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Talia is a character mentioned in The Last of Us Part II.[1] She was Dina's older sister.



At some point, Talia became an older sister after Dina was born. Soon after, the pair lost their parents, leading Talia to raise Dina herself.[2] She was deeply religious, always insisting Dina come with her to pray and talked to her at length about Judaism. Talia celebrated Jewish holidays with Dina, giving her an apple dipped in honey for the new year of the Hebrew calendar. During the early 2030s, Talia and Dina lived in New Mexico.[1]

Talia was killed prior to 2038. The incident left Dina vengeful, once telling Ellie that she would do worse than what Tommy Miller did to one of Joel's killers if she ever found them.

Events of The Last of Us Part II

As Dina and Ellie explore a synagogue on their first day in Seattle, Dina mentions Talia's strong belief and how she would bring her to a synagogue and celebrate Jewish holidays with her.[1]

Dina kept a photo of Talia at her farm.[3]


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