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SoundView Stadium is a location featured in The Last of Us Part II. It serves as the headquarters of the Washington Liberation Front and is their home after evacuating most of the city's remaining population to the stadium, not long after having overthrown the military government itself within the Seattle metropolitan area.[1]


Transformation under the WLF

The military and FEDRA used SoundView Stadium as a base. Much like in other quarantine zones, the military built high, concrete walls, to keep out large hordes of infected. However, after the WLF defeated them, the militia group, took over the stadium.[1] They repurposed SoundView Stadium to contain the thousands of citizens living within the quarantine zone.[2][3]

The WLF's leader Isaac Dixon decided to transfer every citizen within the city to the stadium to better supply them with food, medicine and weapons as mass hordes of infected disrupted the supply lines.[2][4] Many civilians resisted, but the WLF expressed no mercy, instead forcefully expelling dissidents from the suburbs, like in Hillcrest, and stealing their supplies.[5][6][7] They also outright killed several people who were violent against them.[8][9][10] Eventually, most Seattle residents accepted the move and were transported by bus to the stadium.[11] Those that did not either fled the city, went into hiding or joined the Seraphites and moved to their island instead.[7][12]

By the early 2030s, the WLF had transformed their centralized community at SoundView Stadium into a safe haven. They installed solar panels and wind turbines to provide power throughout the stadium and the nearby area. They turned the weight room into a training area for the soldiers, created classrooms for children, made use of the dining halls, maintained a library, and turned the field into a large farming area to grow their own food and raise livestock. They also gathered all of the military's fuel, trucks and weapons, consolidating themselves into an effective fighting force.[1] Many residents expressed gratitude to the WLF for successfully securing their children's safety and providing working medical bays for the sick.[13][11]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Abby Anderson was stationed here with Manny Alvarez and Mel, each of them having a room within the stadium to sleep in. Abby and Manny went for breakfast in the dining hall, where Jordan waited with Mike, ready to go on patrol at the Eastbrook Elementary school. After eating, Abby and Manny met Mel in their room and proceeded onto the field to retrieve their dog, Alice, from her kennel to take her on patrol. Abby and Manny briefly practiced their shooting with Semi-auto rifles on the range then proceeded to their truck and drove outside. Once beyond the wall, they were attacked by Seraphite soldiers, eventually crashing their truck and having to flee on foot to the forward operating base.[1]


Its facilities include a dining hall, stadium kitchens, armory workshop, shooting range, weight room, school classrooms, library, farming and agricultural areas, livestock holding pens, public markets, dog training area and kennels, and a medical clinic.[1]