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Snipers' Nest Log is an artifact that can be found in the chapter "The University". 


Note: All punctuation and capitalization are typed up as it appears in the game, when you choose to read it in text-form.


[Didn't they say people were coming? What's the point of being out here if nothing happens?]


Still nothing
[Marc, quit your bitching. Plenty of time to read up here. Working guard duty on the Science Lab, that's true misery.]


5 new recruits from the Chicago Q.Z. IN
[Hah, finally. One of 'em gave me a pack of smokes for "doing a good job." Sweet!]


6 guys from H.Q. IN
[Takes 6 guys to deliver one truck? Must be worse out there than I remember.]
Supply delivery from H.Q. IN
[BTW, snagged two apples from one of the crates. Left you one, enjoy.]


10 million werewolves IN
[Let 'em in just for you, Andrea. Happy Halloween!]


Recon went to scavenge supplies from town. OUT
Recon returned. IN
[Roger yelled at me for sleeping... Prick.]


1 Scientist Biologist from San Francisco IN
[Guy's a real asshole. Watch out for him.]
3 new recruits as escort IN
[At least they wished me a Merry Xmas. Didn't feel like telling them I was Jewish.]


10 crates from UT hospital (lotta lab stuff) IN

Side one of the log ends here.

4 veterans wrangling supplies. OUT
[Lot more mouths to feed with all those scientists]


2 veterans who left back in February. IN
supply dump from Dallas Q.Z. IN
[Holy shit! We got chicken! You better call me over as soon as they serve dinner.]


12 veterans to Boston Q.Z. OUT
[Wished 'em luck.]


3 doctors OUT
[No idea why they left...]
2 recruits OUT
[ John said something about "scouting", but for what?]


4 10-ton trucks and a flatbed IN
1 personnel carrier truck IN
2 veteran drivers IN
4 recruit drivers IN
[New blond guy was giving me eyes. I hope he sticks around. BTW, what's with all the commotion? Is anyone going to tell us what's going on?]

Related dialogue

Upon coming in proximity to the Log, Joel remarks to Ellie:

Joel: There was a lookout here.
Ellie: That's a good sign.