The Dam is a multiplayer map in Factions MP. This map is based on Tommy's Dam in Wyoming. Unlike other maps, which are ruined and in decay, the dam is shown to be in great shape. This map also has a unique feature. After 5 minutes of in-game time, the fog appears from the moisture coming from the dam. This fog can shorten the player's sight, making it hard to spot enemies.


In Wyoming, at a dam, the Hunters and Fireflies fight over the few remaining supplies that were not looted prior to the outbreak, using the red loot boxes scattered across the map. At the start of the match, The Hunters spawn near a building and the Fireflies spawn at a parking lot.

A heavy fog descends upon the map a few minutes in, obscuring vision. It lifts after a couple of minutes.


On the bridge is where most of the fight will be, so medium and long range weapons are good choices. Sniping on the side of the bridge are also good choices, but make sure that you're near cover as you are easily exposed to another sniper or bombs that will lunge towards you.

The two turbines on the bridge is your only cover, so use it well. The middle of the bridge is a great place to plant nail bombs, especially when the enemy hasen't opened the loot box yet. The walkway below the bridge doesn't have a lot of cover, but you'll be able to see the trails below, making it a good place to mark unsuspecting enemies. The trails leading down to the river are narrow and barley have any cover. Short range weapons excel here, including the Burst Rifle, so make sure to have one on hand. It's not recommended to place Nail Bombs here, as they will roll down the hill, and an enemy can easily spot it and shoot the bomb, destroying it.

The river is where another loot box will be, and is also a great spot for a nail bomb, but do not place it right near the loot box, as the smoke emitting from the nail bomb will give away it's location. Place it near the big boulder instead, so it's harder to spot. Once the fog appears, it makes enemies harder to spot, so using listen mode is important to find enemies. Use the Sharp Ears skill to use Listen Mode longer. A must have is the Hawk-Eyed 2 skill. Marking enemies also makes them glow. Use this to your advantage so your team can find and kill the enemy.