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'Did you ever stay at a place like this? Before it all went to shit, I mean.'
'No, this was too rich for my blood.'

Ellie and Joel, as they enter the remains of the Hotel Grand

The Hotel Grand was a hotel in Pittsburgh seen in The Last of Us.


In 2013, a prom was scheduled to occur at the hotel. However, it was canceled as a result of the Cordyceps brain infection outbreak. Jack Sullivinsky worked here as a security guard.

20 years later, while the Pittsburgh Quarantine Zone was functioning, the military used the hotel as a base of operations. It was later occupied by a band of Hunters who had seized control of the entire city from the military in an uprising. They killed the soldiers and raided the stockade, gaining a Humvee armed with a .50 caliber machine gun. The Hunters would go on to regularly patrol the hotel for any Infected.

Events of The Last of Us

Joel playing the piano in the ballroom.

Joel and Ellie encounter Hunters in the top floors, while Joel encounters some Infected in the basement.

The hotel used to have a coffee shop, which causes Joel to comment on it when seeing it due to missing coffee and the machine no longer working. He also remarks that to stay in the hotel before the apocalypse was "too rich for [his] blood". Ellie impersonates a receptionist at the remains of a reception desk, causing Joel to remark that she is a "weird kid". There is a safe behind one of the desks as well, with the combination for it being found in a suitcase up the remains of the stairs.

It appears the hotel was undergoing remodeling before the outbreak or that scaffolding was put up afterwards.