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Spenzür Architecture is a location in The Last of Us. Located in Pittsburgh, it was an architectural office and apartment building prior to the outbreak.[1]



The building was constructed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania sometime before the Cordyceps brain infection outbreak, and was once used as an apartment building and office area for workers living in the area. After the outbreak, hunters within the city dethroned FEDRA and the United States military from power and repurposed the building into a meeting area to discuss their highway patrols and how they would killed unwelcome visitors into the city to steal their supplies. On one such occasion, two individuals spoke out against the unjust killing of lost survivors only for the hunters' leader to kill them and insist all members take turns patrolling the entrances and exits to the city.[2]

From the building, it was possible to see the Skyarrow bridge and the number of hunters who guarded it. Their patrols rotated, with only a skeleton crew remaining at night.[3]

Events of The Last of Us

In the summer of 2033, after escaping Hartford, Henry and Sam took refuge in the building to escape the hunters pursuing them within the city. To get in, Henry killed a hunter who had the key to the main office area.[1] They stayed there for a night, planning a way to reach the radio tower outside the city to reunite with their group.[3] The next day, while searching for supplies, the brothers encountered Joel and Ellie and took them back to the office to rest.[1]

Once inside, Joel questioned how Henry planned to escape the city, asking why they have not yet left. Henry replied that the hunters reduced their patrols on the gate to minimal numbers at night, citing that as the right time to escape. Joel agreed to the plan. That night, the group left the building and snuck outside the city.[3]

Known inhabitants