"So Close" is the third chapter in The Last of Us DLC Left Behind. It picks up after Ellie spotted the military helicopter and follows her attempts to reach it to secure a suturing kit for Joel.


The Crash Site

The chapter starts off with Ellie looking at the crashed military helicopter on the upper level of the mall. From down below, she sees that the helicopter belonged to the military's aeromedical services. Searching the area, she encounters the disturbing sight of an amputated arm, with a note nearby explaining that a soldier was bitten when encountering Infected so their commanding officer amputated their arm in an attempt to save them. Leaving the scene, she goes to a door that extends to the upper level, but the door is locked and needs power to be operated. Finding another path in the mall, she is led to a flooded shipping room. While proceeding inside, she is startled by a cat, jokingly asking if it is trying to kill her. She finds the main door jammed on the other side, so she carries on to find the side door.

She finds an electric generator and realizes that it is out of gas. She finds an empty gas can nearby and proceeds to siphon gas from one of the trucks in the room, unintentionally splattering her face with some as she does so. However, several Stalkers suddenly appear and attack her. Ellie manages to kill them, quickly returning to the generator to fill it and activates it. Shortly after doing so, a cable bursts from the ceiling and falls into the water, electrocuting two Stalkers in the process. Clarifying that the water is dangerous, Ellie climbs her way to the ceiling and walks along the top of the ventilation shafts.

She makes her way down to a safe area and enters a maintenance room but, unfortunately, is met with Infected. Ellie manages to get by them, reaching the front exit of the store. Ellie lifts the gate to exit the location, and is back to where she initially began. She runs into pair of Clickers, but manages to dispose of them.

Ultimately, Ellie gets her chance to open the powered door and climbs the escalators to the upper level. She treads slowly along a broken glass contraption and leaps into the opening of the helicopter only to almost slide off when it tilts slightly, holding tight to a chair to prevent her fall. Once it becomes stable again, she spots a first aid kit and opens it. Noticing that all of the needed medical supplies are in the kit, she holds it tightly to her chest and softly repeats "I'm not letting you go", relieved she has finally found what she desired.


  • This the only time in the franchise that Stalkers are encountered on their own and also the first time Ellie encounters them.
  • Unique to this chapter, there are special death animations for Ellie if she falls, or jumps, into the electrified water. 


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