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The Requests for Rollback or, occasionally, Moderator page (often abbreviated as RfR) is used to create discussion for users who have been nominated (or self-nominated) for a position on the rollback team. Users may be nominated by another user, or they may nominate themselves for a position as either a content or discussions moderator.

Requests are generally closed and must have a general consensus determined within two weeks (or one if the vote is unanimous) after the nomination. However, if the nominator or nominee chooses to withdraw the nomination or the nominee declines, or the nomination is very poorly written (or there is none) it may be closed immediately.

In order to request someone or yourself for rollback rights, you must give a detailed description on why the nominated user should be given rollback rights, and give examples of their good deeds. For discussion rights, the nominee's edit count should be higher in the discussion and thread board content of the wiki rather than the main content itself; if this is not the case, they are likely better suited to be a content moderator. As such, one should carefully consider which role is better suited for them. Naturally users can request for rights in both areas if they can justify such.

If you are a nominated user, you may not vote for yourself under any category, unless if you decline or withdraw the request. When voting, occasional flame wars will be developed. If so, the user(s) must keep their cool and come to a consensus.

Requirements for rollback

To qualify to be an moderator, you must meet this minimum set of requirements:

  • Have a record of civil and mature behavior
  • No ban history on the wiki (exceptions may be made)
  • Have contributed to the wiki for a decent period of time (a minimum of one month of daily editing)
  • Must have an overall grasp of rollbacking and, optionally, administration knowledge (blocking, coding, duties, etc.)
  • Must have a general understanding of wiki policies in order to rollback edits that break decreed conduct and to correctly report to administrators extreme circumstances where editors are violating said policies
  • Have previously displayed a consistent history of reporting inappropriate threads and comments, undoing vandal edits, requesting pages be locked to stop edit wars and other rollback matters
  • Be active in editing and communal matters (exceptions may be made)

Voting titles

Not just the standard "Support" and "Oppose"s are used in RfAs. This subsection lists most vote types.

  • Support - A positive vote.
  • Neutral - A vote saying that the voter is unsure about the nominee/between supporting and opposing.
  • Oppose - A negative vote.
  • Comment - A comment.
    • {{Comment}} creates Comment.png Comment
      • : - a comment made in response to another comment can simply be indented.
  • Question - A comment that allows editors to ask questions. (Ex. What would you do with your tools?)



  1. Users must have made 50 edits to non-social namespaces in a regular fashion for at least one month to be able to vote or nominate. Social namespaces include comments, walls and the user space.
  2. When voting begins, community members may do the following:
    1. Place one "support" vote under the nominee of their choice.
    2. Place one "oppose" and/or "neutral" vote under as many nominees as the user feels strongly about.
    3. Place one "question" comment under a nominee and ask them a question regarding their suitability for the rights.
  3. Attach reasoning to your position. Every vote must be logical, reasonable, and in line with the stated requirements for rollback rights. It is the responsibility of the voter to ensure compliance. Unless they are later clarified in an acceptable way, non-complying votes may be discarded without notice.
  4. Individual votes may then be critiqued or discussed at any time in a civil and reasonable manner.
  5. At the end of two weeks, voting is closed. Voting is also closed if there are no votes for three days.

Resolving votes

  • If the nominee has a rate of support of 70% or above, the rights are granted.
    • If the nominee has a rate of support between 60% and 70%, staff members determine whether the rights are granted. Arguments from the votes provided and the responses of the nominee to questions will be considered.
    • If the nominee has a rate of support of 60% or below, the rights are not granted.
  • In the event only one rollback position is available but there two or more editors competing for the position, but no one has a rate of support above 60%, the nominee with the highest rate of support is granted the rights at the staff's discretion.
  • When deciding which nominee has the most complying votes, any draws are resolved by considering the candidate with the most support from current staff members first. If there is a draw in staff votes, bureaucratic discretion will be used to determine which nominee will be considered first.


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