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St. Mary's Hospital is a fictional location depicted in The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II, being found in Salt Lake City.[1][2] It was the base of the Fireflies, having at least six floors and a parking lot.[3]


Time as the Fireflies' base

Sometime after the outbreak, the hospital was used in an attempt to quarantine and isolate the infected. Years later, it was completely empty of infected and non-infected alike. The Fireflies later ran the hospital as their base of operations after abandoning the University of Eastern Colorado due to an outbreak of infected overrunning the campus. It became their main base around 2024, based on what is said in Marlene's diary.[4]

The Fireflies cleared out the nearby surroundings, though they did not clear the entire city. This is evidenced by how places such as tunnels and sewers still possess infected, suggesting the Fireflies were low on supplies or unable to takeover the entire city. This means that only the hospital is free of infected.[1]

The majority of elite Fireflies seem to be based here judging by the strength of their equipment, such as assault rifles and body armor as compared to the more basic Boston Fireflies who only had pistols and hunting rifles.[3][5]

Events of The Last of Us

Sometime after evacuating Boston, Marlene and the surviving Boston Fireflies all returned to the hospital by late March 2034.[4]

After Joel and Ellie found out the Fireflies abandoned the University of Eastern Colorado,[6] they headed to Salt Lake City. When they got there, a pair of Fireflies discovered them, one of them knocking Joel unconscious, then reviving Ellie and taking them to the hospital.[1]

Marlene allowed Joel to recover in one on the hospital beds while she discussed Ellie's condition with Jerry Anderson, the head surgeon. Despite learning Ellie would have to die to obtain a vaccine, Marlene gave them permission regardless. Jerry, conflicted, discussed the procedure with his daughter Abby Anderson. She insisted that if it was her who was immune, she would want her father to perform the surgery.[7][2]

Marlene returned to Joel's room with the Firefly Ethan, where she informed the now-conscious Joel that they would have to surgically remove the fungus from Ellie's brain obtain the vaccine. Marlene then ordered Ethan to march Joel out of the hospital. Desiring to save Ellie, Joel disarmed and killed Ethan, then fought his way through the various floors to reach Ellie, killing several Fireflies and Marlene to do so.[3] Abby and her friend Owen Moore later found Jerry's body in the operating room, leading her to pledge to kill Joel in revenge.[2]

Years in abandonment

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Two years after Joel escaped with Ellie, the latter returns to the pediatrics wing of the hospital alone and finds that it has been abandoned,[8] with the Fireflies having left many objects and medical supplies behind in boxes. She also finds scans and diagrams of her brain and the infection that was in it. She picks up a note that said that the Fireflies voted to disband,[9]. Ellie reaches the operating room and finds a recorder in a Firefly's bag. The recording was by a former Firefly who was unsure whether or not she would join the group to pursue Joel and Ellie. From the recording, it is presumed that another group was opposed to this idea as the only person who could develop a vaccine, Jerry Anderson, was now dead; both groups are presumed to have abandoned the hospital shortly after Jerry's death.[2]

When Joel returns, Ellie confronts him about his lie, the man revealing he did indeed kill many Fireflies to prevent the group from killing her to achieve a cure. Broken, Ellie returns to Jackson with him but swears their relationship is over.[10]



  • When Joel reaches the top floor of the hospital, there is an eye test sign in one of the rooms. The letters spell out the message "you're almost there, you can do it, don't give up".[3]