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"The Enemy of My Enemy" is the fifth chapter in the Left Behind DLC. Having secured a medical kit, Ellie makes her way back to the yogurt store to help the wounded Joel. It is the first chapter to feature both Infected and human enemies at the same time.


Returning to Joel

Ellie hears gunshots in the distance and realizes Joel could be in trouble. She puts the medical kit in her backpack and jumps out of the helicopter, then proceeds down the hall and finds a photo from a decaying corpse.

After jumping over a ledge, she hears someone scream. While hidden, she watches as Clickers attack two men. One is killed, and the other dies shortly after despite killing one of the Infected with his bow. Three more men appear from down the hall and kill the last Clicker. It turns out they are the same people who Joel and Ellie encountered at the university.

Ellie takes the bow and kills the remaining men. She later arrives at an air duct where she finds a recorder and another corpse.

Humans vs. Infected

Once out of the air duct, she sees a small group of Infected and two more men. The men hide from the Infected, one saying they should wait for others to arrive before fighting. Ellie proceeds to either allow more men to arrive and for them to fight the Infected themselves or cause some noise to force a conflict between the Infected and humans early. Alternatively, she just runs past them, leaving the pair to fight alone (player-determined).

Ellie is almost back to Joel, but is forced to go through another store when the entrance is blocked by a fence. More Infected are inside and four more hostile survivors quickly arrive. Ellie either causes a fight between the two groups, waits it out as before, or sneaks past them before they realize her presence (player-determined).

Ellie proceeds over a metal container and manages to lift a metal shutter to reach the American Princess store and Weston Pharmacy, back where she started. While heading back to Joel, a large group of Ellie's pursuers have found Joel, having heard Callus behind the door she locked. Thinking fast, Ellie gets their attention and kills them all. Just as she is about to unlock the yogurt store, more hostile survivors appear, one almost shooting her with a Hunting Rifle. As Ellie struggles to deal with the sudden appearance of nearly a dozen men, the Infected swarm the downstairs area, turning the men's attention to them instead of her. Ellie sides with either the Infected or the humans, assisting them in killing the other enemy (player-determined) and then kills whoever is left.

Relieved that all of her enemies have been dealt with, Ellie unlocks the shutter to the yogurt store and crawls inside. She finds that Joel is still alive, and quickly closes the shutter.


  • This is the first chapter in the entire franchise to include both human and infected enemies at the same time. When in these situations, the player can intervene or watch the scene unfold.
  • Chronologically, this is the first time in the series that Ellie uses a bow.
  • If Ellie does not engage the cannibals soon enough when they are trying to break into the room containing Joel, a cut-scene will play of them breaking the lock, opening the door and shooting Joel off-screen, resulting in a game over.