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The silenced submachine gun is a long gun in The Last of Us Part II. It is the final gun that Ellie obtains.[1]

The Last of Us Part II

The silenced submachine gun is the final gun the player obtains in the game while controlling Ellie in Santa Barbara. It contains a twenty round magazine and is silenced. She steals the gun from a member of the Rattlers, a barbaric group that serve as the final enemies in the game. She uses it to kill another Rattler after interrogating him for Abby Anderson's location.[2]

Many Rattlers use the silenced submachine gun in combat. As the final gun, the player is unable to upgrade it, much like how the flamethrower can not be upgraded when found and used by Abby.[3]

In New Game Plus+, Ellie will start with this weapon by default but it still cannot be upgraded. After entering Seattle and fully unlocking her guns, Ellie can occasionally obtain ammunition drops for it after killing enemies.[4] Abby cannot obtain this weapon in New Game Plus+.



  • The Silenced Submachine Gun is based on the SIG Sauer MPX submachine gun.
  • Although the weapon is modeled with a 30 round magazine, it only holds 20 in-game and cannot be modified to hold more.