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The small Rattler is a minor antagonist in The Last of Us Part II.



Sometime after the Cordyceps brain infection outbreak, he joined the Rattlers in Santa Barbara, California. Like his fellow comrades, he captured, enslaved, and abused countless survivors and infected. He seemed to be friends with the large Rattler.

Events of The Last of Us Part II

The small Rattler was present during Abby Anderson and Lev's capture. He was shot through the arm with an arrow by Lev and groaned in pain as the large Rattler pulled it out.

Months later, the two of them found Ellie hanging from one of their traps. The small Rattler wanted to be done for the day, figuring that Ellie would not last a month due to her injuries, and backed up into a hanging clicker, nearly getting bitten in the process.

Ellie laughed at him and told him that he "shit his pants", to which he angrily picked her up and forced her arm into the clicker's mouth. Ellie jerked her arm forward, dragging his with it into range the clicker, then forced his neck in front of it. He then brutally had his throat ripped out and his silenced submachine gun was taken by Ellie, who used it to cripple the large Rattler.


The small Rattler, like the others in his group, was desensitized to the violence and depravity of the apocalypse, explaining his ability to commit horrific acts of cruelty to their prisoners. He was arrogant, impulsive and reckless, shown when a clicker attacked as he did not pay attention. His recklessness cost him his life, as it enabled Ellie to shove him into the clicker, which killed him.


  • He has a tattoo that says "Ruthless" above his right eye and the word ruthless is also inscribed on his tactical vest.
  • The tally marks on his tactical vest indicate he has killed or captured six people.
  • In the game files, the small Rattler's name is denoted as "Slaver Matthew."