Okay. I can do that. Don't get all huffy-puffy about it.
— Terrence's response to Tess's refusal to barter

Terrence is a minor character who appears in The Last of Us. He is an acquaintance of Tess who lives in the Boston slums.


Background & Early lifeEdit

Nothing is known about Terrence prior to the cordyceps brain infection pandemic. He lives in the slums of Boston, and is an acquaintance of Tess. He typically spends his time hanging out in the slums bartering with others.

Events of The Last of UsEdit

In The Last of Us, Terrence is seen trying to barter with Tess when she and Joel pass through the slums of Boston en route to Robert. He walks up to her and tries to offer her some sort of bargain, but she refuses, asserting "not now." He replies, stating she doesn't need to get "all huffy puffy about it." He then resigns back to the wall, patiently waiting for another passerby to appear.

Appearance and DesignEdit

Terrence has black hair on the top of his head, with the sides of his head shaved, somewhat similar to a mohawk hairstyle. He also has a goatee. He wears a dark grey long sleeve shirt, gloves, and dark tan cargo pants.



Terrence and Tess are previous acquaintances who have traded and bartered between each other before. Terrence calls Tess a "pretty lady", most likely a way to bribe her into bartering with him. When Terrence tried to trade with Tess when she and Joel were going to confront Robert, she reluctantly replies with an annoyed refusal. Overall, it can be speculated that the two are on good terms and trade with each other often.


Terrence: Hey, Tess. Hey, Tess. Hey, pretty lady, how you doin' today? I heard you got some merchandise.
Tess: Not right now, Terrence.
Terrence: C'mon. No, no, it's good. I got the card.
Tess: Not... now. Do you hear me?
Terrence: Okay. I can do that. Don't get all huffy-puffy about it.