The Upgrade interface.

Skill upgrades are a feature in The Last of Us.


There are distinct areas of skill upgradability including maximum health, listen mode distance, crafting speed, healing speed, weapon sway, and shiv mastery.

Each skill has a limit on the number of times it can upgraded. For instance, crafting speed and healing speed may be upgraded three times each, but maximum health and weapon sway may only be upgraded two times. These upgrades use supplements found or earned around the game world.

Upgradable skillsEdit

Skill Times upgradable Use
Maximum Health
Maximizes the amount of health Joel has
Listen Mode Distance
Increases the radius of Listen mode (Unavailable on Survivor and Grounded difficulty)
Crafting Speed
Reduces crafting time
Healing Speed
Allows the player to use health kits faster
Weapon Sway
Reduce the sway of weapons
Shiv Master
Allows Joel to use a Shiv when grabbed by a Clicker by pressing Triangle. Second upgrade allows shivs not to break if they have full durability when used to defend yourself against a Clicker. (Given for free on easy mode)