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The Baldwin Mansion is a minor location in The Last of Us Part II.


The Washington Liberation Front set up a hidden base camp in the Baldwin Mansion that was up a hill from Jackson, Wyoming as they were looking for Joel Miller, who lived in the community.

Events of The Last of Us Part II

When the group returns to the cabin with Joel and his brother, Tommy, the brothers introduce themselves, but as Joel says his name, the group goes silent. The two get suspicious and think that they have heard of them, which a member, Abby Anderson confirms and shoots Joel in the right knee with a shotgun while Nora Harris knocks Tommy out.

The group then drags Joel to a wall and Abby tells him to guess who she is. Joel growls for her to say her speech and finish him off. Abby then tells her group to wrap his leg with a makeshift tourniquet to ensure that Joel does not die from blood loss. She takes a golf club from a golf bag in the corner of the room and reproaches him. She then calls him a "stupid old man" and tells him that he does not get to rush this, proceeding to strike Joel in the face with the golf club and continuing to beat him.

After a while, Ellie, who was notified that Joel and Tommy never returned to Jackson by Jesse, arrives at the cabin and searches the house. After hearing screams of pain, Ellie sneaks down to the basement, where she opens the door to find Abby beating in Joel’s shoulders. Ellie attempts to stop her and is subdued by her group, but not before she slashes Jordan‘s face. Ellie then threatens the group as they panic and decide to leave before the community sends out a search party. Owen Moore then demands Abby to kill Joel now. Ellie then begs Joel to get up as Joel weakly opens his eyes to look at her one last time, but he cannot move. Abby then bashes Joel’s skull in with her club, killing him. The group almost considers killing Ellie as well but Owen and Abby decide to spare her; Jordan then knocks her unconscious.

Dina later finds Ellie and an unconscious Tommy and tells Jesse that they are downstairs. Ellie then looks at Joel’s corpse as she sobs. Afterward, Ellie and Tommy are escorted back to Jackson while also taking Joel’s body and burying him in town.