alley from one of Bill's traps. Turn the corner and the door will be on the right or left. (depending on what alley you went through).
Door 5 Pittsburgh (Alone and Forsaken) On the second floor of a building named Kingston Bookstore, in the back, there will be a cafe named Rivers Cafe. The door is to the right hand side on the cafe.
Door 6 Pittsburgh (Alone and Forsaken) As soon as the player sees the Hunters on a container in the river, there will be a door to the immediate left with a red 'X' on it.
Door 7 Pittsburgh (Financial District) After taking down a patrol of Hunters, there will be a building named HS&L Credit Union. The door will be in the back room with shelves. (before boosting Ellie up for the ladder.)
Door 8 Pittsburgh (Financial District) After meeting Henry and Sam, the player will have to go down a flight of stairs. after going down a floor, The door is directly across from the stairs. (before the toystore).
Door 9 Tommy's Dam (Hydroelectric Dam) When approaching the dam, the player will go up some stairs. The door is to the right of the staircase and leads to a control room.
Door 10 The University (Science Building) After entering through the wall in the science building, the player will have to go to the end of the long hallway to the left. The door is at the end to the right.
Door 11 Lakeside Resort (Cabin Resort) When playing as Joel, you will get to the town where David and Ellie are, After going through the gas station, go directly across the road to the motel room and out the back from an open window, there will be a wooden gate to the left.
Door 12 Bus Depot (Underground Tunnel) After boosting Ellie up to open the barred gate with the "dead" clicker, after the work bench, there will be another tunnel. instead of going left, go right, at the end of the hallway is the door.
Door 13 The Firefly Lab (Hospital) Upon reaching floor 6 of the hospital, there will be a receptionist's desk. Behind the receptionist's desk, there will be an information room. The door is to the right of the entrance of that room.



•Collecting the Shiv Durability training manual, does not repair a partially used shiv, meaning one cannot use that shiv to unlocks a shiv door.


All Shiv Door Locations

All Shiv Door Locations

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