Student's Journal is an artifact that can be found in the chapter The University


Note: All punctuation and capitalization are typed up as it appears in the game, when you choose to read it in text-form.


Nine goddamn months of waiting, and still, nothing. No word from anyone. Found some additional cans of food in the dining commons, but they won't last. Had an incident at the eastern hall barricade but everything's still secure.


I caught a glimpse of a group of those things running around. I saw one that looked like Heather. Maybe it was Heather.



Since batteries are running short, they're now only listening to their radio once a night. I gave up on that since the last broadcast — it's been three fucking months, why do they bother?


Cheryl was smoking out yesterday. Said she needed it. She got pissed when I threw out her stash. She doesn't get it. We need to keep a clear head here.

Someone's going to have to go into town and get more supplies. It's probably going to be me.

Related DialogueEdit

Joel comments on the contents of the journal after viewing it.

Joel: Wonder how long you held out.


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