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St. Paul's Lutheran Church[1] is a location featured in The Last of Us.[2]



Prior to 2013, St. Paul's Lutheran Church was a Protestant church located in Lincoln, Massachusetts, near Boston. After the Cordyceps brain infection outbreak, the church became abandoned as infected terrorized the town. In time, Bill and Frank eventually cleared the infected out of it and lived there together. While they did not clear the clickers from the graveyard area, the pair did burn numerous infected corpses outside the church.[2]

The pair barricaded the area and turned the church into a fortified safehouse, collecting supplies, like parts and supplements across the town and bringing them to the church. They also created nail bombs in the basement area and kept shotguns there.[2] To ensure no hostile survivors could break in, notably hunters,[3] Bill ensured only he had the keys to the gates around the church.[2]

Eventually, Frank grew tired of living with Bill and fled the church to retrieve a car battery from Lincoln High School.[4] Bill refused to chase him and instead continued to patrol the town, setting up traps around the area to ensure infected did not reach the church. He also established a trading network with smugglers Tess and Joel in Boston, collecting supplies at the church to trade with them.[5]

Events of The Last of Us

In the Summer, 2033, Joel and Ellie broke into the town to find Bill. Upon locating him at one of his safe areas, the pair explained their need to find a working car to travel across the country. Despite some hesitancy, Bill escorted them to the church so they could resupply there before pressing to the high school to find the car battery. Once there, they entered through a back entrance. Bill supplies Joel with nail bombs and a shotgun before the trio proceeded outside to continue their journey.[2]