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The Last of Us script is the entire transcript for the 2013 video game, The Last of Us. Below are the entire cinematic cutscene scripts.


Cinematics are small, pre-rendered cutscenes in the The Last of Us, Left Behind, and The Last of Us Part II. They show key events, such as meeting new characters and entering new areas in the game.


Goodnight Baby Girl

[Sony Computer Entertainment presents and a Naughty Dog game slides are seen before the cut-scene starts. Sarah sleeps on the couch. The camera then shifts to the front door where Joel enters, talking to his brother, Tommy, on the phone.]

Joel: Tommy I- Tommy. Tommy listen to me, he is the contractor. He's the contractor, okay? I can't lose this job. I understand...

[The camera shifts back to Sarah waking up.]

Joel: Let's talk about this in the morning, okay? [Joel turns on a light and Sarah yawns.] We'll talk about it in the morning. Alright, goodnight.

[Sarah sits up on the couch.]

Sarah: Hey.

Joel: Scoot.

[Sarah moves over. Joel sits next to her.]

Sarah: Fun day at work, huh?

Joel: What are you still doing up? It's late.

[Sarah looks up at the clock. It reads 11:40 PM.]

Sarah: Oh crud. What time is it?

Joel: It's way past your bedtime.

Sarah: But it's still today.

[Sarah grabs a small box beside the couch.]

Joel: Honey, please not right now. I do not have the energy for this.

[Sarah stands up and hands the small box to Joel.]

Sarah: Here.

Joel: What's this? [He grabs the box.]

Sarah: Your birthday.

[Joel opens the box. Inside is a watch.]

Sarah: You kept complaining about your broken watch... So I figured, you know... [Joel puts the watch on his wrist] You like it?

Joel: Honey, this is... [He holds the watch to his ear, then puts it back down.]

Sarah: What?

Joel: It's nice but I- I think it's stuck. It's not -

Sarah: What? [Worried, she grabs Joel's arm to get a closer view of the watch.] No, no, no, no. [As she looks, she finds the watch is ticking fine. It was all a joke by Joel. She pushes his arm away] Oh, ha, ha.

Joel: Where did you get the money for this?

Sarah: [Sarcastically] Drugs. I sell hardcore drugs.

Joel: Oh, good. [Joel grabs the TV remote from the table in front of him.] You can start helping out with the mortgage then.

Sarah: Stsh - yeah, you wish.

[Joel turns on the TV. He and Sarah then start watching TV. After some time, Sarah falls asleep. Music starts to play as Joel picks up Sarah and carries her to her room. Joel then puts Sarah in her bed.]

Joel: Goodnight, baby girl.


Twenty years later

[While Joel carries Sarah in his arms, two infected chase after them. However, they are all startled by gunshots. Sarah screams, and the infected behind them fall, struck down by bullets.]

Joel: [Looks behind and then back at Sarah. Softly] It's okay baby. We're safe. We're safe.

[The camera shows a soldier, armed with a rifle and a mounted light in the distance]

Joel: [Stands up. Calling out] Hey! We need help-

Soldier: Stop!

Joel: Please, it's my daughter; I think her leg is broken.

Soldier: [Points gun. Demanding] Stop right there!

Joel: [Pauses] Okay... we're not... sick.

Soldier: [Using radio] We've got two civilians in the outer perimeter, please advise.

Sarah: Daddy, what about uncle Tommy?

Joel: [Quietly] We're gonna get you to safety and go back for him, okay?

Soldier: [Over radio.] Sir, there's a little girl. [Hesitates] But- [Pauses] Yes sir.

Joel: Listen, buddy, we've been through hell. Okay, we just need-

[The soldier raises his gun and aims it directly at Joel and Sarah]

Joel: Oh shit...

[The soldier pulls the trigger. Joel quickly turns and is shot in the side. Sarah screams and is thrown from Joel's arms. They both roll to the ground and Joel groans in pain. The soldier hurries toward Joel and aims the gun at his head]

Joel: [Holding side and weakly extending his other arm. Begging.] Please don't.

[The soldier is suddenly shot in the head and collapses. Tommy enters the scene with his revolver still drawn and sees Sarah whimpering]

Tommy: Oh, no.

Joel: [Turns and crawls toward Sarah] Sarah?! [She whimpers in pain] Move your hands baby! [Sarah grabs Joel's shoulder in pain] I know, baby, I know! [Cringes] God! Listen to me, I know this hurts. You're gonna be okay baby! Stay with me! [Reaches down] I'm gonna pick you up! I know baby! I know it hurts! Come on baby! please! I know, baby! I know!

[Camera pans to Tommy, who watches in horror. The camera pans back to Sarah, who gives her final breath and dies]

Joel: Sarah!-Baby! [sniffs] Don't do this to me, baby. Don't do this to me, baby. Come on... [begins crying] N-no. No-don't... please. [sobs] Oh, god. Please. Please. Please don't do this to me.

[The The Last of Us original logo cuts to the screen. Opening credits appear with a montage of microscopic fungal growth in the background]

Reporter 1: [Voice] The number of confirmed deaths has passed two hundred. The Governor has called a state of emergency...

Reporter 2: [Voice] There were hundreds and hundreds of bodies lining the streets.

Reporter 3: [Voice] Panic spread worldwide after a leaked report from the World Health Organization showed that the latest vaccination tests have failed.

President Barack Obama: [Voice] ...with the bureaucrats out of power we can finally take the necessary steps to pro...

Reporter 4: [Voice] Los Angeles is now the latest city to be placed under martial law.

Reporter 5: [Voice] All residents are required to report to their designated quarantine-

Reporter 6: [Voice] Riots have continued for a third consecutive day and winter rations are at an all time low.

Reporter 7: [Voice] A group calling themselves the Fireflies have claimed responsibility for both attacks.

Reporter 8: [Voice] Their public charter calls for the return of all branches of government.

Reporter 9: [Voice] Demonstrations broke out following the execution of six more alleged Fireflies.

Marlene: [Voice] You can still rise with us. Remember, when you're lost in the darkness... look for the light. Believe in the Fireflies.

[The screen fades to black and "SUMMER" appears in bold white letters at the bottom right of the screen. The screen cuts to an older Joel, who jumps up from a bed with a shock. There is a knock on the door. "20 YEARS LATER" appear on the bottom right. As Joel groans and stumbles out of bed, another knock is heard. He enters the main room.]

Joel: [Annoyed] I'm coming!

[He reaches and opens the door to Tess, who walks in]

Tess: How was your morning? [Walks towards a table and fills a cup with liquor. Joel closes the door.] Want one?

Joel: No. I don't... want one.

Tess: [Turns around, leaning on the table] Well I have interesting news for you.

Joel: [Still irritated.] Where were you, Tess?

Tess: [Glares] West-End district. Hey, we had a drop to make... [sips liquor]

Joel: [Walks closer to Tess] We. We had a drop to make. [Hands her a towel.]

Tess: Well, you wanted to be left alone, remember? [Presses towel over bruised cheek]

Joel: So I'll take a guess; The, uh, whole deal went south and the client made off with our pills, is that about right?

Tess: [Chuckles] Deal went off without a hitch. [Pulls out some cards from her back pocket] Enough ration cards to last us a couple of months. Easy.

Joel: You wanna explain this? [Pointing to his own face]

Tess: I was on my way here, and I got jumped by these two assholes, alright? [Continues pressing on the bruise] And yeah, they got a good few hits in but- Look, I managed!

Joel: [Exhales] Gimme that... [Grabs the towel and begins aiding Tess' bruise] Are these assholes still with us?

Tess: [Chuckles] That's funny...

Joel: Did you at least find out who they were?

Tess: Yeah. Look, they were a couple of nobodies, [Grabs Joel's hand from her face] they don't matter. What matters... is that Robert. Fucking. Sent them.

Joel: [Taken aback] Our Robert?

Tess: He knows that we're after him. [Joel walks off] He figures he's gonna get us first?

Joel: [Slams towel on the counter] That son of a bitch is smart.

Tess: [Scoffs and walks beside Joel] He's not smart enough...I know where he's hiding.

Joel: Like hell you do...

Tess: Old warehouse in Area 5. [Walks away and briefly shrugs] Can't say for how long through.

Joel: [Walks towards Tess] Oh, I'm ready now, yeah?

Tess: Oh, I can do now.

[Both exit the room. End cinematic.]

Queen Firefly

[Joel and Tess both haul themselves over a window and spot Robert as he tries to fight past a locked gate.]

Tess: Well, hello, Robert.

Robert: [Chuckles nervously and turns around.] Tess. Joel. No hard feelings right?

Tess: [Clicks teeth.] None at all. [Reaches down for a steel pipe.]

Robert: [Briefly puts hands up in defense.] Alright...

[Robert tries to run and Tess bashes his leg with the pipe, causing him to trip and fall to the ground.]

Robert: [Groans in pain.] Goddamn it!

Tess: [Drops pipe.] We missed you.

Robert: Look. Whatever it is you heard, it ain't true okay? I just want to say-

Tess: The guns! You wanna tell us where the guns are?

Robert: [Gulps.] Yeah, sure, but... i-it's complicated, alright?

[Tess looks over at Joel who pushes off from the wall and walks over to Robert.]

Robert: Look, just hear me out on this. I got - [Joel kicks him in the face.] Ah, fuck! [Joel extends Robert's arm and begins to pull it backwards.] Fuck! Stop! Stop! [Joel stops as Robert groans.]

Tess: [Draws handgun.] Quit your squirming. [Kneels beside Robert.] You were saying?

Robert: [Breathing heavily.] I sold 'em...

Tess: Excuse me?

Robert: I didn't have much of a choice, I owed someone.

Tess: You owed us! I'd say you betted the wrong horse.

Robert: I just need more time. Just - Gimme a week!

Tess: You know, I might've done that if you hadn't try to fucking kill me. [Robert talks indistinctly] Who has our guns?!

Robert: [Pauses.] I can't...

[Joel and Tess look at one another.]

Robert: Just gimme a couple-

[Joel breaks Robert's arm. Robert screams and rolls on his side in agony.]

Robert: Fucking...

Tess: Who. Has. Our guns?

Robert: [Pauses and breathes rapidly.] It's the Fireflies. I owed the Fireflies!

Tess: What?

Robert: Look. They're basically all dead. We could just... go in there... finish them off! We get the guns! What do ya say? [Joel and Tess look at each other and stand over Robert.] Come on! Fuck those Fireflies! Let's go get 'em!

Tess: [Pauses.] That is a stupid idea.

[Tess shoots Robert twice in the face, killing him.]

Joel: [Inhales sharply.] Well, now what?

Tess: We go get our merchandise back.

Joel: [Disbelief.] How?

Tess: I don't know! We... explain it to them. Look, let's... go find a Firefly.

Marlene: You won't have to look very far.

[Tess and Joel are startled and look to see where the voice is coming from. Marlene walks out of the shadows, holding her bloody side.]

Joel: There you go, [leans toward Tess.] Queen Firefly.

Marlene: Why are you here?

Tess: Business. [Notices Marlene's wound.] You aren't looking so hot.

Marlene: [Looks at wound then looks around.] Where's Robert?

[Tess walks to the side to reveal his bloody corpse by her feet.]

Marlene: [Chuckles in disbelief.] I needed him alive.

Tess: The guns he gave you? They weren't his to sell, and I want them back.

Marlene: Doesn't work like that, Tess.

Tess: The hell it doesn't.

Marlene: [Walks closer to Tess.] I paid for those guns. You want 'em back? You're gonna have to earn 'em.

Tess: [Turns to look at Joel and back at Marlene.] How many cards are we talkin' about?

Marlene: [Scoffs.] I don't give a damn about ration cards. [Pauses.] I need something smuggled out of the city. You do that - I'll give you your guns back and then some

Joel: How do we know you got 'em? [Inches closer to Marlene.] Way I hear it, the military's been wiping you guys out.

Marlene: [Nods.] You're right about that. I'll show you the weapons.

Male voice 1: Search the area!

Male voice 2: Yes, sir!

Marlene: I gotta move! What's it gonna be? [Eases back.]

Tess: [To Joel.] I wanna see those guns. [Follows Marlene.]

Marlene: Follow me!

[End cutscene.]

We’re smuggling her?

[As the scene begins, Marlene opens the door and stumbles to the floor upon entrance, still pressing against her wound. Ellie waits to the side in the room. Joel comes in, Tess following.]

Joel: Whoa, whoa, whoa... come on now, get on up. [bends down to help Marlene.]

Ellie: Get the fuck away from her! [Dashes out from the side with her switch blade.]

Tess: Hey, hey, hey! - [Grabs Ellie's wrist.]

Marlene: [Still on the floor.] Let her go!

[Ellie yanks her arm away from Tess' grip.]

Joel: You're recruitin' kind of young, aren't ya?

Marlene: [Slowly stands up.] She's not one of mine.

Ellie: Shit. [Aids Marlene.] What happened?

Marlene: Don't worry. This is fixable. I got us help. [Ellie turns to look at Joel, Tess, and back at Marlene.] But I can't come with you.

Ellie: [Pauses.] Well then I'm staying.

Marlene: Ellie, we won't get another shot at this.

Joel: Hey - [Inches closer to Marlene.] We're smuggling her?

Marlene: There's a crew of Fireflies that will meet you at the Capital building.

Tess: That's not exactly close. [Joel crosses to Tess. Ellie remains with Marlene.]

Marlene: You're capable. You hand her off, come back the weapon are yours. Double what Robert sold me.

Tess: Speaking of which - where are they?

Marlene: Back in our camp.

Tess: [Scoffs, looks back at Joel, who gives off a similar expression, and back at Marlene.] We're not smuggling shit until I see them.

Marlene: [Wearily.] You'll follow me. You can verify the weapons, I can get patched up. [Weakly points at Ellie.] But she's not crossing to that part of town. I want Joel to watch over her.

Joel: [Talk over Ellie.] Whoa, whoa, whoa, I don't think that's the best idea.

Ellie: [Shouts over Joel.] Bullshit! I'm not going with him.

Marlene: [Loudly.] Ellie...

Ellie: [Baffled] How do you know them?

Marlene: I was close with his brother Tommy. Said if I was ever in a jam, I could rely on him.

Joel: Was that before or after he left your little militia group?

Marlene: He left you too. [Glares.] He was a good man.

Tess: Look, just take her to the north tunnel and wait for me there.

Joel: [Disbelief.] Jesus Christ...

Tess: She's just cargo, Joel.

Ellie: [Softly.] Marlene...

Marlene: No more talking... you'll be fine. [Strains to fully stand.] Now go with him.

Joel: [To Tess.] Don't take long. [Turns to Ellie.] And you - stay close. [Ellie glances at Marlene.] Let's go!

[Marlene watches Ellie as she exits their location with Joel. She exhales and rests back on the counter next to her. End cinematic.]

Killing time

[Joel opens the door and enters the room. Ellie stands behind him.]

Joel: This is it.

[Ellie enters the room, and Joel closes the door behind her. He walks up to a sofa couch, dusting it off and fixing the pillow. He lays on the sofa and closes his eyes.]

Ellie: [Examining Joel.] What are you doing?

Joel: Killing time.

Ellie: Well, what am I supposed to do...?

Joel: I am sure you will figure that out.

Ellie: [Looks around the area and walks past Joel, looking at him and shaking her head.] Your watch is broken.

Joel: Pft.

[The scenes cuts to night time. Rain drops are heard as Joel, who is muttering in his sleep, wakes up. Ellie, who has sat by the window watching the rain, looks at him.]

Ellie: You mumble in your sleep. [Looks back out the window at the rain.] I hate bad dreams.

Joel: [Sits up.] Yeah, me too. [Joel rubs eyes then stands up. He walks closer to Ellie.]

Ellie: You know, I've never been this close. To the outside. [Moves closer.] Look how dark it is. [Joel walks off and lights a nearby lamp.] Can't be any worse out there. [Stands up.] Can it?

Joel: [Looks at Ellie.] What on earth do the Fireflies want with you?

Tess: [Enters room.] Hey. Sorry it took so long. [Closes the door] Soldiers fuckin' everywhere. [Walks closer to group.]

Ellie: How's Marlene?

Tess: She'll make it. [Looks at Joel.] I saw the merchandise. It's a lot. Wanna do this?

Joel: [Nods.] Yeah.

Tess: [Walks off.] Let's go.

[Tess opens a door that leads to another room and Joel and Ellie follow after. End cinematic.]

I’m not infected

[Joel falls to the ground after being buttstroked in the face by a soldiers firearm. The soldier, Ramirez, points her rifle and flashlight at Ellie and Tess. Soldier 1 is behind them, his pistol aimed at them]

Ramirez: Don't do anything stupid.

Soldier 1: Move.

[Ellie and Tess step out of the storage container.]

Ramirez: Turn around. On your knees. [To Soldier 1.] You scan 'em, I'll call it in.

Soldier 1: Alright. [Armed.] Put your hands on your head.

Ramirez: [To walkie-talkie.] This is Ramirez at Sector Twelve. Requesting pickup for three stragglers. [Pauses.] Understood.

Tess: [Being scanned.] Look the other way. We can make this worth your while.

Soldier 1: Shut up. [Proceeds to scan Joel.] I'm getting tired of this shit.

Ramirez: Um-hmm.

Soldier 1: [Proceeds to scan Ellie.] What's the ETA?

Ramirez: Couple a minutes.

Ellie: [Panics.] Oh, man. Oh, man. [Takes out knife and stabs Soldier 1 in the leg.] Sorry!

[Soldier 1 yells before hitting Ellie down. Joel tackles him before he pulls the trigger and misses. Ramirez prepares to shoot Joel, but Tess shoots her in the head. Soon, Joel shoots her partner.]

Ellie: Oh...Oh fuck! [Breaths heavily.] I thought we were just gonna...hold them up or something.

Tess: [Walks to and picks up the scanner dropped on the ground. She looks at it.] Oh, shit. Look. [Tosses scanner to Joel.]

Joel: [Scanner reads "INFECTED".] Jesus Christ. [Walks closer to Tess.] Marlene set us up? [Tess hesitates to talk.] Why the hell are we smuggling an infected girl?

Ellie: [Shocked.] I'm not infected!

Joel: No? [Tosses scanner] So was this lying?

Ellie: I can explain!

Tess: [Armed] You better explain fast!

Ellie: [Rolls up sleeve and exposes right wrist.] Look at this!

Joel: I don't care how you got infected.

Ellie: It's three weeks old!

Tess: No! Everyone turns within two days, so you stop bullshitting.

Ellie: It's three weeks! I swear! Why would she set you up?

[Tess lowers her gun.]

Joel: I ain't buyin' it. [Joel turns to see an armored truck coming their way.] Oh, shit. [Backing up.] Tess, run. RUN!

Tess: G-go. [Hurries Ellie.] Go! Move!

[Ellie and Tess follow Joel, who runs and jumps down to a safe, lower level. End cinematic.]

What if it’s true?

[Joel, Ellie, and Tess make their way through a gate. Tess closes the gate behind her and Ellie sits on a nearby rock.]

Joel: [Looking up.] Alright they're gone.

Tess: [Crouches beside Ellie.] Look - what was the plan? Let's say we deliver you to the Fireflies, what then?

Ellie: Marlene...she said that they have their own little quarantine zone with doctors there still trying to find a cure.

Joel: Yeah, we've heard that before, huh, Tess?

Ellie: [Pauses.] And that... [scoffs.] whatever happened to me is the key to finding the vaccine.

Joel: [Annoyed.] Oh, Jesus.

Ellie: It's what she said.

Joel: Oh, I'm sure she did.

Ellie. [Aggressively.] Hey, fuck you, man! [Stands up.] I didn't ask for this.

Joel: Me neither. Tess, what the hell are we doing here?

Tess: What if it's true?

Joel: [Disbelief.] I can't believe - [Turns away.]

Tess: [Follows.] What if, Joel? I mean we've come this far, let's just finish it.

Joel: [Pulls Tess to the side.] Do I need to remind you what is out there?

Tess: [Looks at Ellie and back at Joel. She nods.] I get it.

[Tess walks off and Ellie glares at Joel as she follows. Joel stands still, and exhales in frustration. End cinematic.]

You can’t deny that view

[The scene opens to Joel, Ellie and Tess on a rooftop. Joel adjusts a wooden plank to connect their building with one opposite.]

Joel: [Fixes wooden plank.] Alright. [To Ellie.] Now watch your step as your going up 'cause it's going to be a little-

Ellie: Psh!

[Ellie walks past Joel and crosses the building by walking the plank without hesitation. Joel successfully crosses after, positioning himself next to Ellie. Meanwhile, Tess prepares to cross as well. Ellie looks at the sun along the horizon.]

Joel: [To Ellie.] Well is that everything you hoped for?

Ellie: [Shrugs.] Jury's still out. But, can't deny that view.

Tess: C'mon. This way.

[Joel crosses his arms and watches Ellie walk off. He looks down at his wristwatch, deep in thought.]

Tess: Hey! Pick it up.

[Joel is brought back to reality. As Ellie climbs down the ladder, Joel walks behind Tess.]

Tess: [To Joel.] Look, we're almost done. Stay focused.

Joel: [Sarcastically.] Yes, ma'am.

[Joel follows Tess down the ladder and the camera pans out to the sky. End cinematic.]

Just go

[Joel, along with Tess and Ellie, opens the entrance of the Capitol building, only to see bloody corpses on the floor.]

Tess: No. [Runs to corpse.] No. No, no. [Searches the corpse.]

Ellie: [to Joel.] What happens now?

Joel: [Walks toward Tess.] What are you doing, Tess?

Tess: [Anxious. Still searching.] Oh, god. Maybe they ah, maybe they had a map or something to tell us where they were going.

Joel: How far are we going to take this?

Tess: As far as it needs to go. [Stops searching. Looks at Ellie.] Where was this lab of theirs?

Ellie: Oh, she never said. She only mentioned it was someplace out west.

Joel: [Calmly.] What are we doing here? This is not us.

Tess: [Standing up, she faces Joel.] What do you know about us? About me?

Joel: I know that you are smarter than this.

Tess: Really? Guess what, we're shitty people, Joel. It's been that way for a long time.

Joel: No, we are survivors!

Tess: This is our chance-

Joel: [Snaps.] It is over, Tess! [Lower.] Now we tried. Let's just go home.

Tess: [Tears up.] I'm not... I'm not going anywhere. [Pauses.] This is my last stop.

Joel: [Shrugs.] What?

Tess: Our luck had to run out sooner or later.

Joel: [Grabs Tess's arm.] What are you going on about-

Tess: [Yells] No don't- [Calmly.] Don't touch me.

Ellie: Holy shit. [Pauses.] She's infected.

[Joel looks back at Tess and slowly backs away.]

Tess: Joel...

Joel: Let me see it.

Tess: I didn't mean for this-

Joel: [Demanding.] Show it to me.

[Tess reaches for her collar and pulls it back, showing a bloody bite on her neck.]

Joel: [Shocked.] Oh, Christ.

Tess: [Embarrassed.] Oops, right? [Walks toward Ellie.] Give me your arm. [Pulls up Ellie's sleeve.] This was three weeks! [Moves closer to Joel.] I was bitten an hour ago and it's already worse. This is fucking real, Joel! [Releases Ellie.] You've got to get this girl to Tommy's. He used to run with this crew, he'll know where to go.

Joel: No, no, no, that was your crusade. [points at Ellie.] I am not doin' that!

Tess: Yes you are! Look, [Inches closer.] there's enough here that you have to feel some sort of obligation to me. [Points at Ellie.] So you get her to Tommy's.

[They are interrupted by the sound of a vehicle. A group of soldiers have arrived outside the building. They exit their vehicles and proceed towards the door.]

Joel: Shit!

Tess: Oh... [Runs to window.]

Soldier: Watch the exit!

Tess: They're here.

Joel: Dammit.

Tess: [Turning around, she looks at Joel.] I can buy you some time, but you have to run.

Ellie: [Surprised.] What? You want us to just leave you here?

Tess: [Confidently.] Yes.

Joel: There is no way that-

Tess: I will not turn into one of those things. [Pauses.] Come on. [Tears up.] Make this easy for me.

Joel: I can fight-

Tess: No, just go! [Pushes Joel.] Just fucking go.

Joel: Ellie- 

Ellie: I'm sorry. I didn't - I didn't mean for this.

Joel: Get a move on.

[Ellie does as Joel says and runs. Joel slowly backs away from Tess and eventually takes off. Tess inhales and exhales, and prepares herself by turning to the entrance.]

Soldier 1: We know you're in there!

Soldier 2: Drop your weapons and come out with your hands up!

[Tess draws her pistol and aims it at the door. End cinematic.]

What you say goes

[Joel crawls out of the subway with Ellie following. He makes his way outside and pulls off his gas mask. He coughs a couple of times while sitting. Ellie stands a few feet away.]

Ellie: Hey, look, um... about Tess. I don't even know what to-

Joel: [Serious] Here's how this thing's gonna play out. You don't bring up Tess - ever. Matter of fact, we can just keep our histories to ourselves. Secondly, don't tell anyone about your... condition. They'll either think your crazy or they'll try to kill you. And lastly, you do what I say, when I say it. We clear?

Ellie: Sure.

Joel: Repeat it.

Ellie: What you say, goes.

Joel: [Exhales.] Good. [Stands up, facing away from Ellie.] Now, there's a town a few miles north of here. There's a fella that owes me some favors... good chance he could get us a car.

Ellie: Okay.

Joel: [Faces Ellie] Let's get a move on.

[Joel walks off and Ellie follows. End cinematic.]

I need a car

[Ellie, Joel, and Bill run into a room and slam the metal door shut. The clicker on the other side, bangs against the door. Bill eventually seals the door shut.]

Ellie: [Exhausted.] Man...that was close. [Bill approaches Ellie.] Uh... thanks for the heroics and all. [Bill takes off his gas mask and reaches behind his back.] Uh, Ellie. [Ellie reaches out her arm for a handshake. Bill grabs her wrist and quickly handcuffs it.] Hey, what are you- Joel!?

Joel: [Turns around.] Bill?

Ellie: [Is handcuffed to a pipe.] What are you doing?!

Joel: Bill!

Ellie: [Struggling.] Let me go!

Bill: [Pulls out pistol on Joel.] Turn around and get on your knees.

Joel: [Hands up.] Just calm down a second.

Bill: [Yells.] Turn around and get on your knees!

Joel: Alright! [Is kneed in the back of the leg and falls to the floor.]

Bill: Don't test me!

Joel: Just...[winces.] take it easy.

[Ellie forcefully tugs to get free and the weak pipe begin to wiggle.]

Bill: [Searching Joel.] Got any bites?

Joel: No.

Bill: Anything sprouting?

Joel: No, goddammit, I'm clean!

Bill: Well if I see so much as a twitch-

[Ellie successfully loosens the pipe from the wall. As Bill turns to proceed his search on Ellie, she hits him with the pipe.]

Bill: [Falters back.] OW!

Joel: [Catches Ellie's next swing and takes the pipe.] Stop!

Bill: [Painfully] Son-of-a-bitch!

Joel: [Pauses.] You done?!

Bill: [Looks up at Joel.] Am I done...? You come into my house, you set off all my traps, you damn-near break my shootin' arm. [Looks at Ellie.] Who the fuck is this punk and what's she doing here?

Ellie: [Aggressively.] I am none of your goddamn business, and we're here because you owe Joel some favors, [raised cuffed wrist.] and you can start by taking these off!

Bill: [Walking off.] I owe Joel some favors, is this some kind of joke?

Joel: [Drops pipe and walks near Bill.] I'll cut to the chase. I need a car.

Bill: [Sarcastically.] Well it is a joke. [Sharpens blade.] Joel needs a car. Well, if I had one that works - which I sure as hell don't, what makes you think I'd just give it to you? Huh? Yeah, sure Joel, go ahead, take my car [continues sharpening blade.] Take all my food too while you're at it.

Ellie: [Rudely.] By the looks of it you could lose some of that food.

Bill: [Points blade at Ellie.] Listen to me you little shit-

Ellie: [Loudly] No, fuck you! You handcuffed me-

Joel: [Holds Ellie back.] I need you to shut up [Ellie scoffs.] Alright?

Bill: [Sharpening blade.] Whatever favors you think I owe ya, it ain't worth that much.

Joel: Actually, Bill, they are.

Bill: Well it don't matter because I don't have a car that works.

Joel: But there is one in this town.

Bill: Parts. There are parts in this town.

Joel: Meaning that you could fix one up.

Bill: [Exhales and drops blade.] Alright. [Straightens out map.] If I'm gonna do this, there's gear I'm gonna need.

Joel: Alright.

Bill: [Points at map.] It's on the other side of town. Now you help me go gather it. And maybe I could put together something that runs. But after this, [reaches into pocket.] I owe you nothin' [slams keys on the table.]

Joel: That's fine. [Uses keys to remove Ellie's cuff.] Couple days from now, we'll probably be dead anyway.

Bill: Good. [Joel drops cuffs.] Follow me. Whole goddamn town's booby trapped, best stay right on my ass. [Walks off.]

Ellie: Can't miss it...

Joel: Knock it off.

[Joel turns around and pulls Ellie. End cinematic.]

Let’s get on with it

[The scene opens to Bill leading Ellie and Joel down the steps to his basement.]

Bill: Well, here we are. [Turns to Ellie.] You. Don't touch anything. [To Joel.] And you close the door!

[While Bill and Ellie make it down the steps into Bill's basement, Joel closes the basement doors. He walks into the basement and Bill lights a nearby lamp.]

Bill: Let's gear up.

Joel: [Follows Bill, but stops Ellie.] Uh-uh.

Ellie: What? I need a gun.

Joel: No you don't.

Ellie: Joel, [softly.] I can handle myself.

Joel: No. Just...stay here [Walks away.]

Ellie: [Scoffs. Irritated] Fine. I'll just wait around for you two to get me killed.

Bill: [Opens container, takes out shotgun.] Well this goes on record as the worst fucking job you've ever taken.

Joel: Yeah, it's up there.

Bill: [Shuts container and stands up.] How in the hell is Tess okay with this suicide mission?

Joel: It's actually her idea.

Bill: [Places shotgun on counter. Surprised.] Really? Well, then the broad's not as smart as I thought she was. [Joel turns around.] But...[Puts bucket on the table.] fuck her. Seriously, you gotta take that kid back to where you found her.

Joel: [Rests on counter.] Bill, I can't just take her back.

Bill: Then send her packing, let her find her own way. Look, let me tell you a story. [Loads shotgun.] One upon a time, I had somebody that I cared about. [Pauses. Joel looks at him with an air of surprise. Bill presses on.] It was a partner. [Pump action.] Somebody I had to look after. [Drops shotgun on counter.] And in this world, that sort of shit is good for one thing. Gettin' ya killed. [Grabs another shotgun.] So you know what I did? Wisened the fuck up. And I realized it's gotta be just me.

Joel: [Looking away. Hesitantly.] Bill, ain't like's-

Bill: Bullshit. It is just like that- [Pauses. Sees Ellie touching items.] Hey! What did I say to you when we walked down the steps? [Ellie hesitates.] What'd I say?!

Ellie: [Stops touching.] I'm just fixing your...stupid pile!

Bill: [Firmly.] Don't. Touch!

[Ellie scoffs and gives Bill the Finger.]

Bill: [To Joel.] Goddammit. You keep babysitting long enough and eventually it's going to blow up in your face.

Joel: Bill. [Stands up and faces Bill.] Can we please just get on with it?

Bill: [Loads final bullet] Here. [Tosses shotgun to Joel.] Let's get on with it! [Pump action.]

[End cinematic.]

It’s empty

[Joel tries to climb through the window but is grabbed by a clicker. Joel elbows the clicker in the face, knocking it to the side. It grabs him once again. Ellie watches as Bill loads his shotgun.]

Ellie: [Worried.] Joel!

[Ellie grabs Joel's arm, trying to pull him inside.]

Joel: Shit.

Bill: Alright, come on!

[Bill grabs onto Joel's other arm, managing to pull him inside, tossing Joel to the ground. Just as the clicker attempts to jump through the window, Bill uses his shotgun to shoot the clicker dead, causing blood to splatter everywhere. Ellie then pulls the window shut.]

Ellie: [Backing away.] That's not gonna hold.

Joel: Bill, make it fast!

[Bill runs towards the truck, beginning to force open the hood with his shotgun. From the outside, the infected attempt to break down the entrance to get inside.]

Joel: [to Ellie.] Grab this.

[Joel and Ellie grab a steel stand and push it in front of the entrance, blocking it. They push against the stand to prevent the door from breaking open.]

Joel: [Breathlessly.] Please tell me you're done!

[Bill finally opens the hood of the truck using the butt of his shotgun. A shocked look comes to Bill's face.]

Bill: It's empty.

Joel: What?! [Joel moves towards Bill.]

Bill: It's fucking empty!

Ellie: [Desperately.] Guys!

Joel: Bill, where to?

Bill: Uh.

Joel: [Shouts.] Bill - Where?!

Bill: Anywhere but here. [Flees.]

Joel: [Grabs Ellie, who is holding the door back on her own.] Get ready to haul ass. C'mon.

[Joel pulls her away from the door, following Bill. End cinematic.]

He was my partner

[Bill, Joel, and Ellie make their way over a tall, wooden picket fence with infected banging and shouting on the other side. Bill uses a rake to knock down the ladder on the other side.]

Bill: Inside the house now!

[They run into the house. Bill slides the door shut behind him.]

Ellie: Well, that went well. [Joel glares at her. Anxiously.] Okay, uh, I'll ah go... [Points.] check out this side of the house. [Exits the room.]

Joel: Bill?

Bill: Somebody had the same idea. They stole my shit.

Joel: [Angrily.] What the hell is plan B?

Bill: [Irritated.] You ought to be thankful you're still drawing breath! That was Plan A, B, C, all the way to fucking Z. [Faces Joel.] And furthermore tell Tess that she can take this job--

Joel: [Shouts and points at Bill.] Don't bring Tess into this!

Bill: [Shouts] --she can shove it right up--

Joel: This has nothing to do with--! [Bill stops and stares behind Joel. Joel turns around and notices a hung body.] Jesus. [Looks at Bill and back at the corpse.] What? Do you know this guy or something? [Walks towards the body.]

Bill: [Sombrely.] Frank.

Joel: [Looks at Bill.] Who the hell's Frank?

Bill: He was my partner. [Joel stares at Bill and looks back at the body. Bill takes out his machete.] He's the only idiot that would wear a shirt like that. [Hacks the rope with the machete, causing the body to fall.] He's got bites. Here. And... [Inhales.]

Joel: I reckon he didn't want to turn so he...

Bill: Yeah, I guess not... [Bill realises Joel is watching him. He inhales and recollects himself.] Well fuck him.

[Suddenly, Joel and Bill both turn their heads to the sound of a car engine trying to start up. Both of them run to the sound to see Ellie sitting in the front seat of a pickup truck.]

Ellie: [Looks at Joel and Bill.] Look what I found. It's got some juice in it.

Bill: [Walks to open hood of the car.] That's my battery! [Looks at Joel.] That fuckin' asshole. [Slams the hood shut. To Ellie.] Get out. [Walks closer. With authority] Get. Out.

Ellie: Okay, [Climbs out of the car.] geez.

Bill: [Attempts to start up the car.] Battery's drained but the cells are alive.

Joel: Meaning?

Bill: [Climbs out.] Meaning we push it, get it started and the alternator will recharge the battery. [Walks past.]

Joel: [Looks at Bill.] Is that your guess?

Bill: Look, you wanted a "plan B", this is as good as it gets.

Ellie: [To Joel.] What're you thinking?

Joel: Thinking you drive and we push.

[End cinematic.]

He ain't even hurt

[A pickup truck drives into view. Sitting in the back with Joel. Bill pounds the side of the truck.]

Bill: [To Ellie] Alright, this'll do! Stop!

[Ellie stops the truck and Bills climbs out. Ellie looks back at Joel.]

Joel: Just keep it running, alright? [Ellie gives thumbs up. Joel stands up.]

Bill: That girl nearly got us killed.

Joel: You gotta admit-- [Jumps out.] she did hold her own back there.

Bill: [Walks off chuckling.] You [Faces Joel.] ain't gonna make it. [Continues walking but stops.] Oh, oh, ah... [Bends over and reaches in his bag.] Here. [Tosses a flexible tube.]

Joel: [Catches the tube.] What's this?

Bill: You'd be amazed at how many cars still got gas in 'em.

Joel: Appreciate it. Look, Bill, um... about your buddy back there. Uh... that's a tough deal. And I'm ah... [Pauses.]

Bill: We square?

Joel: We're square.

Bill: Then get the fuck out of my town. [Looks at Joel momentarily and walks off.]

[Joel watches Bill leave then turns back to the pickup truck. Walking over to it, the camera pans to the sky, showing lightning and rumbling thunder in the distance. The scene cuts to a rainy highway with abandoned cars then a view of the street, as the pickup truck speeds past. The scene cuts to inside the truck. A tired Joel drives, briefly rubbing his eyes. He is then startled at the sound of Ellie in the backseat.]

Ellie: Oh, man!

Joel: [Looks through the rear-view mirror.] Hey, what happened to sleeping?

Ellie: [Scoffs. She sits up] Okay, I know it doesn't look like it, [Lifts the comic book.] but this here is not a bad read. Only one problem. Right there. [Points to a page.] 'To be continued!' [Groans.] I hate cliff hangers.

Joel: [Looks over.] Where did you get that?

Ellie: Uhh, [Nervously.] back at Bill's. I mean, all this stuff was just lying there.

Joel: [Sigh.] What else did you get?

Ellie: [Smiles.] Well... [She rummages in her backpack and pulls out a cassette.] Here. This make you all nostalgic?

Joel: Y'know, [Takes the cassette.] That is actually before my time. [Chuckles.] That is a winner though. [Puts the cassette into the truck's player and "I'll Never Get out of This World Alive" by Hank Williams begins to play.] Oh, man...

Ellie: Well, better than nothing. Oh, [She looks in the backpack.] I'm sure your friend will be missing this tonight. [Pulls out a magazine.]

Joel: [Inattentive.] Um-hum.

Ellie: [Opens the magazine.] Light on the reading, but it's got some interesting photos.

Joel: [Looks through the rear-view mirror, shocked. Briefly turns back.] Now, Ellie. That ain't for kids.

Ellie: [Holds the magazine sideways.] Whoa! [Shows Joel.] How... how the hell would he even walk around with that thing?

Joel: [Tries to grab the magazine.] Get rid of that! Throw it out the window!

Ellie: Hold your horses, I wanna see what all the fuss is about. Oh... why are these all stuck together?

Joel: [Looks in the rear-view mirror.] Um...

Ellie: [Laughs.] I'm just fucking with you. [Lowers the window and tosses out the magazine.] Bye-bye, dude!

[The scene cuts to outside the car, driving down the rainy highway. On the right of the highway, a big street sign says "76 West, Pittsburgh, 242 Miles". The scene cuts back inside of the truck, Ellie climbs into the front passenger seat.]

Ellie: [Looks at Joel.] You know what? [Faces forward.] This isn't that bad. [Turns up music volume.]

Joel: Why don't you try to get some sleep, alright?

Ellie: Pft--I'm not even tired.

[The scene cuts to Ellie sleeping with Joel still driving beside her. It is now daytime and the rain has stopped. The music has changed: now it's "Alone and forsaken" by Hank Williams. Ellie wakes up as Joel begins to slow the truck down.]

Joel: Oh, no, no, no, no. [The camera cuts to outside of the truck slowing down on the highway, showing one of two routes, blocked off by multiple cars.] Well, perfect.

Ellie: [Yawns.] Now what? [Looks at Joel.]

Joel: [Briefly turns to look back, then faces forwards. Pauses.] Screw it.

[The camera cuts to the car driving into the other route then to a series of buildings that Ellie look at from the passenger seat. The scene cuts to Hunter 1 stumbling out into the street, feigning an injury. Joel slams on the brakes.]

Ellie: Easy!

Hunter 1: [Shouts and walks weakly.] Please... help!

Ellie: Holy shit... [Sits up.] Are we gonna help him?

Joel: [Putting his seat belt on.] Put your seat belt on, Ellie.

Hunter 1: [Still stumbling.] Help me...

Ellie: [Puts on her seat belt.] What about the guy?

Joel: Oh, he ain't even hurt. [Steps on gas.]

Hunter 1: [Dropping the ruse, he pulls out a handgun, fires it, and shouts.] Oh, fuck. Go! Go! Go!

[Multiple other Hunters come out of hiding and a bullet hits the windshield. Joel runs into the stranger, launching him over the hood of the truck.]

Ellie: Jesus!

[A Hunter tosses a brick at their windshield from up above and another manages to smash the passenger side window as it drives past. Ellie turns to the side and covers her face. Looking over, Ellie sees a bus prepared to run into the truck. The music on the tape plays throughout]

Ellie: Oh, not good!

Joel: Hold on!

[The truck swerves and Joel cries out, managing to crash through the rolled-down gate of a store and collide with a container, forcing the truck to stop. The screen goes black. Glass shatters. The music ceases. End cinematic.]

I feel sick

[The scene opens to Ellie, overwhelmed at having killed the hunters. Joel pulls himself from the water.]

Ellie: Man... [lowers handgun.] I shot the hell outta that guy, huh?

Joel: [Stands up.] Yeah, you sure did.

Ellie: [Sits on nearby crate.] I feel sick.

Joel: [Snatches handgun.] Why didn't you just hang back like I told you to? [Walks off, unloading then reloading the gun.]

Ellie: [Looks at Joel.] Well, you're glad I didn't, right?

Joel: [Chuckles.] I'm glad I didn't get my head blown off by a goddamn kid.

Ellie: [Stands up quickly.] You know what? No! How about "Hey Ellie, I know it wasn't easy, but it was either him or me. Thanks for saving my ass!" You got anything like that for me, Joel?!

Joel: [Pauses.] We gotta get going. [Walks off.]

Ellie: Lead the way...

[End cinematic.]

You’re welcome

[Joel jumps out of the hotel window and onto a scaffolding above ground. He looks over and sees a corpse, with a rifle in hand, sitting in a couch. Joel grabs the rifle. He peers over the edge of the scaffolding, seeing several Hunters in the distance.]

Hunter #1: [Far away.] They haven't gotten back yet.

Joel: [Quickly ducks.] Oh shit!

Hunter #2: [Far away.] What the hell is taking 'em so long?

Hunter #1: I don't know, they went to check on 'em. For now, we wait.

Joel: [Ellie climbs in through the window behind him. Whispers.] Come here. Keep your head down. [Ellie crouches beside Joel. Both peer at the Hunters below.] Alright now... I'm gonna jump down there and I'm gonna clear us a path.

Ellie: [Looks at Joel.] What about me?

Joel: You stay here.

Ellie: [Frustrated.] This is so stupid. We'd have more a fucking chance if you'd let me help--

Joel: I am! [Momentarily looks over and grabs the rifle.] Now you seem to know your way around a gun. [Presents it to Ellie.] You reckon you can handle that?

Ellie: [Pauses.] Well, uh, I sorta shot a rifle before. [Takes rifle.] But it was at rats.

Joel: [Concerned.] Rats?

Ellie: With BB's.

Joel: [Reluctant.] Well, its the same basic concept. Lift it up. [Ellie lifts the rifle.] Alright now, [Instructing Ellie.] you're gonna wanna lean right into that stock, 'cause that is gonna kick a hell of a lot more than any BB rifle.

Ellie: [Tilts head.] Okay.

Joel: Go ahead and pull that bolt back. [Makes motion with hands.] Grab it right there. [Ellie grabs.] Just tug it. [Ellie reloads.] There you go. Now as soon as you fire, you're gonna want to get another round in there quick. [Ellie nods.] Listen to me--if I get into trouble down there, you make every shot count. [Pauses.] Yeah?

Ellie: I got this. I won't let you down.

Joel: [Nods.] Alright. [Joel crawls away to an opening in the scaffolding but stops to look back at Ellie.] And just so we're clear about back there... [Pauses.] It was either him or me. [Jumps down scaffolding.]

Ellie: [Stares.] You're welcome... [Takes aim.]

[End cinematic.]

How’d I do?

[Ellie exhales and stops aiming the rifle. She stands fully erect and walks off the scaffolding. Cut to Joel, who paces besides a Hunter's dead body and bends down beside it. Cut to Ellie, who approaches Joel with the rifle still in her grip. Cut to both, Joel removes a handgun from the Hunter's palm. He stands up and faces her. He takes the rifle from her.]

Ellie: [Concerned.] How'd I do?

Joel: [Nodding, he takes the rifle and places it down beside him.] How 'bout something a... [Checks handgun.] a little more your size. [Offers Ellie the hand gun but pulls away as she reaches for it.] It's for emergencies only.

Ellie: [Nods] Okay. [Ellie takes the handgun and examines it before placing it in her back pocket.]

[Both Joel and Ellie nod at one another, and Joel gives the signal to keep on moving. They both walk off as Ellie observes the dead corpse beside them. End cinematic.]

I'm Henry...this is Sam

[Joel climbs into the room through the window. Henry, from behind, jumps on his back and puts him into a choke hold. They struggle.]

Ellie: Oh shit! [Jumps through the window and swings her switchblade.]

Henry: [Throws back Ellie with his arm, getting cut in the process.] The fuck [Henry stares at Ellie, slackening his grip on Joel.]

[Joel slams Henry's head on the wall behind them. Reaching back, he grabs Henry's head and flips him over his back and onto the floor. He delivers heavy blows to Henry's side and face.]

Ellie: [Worried.] Joel. [Joel continues to punch Henry. Ellie shouts.] Joel, stop! [Joel looks over at Ellie and she points across the room.] Look.

[Ellie puts her hands up. Cut to Sam with a handgun aimed at Joel. Joel lets Henry go and puts his hands up.]

Sam: [Still aimed.] Leave him alone.

Joel: [Backs up.] Easy, son. Just take it easy.

Henry: [Extends arm.] It's alright. They're not the bad guys. Lower the gun.

[Frightened, Sam hesitantly lowers the handgun. Henry sits up.]

Henry: Man, you hit hard.

Joel: Yeah, well, I was trying to kill you.

Henry: [Stands up.] Yeah, I thought you were one of them too. [Points at Ellie.] Then I saw you. [Cut to Joel, looking at Ellie. Cut to all.] In case you ain't noticed, they don't keep kids around. [Pauses.] Survival of the fittest. [Winces and looks at his arm.]

Sam: [Worried.] You're bleeding.

Henry: Ah, it's nothing. [Takes gun from Sam and reaches inside Sam's backpack. To Joel and Ellie.] I'm Henry. This is Sam. [Pulls out bandage.] I think I caught your name was Joel?

Ellie: [Waves.] Ellie.

Joel: How many are with you?

Sam: They're all dead--

Henry: Hey. [Looks at Sam.] We don't know that. [Looks away and continues bandaging arm. To Joel.] There were a bunch of us. Someone had the brilliant idea of entering the city. Look for supplies. Those fuckers--they ambushed us. Scattered us. Now it's all about getting out this shithole.

Ellie: We can help each other.

Joel: [Interrupting] Ellie.

Ellie: [To Joel.] Safety in numbers and all that.

Henry: She's right. [Shrugs.] We could help each other. We got a hideout not too far from here. Be safer if we chat there.

Joel: [Pauses.] Alright, take us there.

[End cinematic.]

Welcome to my office

[The scene opens to Henry entering an office, with Joel, Ellie and Sam coming in soon after. He gestures around the room, rather proud.]

Henry: Welcome to my office. [Closes door behind everyone.]

Ellie: [To Sam.] How long have you guys been holed up in here?

Sam: A few days. We found a bit of food though. Here [Walks off with Ellie.]

Henry: [To Joel.] Blueberries. Found a whole stash of them. You want some?

Joel: [Back facing Henry. Uninterested.] No.

Henry: Hey man, relax. We're safe.

Joel: [Looks at Henry.] So why haven't you left?

Henry: Been waiting for the right opportunity.

Joel: And?

Henry: [Gestures head.] Here. [Walks off.] Check this out. [Cautiously approaches broken window. Cut to multiple armed Hunters down at the checkpoint.] Look at these sons of bitches. Everyday they congregate down there. Guarding that damn bridge. [Cut to Henry and Joel.] Come night time, it's down a skeleton crew. After sunset, that's our window. With most of them gone, sneak right past them.

Joel: That could work.

Henry: Oh, it'll work. It'll definitely work. [Ellie and Sam laugh in the background. Henry and Joel look at them.] Wow...

Sam: [Cut to Ellie and Sam on a couch with a pile of blueberries in between them.] Alright ready?

Ellie: [Ellie throws a blueberry in the air and it hits her nose.] Ow.

Sam: [Both laughs.] A blueberry hurt you?

Henry: It's been a while since that boy even cracked a smile. [Joel watches, smiling.] She doesn't seem bothered by all this.

Joel: [Looks down and walks away. Looks at Henry.] So where we're you headin'? [He sits on a chair.]

Henry: [Grabs a chair.] Heard the Fireflies are out west somewhere. [Sits as Joel does. Intrigued.] We're gonna join up with them.

Joel: Yeah. [Light chuckle.]

Henry: Something funny?

Joel: [Shrug.] Just seems like there's a lot of people putting their stock on the Fireflies these days.

Henry: [Nods.] Yeah, maybe there's a reason for that.

Joel: So you don't know where they are and you're just gonna drag him around the country to find 'em?

Henry: [Scoots forward.] I tell you what, [Glares.] how about I worry about my brother, you worry about your girl?

Joel: [Calmly.] Easy. We're looking for the Fireflies too.

Henry: [Chuckles and pauses. Reaches into his pocket and pulls out a map. Points to spot on it.] This is us. [Points to another.] There's an abandoned military radio station, just outside the city. Any survivors from our group—they're suppose to meet us there—tomorrow. You and your girl want to join us, it goes down tonight.

Joel: I guess we best rest up then. [Sits back.]

[Henry smiles and sits back in his computer chair and looks down. The scene cuts to night time. Joel sleeps in the same chair. Ellie walks up to him and rests her hand on his shoulder, Joel wakes up with a sharp inhale.]

Ellie: He said it's time to go. [Joel nods and sits up. Ellie walks off.]

Henry: [To Sam.] Now we're gonna be moving fast, okay? So no matter what, you stick to me like glue.

Sam: Like glue.

Henry: Like glue.

Sam: [Nods.] Got it.

Henry: [Pats shoulder.] Good. Good.

Henry: [Looks at Joel and Ellie.] Alright, ya'll ready.

Joel: Yeah.

Henry: Okay.

[End cinematic.]

I saved you

[Joel hops over a barricade and follows Ellie to a broken end of the bridge; a cliff.]

Joel: Oh shit.

Ellie: Oh fuck!

Joel: [Pacing back.] How many bullets do you have left?

Ellie: They're gonna kill us!

Joel: What other choice do we have?

Ellie: [Points over bridge.] We jump.

Joel: No, it's too high and you can't swim. I'll boost you up; you run past 'em.

[The Humvee hits one of the trucks on the bridge, causing one of the cars to fall over the edge.]

Ellie: Oh shit. [To Joel.] You'll keep me afloat.

Joel: [Hesitating.] Ellie.

Ellie: No time to argue.

Joel: Ellie! [Ellie jumps off the bridge.]

Joel: Ah, damn it! [Jumps in after Ellie and screams.]

[Both submerge in the water and the current overpowers Joel and Ellie.]

Ellie: Joel! [Coughs.]

Joel: [Swims towards Ellie.] I got you! [Holds Ellie. Sees incoming rock.] No—no, no, no!

[Joel wraps himself around Ellie and is slammed into a rock. The screen goes black. Cut to Joel regaining consciousness, lying on a sandy beach. Ellie and Sam are standing over him. Henry is a short distance from them, holding his pistol.]

Sam: Henry! He's awake! [Runs to Henry.]

Ellie: Hey, you. We're alive. Okay. [Helps Joel up.]

Henry: [Laughs.] See? What'd I tell you, huh? He's good. Everything's fine. You know, Sam's the one who spotted you. You guy's had taken quite a bit of water, when-- [Joel pushes Henry to the floor, taking his gun.] What the fuck's wrong with you!?

Sam: [Scared.] Henry!

Joel: [Points gun at Sam.] Get back, son!

Henry: [Overlapping.] It's fine--HEY, hey, hey, hey... [Joel points the gun at him.] He's pissed, but he's not going to do anything.

Joel: [Steps closer.] You sure about that?

Sam: [Shouting.] Stop!

Ellie: [Rests hand on Joel's shoulder.] Joel.

Joel: He left us to die out there.

Henry: No. You had a good chance of making it, and you did. But coming back for you [Points to Sam.] meant putting him at risk. [To Sam.] Stay back. [Sam steps back.] If it was the other way around, would you have come back for us? I saved you.

Ellie: He saved me too. [Pauses.] We woulda' drowned.

[Hesitantly, Joel tosses the gun to the ground and walks away. Sam kneels at Henry's side and watches Joel.]

Henry: It's fine though. I'm okay. [Stands up and pauses. To Joel.] Y'know, for what it's worth, I'm really glad we spotted you. [Pauses.] Now that radio tower is on the other side of this cliff. Okay? Place is gonna be full of supplies. You're gonna be really happy you didn't kill me.

[End cinematic.]

What are you scared of?

[Joel walks down the stairs, reaching Ellie, Henry and Sam. Infected bang on the doors and windows.]

Ellie: [To Joel.] You're okay.

Joel: Still here. Anybody hurt?

Sam: Uh-uh.

Henry: [Shaking his head.] No, we're good.

Joel: [Backing up.] Alright. I think it's time we quit this place. C'mon.

Henry: [To Sam.] Let's go.

[The party reaches the yard and sneaks through a picket fence. The camera pans to the radio tower in the distance. Cut to opened canned goods on the floor of an old house.]

Henry: [Chuckles.] Shut the hell up.

Joel: Dead serious. [Eats a spoonful.] It was Tommy's birthday. That's all he wanted to do is to just—rent two Harley's and drive cross country.

Henry: [Sits up.] Ah, man. I could die happy if I could just ride one around the block. [Chuckles.] What was it like?

Joel: It was good. Real good [Sets the can down.]

Henry: Good? [Looks at Ellie.] Can you believe this guy? C'mon man, gimme details. Describe it.

Joel: [Laughs.]

Ellie: You know what? You two deserve a little privacy. [Stands up.]

Henry: No, no, Ellie, Ellie, this isn't just any regular motorcycle. Okay? You get on that bad boy, you feel that engine. Nothing like it.

Ellie: Oh yeah? How would you know?

Henry: I've seen it in my dreams... [Sits up and pretends he's riding a motorbike.] Vroom, vroom, vroom...[Laughs.]

Ellie: Okay... [Walks off.]

[As Ellie exits, an awkward moment of silence lingers in the room between Joel and Henry.]

Henry: I don't think anyone from our group is gonna show up.

Joel: [Somberly.] Yeah.

Henry: Worst part of it all—explaining it to Sam.

[Cut to a separate room with Sam.]

Ellie: [Enters.] Well, it's safe to say those two have officially bonded. [Walks closer.] What're you doin'?

Sam: Taking stock of all the food we found today.

Ellie: I see... [Grabs can and reads.] And how are we doing on canned peaches?

Sam: [Grabs can from her.] Did Henry send you?

Ellie: No. Why would Henry send me?

Sam: To make sure I'm not fucking up somehow.

Ellie: Pshhh. I'd say we all did pretty good back there—especially you.

[Sam gets up out of his chair and walks to the window.]

Ellie: Is everything alright?

Sam: [Somberly.] Everything's fine.

Ellie: [Pauses.] Okay... [Walks off.] Well... have a good night.

Sam: [Turns around.] How is it that you're never scared?

Ellie: Who says that I'm not?

Sam: What are you scared of?

Ellie: Let's see... [Playfully.] Scorpions are pretty creepy.

[Sam returns to looking out the window.]

Ellie: Um... being by myself. [Sam looks at Ellie.] I'm scared of ending up alone. What about you?

Sam: Those things out there. [Pauses.] What if the people are still inside? What if they're trapped in there without any control of their body? I'm scared of that happening to me.

Ellie: [Confidently.] Okay, first of all, we're a team now. We're gonna help each other out. And second, they might still look like people, but that person is not in there anymore.

Sam: Henry says that, "They've moved on." They they're with their families. Like in heaven. Do you think that's true?

Ellie: I go back and forth. I mean, I'd like to believe it.

Sam: But you don't.

Ellie: I guess not.

Sam: Yeah... me neither [Turns back around.]

Ellie: Oh... [Takes off backpack.] all this serious talk, I almost forgot. [Pulls out toy and puts it on desk.] There. If he doesn't know about it, he can't take it away. [Puts on backpack and walks to the door.] Alright, I'm pooped. I'll see you tomorrow.

[Ellie exits the room. Sam walks to the toy, picking it up. After looking at it, he throws it at the floor. He sits back in his chair and rolls up the bottom of his pants, revealing a bite. Cut to Ellie sleeping. It is morning. Joel is standing by the window and Henry is stirring a pot on a stove.]

Ellie: [Wakes up. Sniffs then yawns.] Damn. That smells good.

Joel: [to Ellie.] Good morning.

Ellie: Where's Sam?

Henry: I let him sleep in for once.

Ellie: Oh.

Henry: Well if you want him to join us, you can go wake his ass up.

Ellie: Okay. [Walks into Sam's room.] Sam?

[Ellie opens the door and sees Sam twitching erratically from behind.]

Ellie: [Off-screen.] Sam!

Joel: What the hell?

[Ellie is pushed out of the room and knocked to the floor with Sam on top of her. He grunts and claws at her, trying to attack her. Henry backs against the wall, gun in hand.]

Joel: Shit. He's turnin'! [Grabs gun from bag.]

[Henry fires a shot in Joel's direction. Joel falls back.]

Henry: That's my fuckin' brother!

Ellie: Sam!

Joel: Screw it! [Crawls for his gun.]

[Henry fires his gun and shoots Sam. Ellie pushes Sam off her and crawls away as he dies.]

Ellie: Oh, shit...

Joel: [Approaches Ellie.] Ellie? Ellie, are you alright?

Ellie: Uh-huh [Panicked.] Oh my god.

Henry: Sam?

Ellie: Oh no...

Henry: [Crying.] Sam...

Joel: [Trying to console Henry.] Henry. Ellie, stay there. Henry.

Henry: Henry, what have you done?

Joel: [Inches slowly.] I'm gonna get that gun from you, okay?

Henry: Sa...Sa...Sam [Points gun at Joel.]

Joel: [Stops advancing. Puts his hands up.] Whoa. Okay, okay, easy.

Henry: It's your fault.

Joel: This is nobody's fault, Henry.

Henry: It's all your fault!

Joel: Henry! Henry, no—

[Henry puts the gun to his head and shoots himself.]

Ellie: Oh my god.

[End cinematic.]


How you doing, baby brother?

[Joel attempts to nudge open The Dam's doors. Meanwhile, armed men and women atop the dam aim their weapons at Joel and Ellie. The leader, Maria, addresses them.]

Maria: Don't even think about reaching for your weapon. [Ellie draws her gun.] Tell the girl to drop hers. Now!

Joel: [Backing up.] Ellie, do as the lady says.

Ellie: [Reluctantly raises her hands.] Okay...

Maria: Please tell me you're lost.

Joel: We didn't know the place was occupied. We're just trying to make our way through.

Maria: Through to where?

Tommy: [Off-screen.] They're alright.

Maria: What, you know these people?

Tommy: I know him [Camera pans to Tommy, holding a rifle, opening doors.] He's my goddamn brother.

Joel [Smiling.] Tommy.

Tommy: Holy shit [Embraces Joel.]

Joel: [Chuckles in disbelief.] How you doin', baby brother?

Tommy: Goddamn.

Joel: Yeah.

Tommy: Let me look at you. [Pulls away. Chuckles.] You got fucking old.

Joel: Easy--It's gonna happen to you too.

Tommy: [Maria walks beside him, still holding her rifle.] This is Maria. Be nice to her, she sorta runs things around here.

Joel: Ma'am. Thanks for not blowing my head off.

Maria: Would've been embarrassing, considering you're my brother-in-law.

Tommy: We all gotta get wrangled up at some point.

Maria: [Looks at Ellie.] Ellie, right?

Ellie: [Nods.] Yeah.

Maria: What brings you through here?

Ellie: Uh... it's kind of a long story.

Tommy: [To Maria.] Why don't we bring 'em inside?

Maria: Yeah. [To Ellie.] You hungry?

Ellie: Starving.

[Maria enters the dam while Ellie and Joel follow. Tommy closes the door behind him. End cinematic.]

Why bring her here?

[The scene opens to Joel shutting the door to the room as Tommy walks towards the window, setting down his rifle before staring outside.]

Joel: That's quite the crew you got there.

Tommy: [Still looking out the window.] Yeah, they're good men. This place gives them a second chance. It gives us all a second chance. [Turns to Joel.] So why'd you leave Boston?

Joel: I've been on quite the adventure, little brother. [Pulls out a chair and sits.]

Tommy: [Walking nearer Joel.] I reckon it's got something to do with that girl.

Joel: Oh, it's got everything to do with that little girl.

Tommy: Well, go on then.

Joel: She's immune.

Tommy: Immune to what? [Snickers.] Oh c'mon.

Joel: I know. I've seen her breathe enough spores to take down a dozen men and nothing. I wouldn't have believed it neither, but I can show you.

Tommy: Alright. [Sits across from Joel.] I'll bite. Why bring her here?

Joel: I was supposed to deliver her to the Fireflies... the way I figure they're your boys, you finish the job, you collect the whole damn payment.

Tommy: I haven't seen a Firefly in years.

Joel: But you know where they are. Now I'm not asking for much, Tommy. I just want some simple gear--enough to set me on my way.

Tommy: [Shaking his head] What makes you think I'd do this for you?

Joel: This isn't for me, Tommy. This is for your damn cause.

Tommy: My cause is my family now. You ain't talking about some walk in the park here.

Joel: [Aggressively.] Jesus boy! Have Maria get some of her born-again friends to do it.

Tommy: They have families too.

Joel: Tommy, I need this.

Tommy: [Pauses.] You want some gear, sure. But I ain't taking that girl off your hands. [Stands up.]

Joel: This is how you're gonna repay me, huh?

Tommy: Repay you?

Joel: [Stands.] For all those goddamn years I took care of us.

Tommy: Took care? That's what you call it? I got nothing but nightmares from those years.

Joel: [Loudly.] You survived because of me!

Tommy: It wasn't worth it.

[Joel shoves Tommy against a nearby locker.]

Joel: [Annoyed] I bring you the cure for mankind and you wanna play the pissy little brother?

Tommy: [Threateningly] We ain't back in Boston. You lay your hands on me again, it won't end well for you.

[Just as Joel advances, the Dam's alarm goes off]

Joel: What the hell is that?

Tommy: [Grabs his rifle.] We're under attack. You still remember how to kill, right?

Joel: Yeah... 

[Tommy exits the room and Joel follows. End cinematic.]

It’s best this way

[The scene opens to Tommy running to Maria while Joel races to Ellie.]

Tommy: [To Maria.] You okay?

Maria: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I'm fine.

[Both Maria and Tommy look over at Joel and Ellie.]

Ellie: [Breathlessly] Joel. Oh man... they were coming in from every direction. Then Maria was like, "We gotta run!"

Joel: Okay. Listen-

Ellie: [Interjecting.] And so we dove over these tables and this huge guy blasts in with his shotgun.

Joel: Slow down, slow down. Listen--

Ellie: [Talking over Joel.] And then--

Joel: [Grabs Ellie's shoulders.] Hey, hey, are you hurt?

Ellie: [Relieved.] No.

[The camera cuts back to Tommy and Maria]

Tommy: Goddammit. [To Maria.] I need to talk to you.

[Cut to outside. Maria and Tommy are talking. Joel listens nearby, rested on a box.]

Maria: Absolutely not. You tell him to go find somebody else.

Tommy: Maria, I can't have this hanging over my head.

Maria: Do you have any idea how many men we lost here today?

Ellie: [Walks beside Joel.] Hey--what's that all about? [Waits for response.] Does it have anything to do with me?

Joel: We'll talk about it later.

Ellie: [Irritated] Did he tell you where the lab is?

Joel: [Insistent] We'll talk about it later.

Ellie: Later... [Scoffs.] Right.

[Ellie storms off.]

Joel: Ell-- [Refrains.]

Maria: [Off-screen.] It takes one. One fuck-up. [On-screen.] One fuck up and I turn into those widows! Okay?

Tommy: I have to do this. I don't know what else to say.

Maria: [Scoffs.] Fine.

Tommy: Maria. [Maria walks to Joel.] Maria!

Joel: [To himself.] Here we go. [Stands.]

Maria: You. If anything. Anything at all happens to him. It's on you.

[Joel nods, unable to look at her. Maria walks away.]

Tommy: She's thankful, you know

Joel: Yeah. I know.

Tommy: I'll take that girl of yours to the Fireflies. You don't have to worry about it.

Joel: It's best this way.

Tommy: Maybe some real good will come of this.

Joel: [Pause.] I need to talk to Ellie.

[Tommy nods and walks off. Joel turns the other way, wiping his eye.]

Tommy: [Through walkie-talkie.] Say again, I didn't hear you. Joel!

Joel: What--what is it?

Tommy: That girl of yours. She took one of the horses and rode of.

Joel: Damn it. Which way?

Tommy: Come on.

[End cinematic.]

I’m not her

[Joel enters the room and scoffs in disbelief. Ellie is sat slouched by the window, reading a girl's diary.]

Ellie: Is this really all they had to worry about? Boys. Movies. Deciding which shirt goes with which skirt. It's bizarre.

Joel: Get up, we're leaving. C'mon.

Ellie: And if I say no? [Sits properly.]

Joel: Do you even realize what your life means? Huh? Running off like that. Putting yourself at risk... it's pretty goddamn stupid.

Ellie: Well, I guess we're both disappointed with each other then.

Joel: [Walks closer.] What do you want from me?

Ellie: Admit that you wanted to get rid of me the whole time!

Joel: [Pause.] Tommy knows this area better—

Ellie: Agh, fuck that— [She gets up, turning away from Joel.]

Joel: Well, I'm sorry. I trust him better than I trust myself! Is that what you wanna hear?

Ellie: [Turning to face him.] Stop with the bullshit! What are you so afraid of? That I'm gonna end up like Sam? I can't get infected. I can take care of myself.

Joel: How many close calls have we had?

Ellie: Well, we seem to be doing alright so far.

Joel: [Shouts.] And now you'll be doing even better with Tommy! [Turns away.]

Ellie: I'm not her, you know.

Joel: [Turns around.] What?

Ellie: Maria told me about Sarah. And I—

Joel: [Sternly] Ellie. [Pause. With an icy rage.] You are treading on some mighty thin ice here.

Ellie: I'm sorry about your daughter, Joel, but I have lost people too.

Joel: [Angered.] You have no idea what loss is.

Ellie: Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me. Everyone— [Pushes Joel.] fucking except for you! [Begins crying.] So don't tell me that I would be safer with someone else because the truth is I'd just be more scared.

Joel: [Coldly.] You're right... you're not my daughter, and I sure as hell ain't your dad. And we are going our separate ways.

[Tommy kicks the door open, holding his rifle and enters the room.]

Tommy: Get it together. We're not alone.

[Joel moves to the window and sees two bandits entering the ranch.]

Joel: I got two walking in.

Tommy: There's more inside already.

[Joel presses himself against the wall for cover. Ellie, saddened, waits beside Tommy. End cinematic.]


[Joel exits the ranch house, shotgun in hand. He aims it as he scouts the area for more Bandits. He doesn't see any.]

Joel: It's clear.

[Tommy, holding his rifle, and Ellie exit the house also. Joel watches Ellie with a sombre look as she reaches her horse.]

Tommy: [to Ellie] You want a hand up?

Ellie: I got it.

[Ellie mounts her horse as does Tommy.]

Tommy: C'mon...

[As Tommy and Ellie begin to leave, Joel mounts his horse. He follows them a few feet behind. They tread at a steady pace through the forest. Joel is deep in thought, clearly thinking about what Ellie had just said to him at the ranch. Eventually, they come into sight of Tommy's settlement. Joel and Tommy near the edge.]

Joel: [to his horse] Easy... easy.

Tommy: [to his horse] Whoa now. [the two have stopped just shy of the edge. Ellie stops just behind them. To Joel.] There she is. Kids'll be watching movies tonight.

Joel: Where is this lab of theirs?

Tommy: It's all the way out - University of Eastern Colorado.

Joel: Go Big Horns. [he and Tommy snicker. To Ellie.] Ellie, get off your horse, give it on back to Tommy. [to Tommy] I'm gonna hang on to this fella, if that's alright with you. [to Ellie, who is too stunned to move.] Go on. Don't make me repeat myself?

Tommy: What are you doing?

Joel: Your wife kinda scares me. I don't want her coming after me.

[Ellie dismounts her horse and approaches Tommy, offering the reins which he passively takes.]

Ellie: Sorry for stealing your horse.

Tommy: [focused on Joel] Look, come back to town, let's discuss it at least.

Joel: [as he pulls Ellie up onto the horse.] Eh, you know me. My mind's all made up. University Eastern Colorado. How do I find this lab?

Tommy: It's in the science building, looks like a giant mirror, you can't miss it.

Joel: You take care of that wife of yours.

Tommy: There's a place for you here, you know.

[Joel nods in appreciation.]

Joel: [to Ellie] You good?

Ellie: [Content] I'm good.

Joel: Adios, little brother. [to horse] C'mon.

[With that, Joel and Ellie depart as Tommy watches them. End cinematic]

They’ve all left

[Managing to force the door open, Joel and Ellie enter the room. Joel spies a tape next to a Firefly corpse. He grabs it and plays the recording.]

Recording: If you're looking for the Fireflies, they've all left

Ellie: [picking up a file] Yeah, no shit. [she sits in a chair and begins to fast-forward through the tape.]

Recording: I'm dead. Or I will be soon. Got me some time to reflect. [Joel fast forwards the recording] been years that felt like we were... [Joel fast forwards the recording again] fucking thing was a giant waste of ti- [Joel fast forwards it one more time as Ellie drops the file and walks up to him.] not gonna do this anymore

Joel: [irritated] Come on.

Recording: looking for the others, they've all returned to Saint Mary's Hospital in Salt Lake City. You'll find them there. Still trying to save the world. Good luck with that.

[The recording ends as Ellie looks at Joel.]

Ellie: Do you know where that is?

Joel: I know the city

Ellie: Is it far?

Joel: It ain't close. I mean on horseback-

[Joel stops as he notices several people with flashlights from the building opposite them coming into view.]

Ellie: What? [she notices the people below] Fireflies?

[The flashlights point towards Joel and Ellie.]

Joel: Get down!

[Joel grabs Ellie, pulling her to the floor as a shot rings and a bullet smashes through the glass, narrowly missing them. End cinematic.]

Tell me what to do

[Joel and Ellie ride Callus down a road as Ellie looks back.]

Ellie: I think we're safe. Joel

[Ellie looks at Joel, who falls from the horse, losing consciousness.]

Ellie: Joel. Ah, shit [she dismounts the horse, kneeling besides Joel.] Joel - here. [she tries to lift him but to no avail.] Get up, get up, get up... You gotta tell me what to do. Come on... you gotta get up. Joel?

[The screen cuts to black. The word "Winter" appears on screen. The scene opens to a snow-covered forest. A rabbit comes up from a hole and looks around, only to be shot in the neck by an arrow. Someone walks towards the rabbit, picking it up and removing the arrow. The camera pans upwards, revealing it is Ellie.]

Ellie: Oh, this won't last very long

[She puts the arrow away and walks towards Callus, tying the dead rabbit to his saddle. She looks away, noticing a deer. She grabs Callus' reins, tossing them onto a branch.]

Ellie: You'll just startle it.

[She runs towards the deer. End cinematic.]


Name’s David

[In the snow, Ellie runs towards the dead deer, still impaled with her arrow. She observes it only to turn around and aim her arrow at a tree.]

Ellie: Who's there? Come out!

[Two men come out from behind a tree, David and James. David, carrying a rifle on his back, holds out his hand.]

David: Hello... we just want to talk.

Ellie: Any sudden moves and I put one right between your eyes. [aims arrow at James.] Ditto for buddy-boy over there. [aims back at David.] What do you want?

David: Name's David, this here's my friend, James. We're from a larger group - women, children - we're all very, very hungry.

Ellie: So am I - women and children - all very hungry too.

David: Well, maybe we could, ah, trade you for some of that meat there. What do you need? Weapons, ammo, clothes -

Ellie: Medicine! Do you have any antibiotics?

David: We do. Back at the camp. [approaching Ellie.] You're welcome to follow us-

Ellie: I'm not following you anywhere. [David stops moving.] Buddy-boy can go get it. He comes back with what I need, the deer is all yours. Anyone else shows up-

David: You put one right between my eyes.

Ellie: That's right

[David turns to James.]

David: Two bottle of the penicillin and a syringe. Make it fast. [Ellie points her arrow at James.] Go on.

[Puzzled, James leaves. Ellie points her arrow at David.]

Ellie: I'll take that rifle.

David: Of course.

[David walks up to Ellie, placing the rifle in front of her.]

Ellie: Back up.

[David walks back a few feet. Ellie puts her bow and arrow away then picks up the rifle. She pulls back the bolt to see it is loaded then aims it at David. There is a long pause as David looks around.]

David: He's probably gonna be a while. You ah, mind is we take some shelter from the cold?

Ellie: [gesturing to the deer.] Bring him with us.

[David walks up to the dead deer, grabbing it's antlers and proceeds to drag it towards a small barn. Ellie keeps the rifle trained on him. The scene cuts to David tending a small fire. He is inside the barn, with Ellie sat a few feet away holding the rifle.]

David: There. You know, you really shouldn't be out here all on your own.

Ellie: I don't like company.

David: I see. What's your name?

Ellie: Why?

David: Look, I understand it's not easy to trust a couple of strangers. Whoever's hurt, you clearly care about them. I'm sure it's gonna be just fine.

Ellie: We'll see.

[In the distance, infected cry out. Ellie and David both stand up, checking the windows. A clicker runs into the room, stopping at the door as it listens for sound. Ellie steps back, causing the clicker to roar and race towards her. However, a gun fires, two bullets striking the clicker down. David, holding a revolver, walks up to the wounded infected, killing it with a bullet to the head.]

Ellie: You had another gun?

David: Sorry. [he looks out an empty doorway. He then holds his hand out towards Ellie.] Okay. I'd really like my rifle back now.

Ellie: No. You have your pistol.

David: [Returning to the doorway.] I hope you know how to use that thing.

Ellie: I've had some practice.

[End cinematic]

You’re gonna make it

[The scene opens to David and Ellie returning to the shack, the fire nearly burnt out. David walks over to it, picking up a stick and begins tending it again. He looks at Ellie, who sits across from him, having placed her rifle down beside her.]

David: You handled yourself pretty nicely back there. Ha, whew. I'd say we make a pretty good team.

Ellie [warming her hands on the growing fire.] Psshh. We got lucky.

David: Lucky? No, no... No such thing as luck. No you see I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Ellie: [Mocking tone.] Sure.

David: I do. And I can prove it to you. Now, this winter has been especially cruel. A few weeks back, I ah... sent a group of men out - nearby town to look for food. Only a few came back. [Getting into the story] They said that the others had been ah, slaughtered by a crazy man. And get this, he's - a crazy man traveling [points his stick at Ellie] with a little girl. [Ellie's expression shifts to one of worry.] You see? Everything happens for a reason.

[Ellie reaches for the rifle, picks it up and stands away from David, aiming the rifle at him. David dismisses it, tending to the fire again. James enters the doorway, having heard the conversation. The others haven't noticed him. He draws his pistol and aims it at Ellie.]

David: Now don't get upset. It's not your fault [he sees James in the doorway. He looks at Ellie.] You're just a kid. James, lower the gun.

[Ellie turns, seeing James aiming at her. She does likewise.]

James: No way, David. I'm not gonna let her go.

David: [Insistent.] Lower the gun. [After several seconds, James complies albeit reluctantly. David turns back to the fire.] Now give her the medicine.

James: [He enters the room, taking out a bag of penicillin as he does so] The others won't be happy about this. [James tosses the bag at Ellie's feet.]

David: Yeah, well that's not your concern.

[Ellie reaches down and picks the bag up, still aiming at James. She begins edging towards the door.]

Ellie: [to James.] Move the fuck out of the way.

[James complies, moving towards David although he keeps watching Ellie as she reaches the doorway, still aiming at him.]

David: You won't survive long out there. [He looks at Ellie.] I can protect you.

Ellie: No thanks.

[Ellie runs off. David stares momentarily before tending the fire again. The scene cuts to Ellie running in the snow, she stops, looking back briefly before continuing. She eventually reaches Callus, still hooked to a branch.]

Ellie: [To Callus, removing his reins from the branch.] Let's get out of here.

[Ellie mounts Callus and races off. The scene cuts to the pair coming within sight of a small town. She dismounts Callus, pulling him towards a house. They enter a garage, where she shuts the door. She briefly stands with Callus before heading into another room. The scene cuts to Ellie running down a flight of stairs into a basement. She stops in front of Joel, lying on the floor with a blanket over him, shaking.]

Ellie: Joel? [Joel breathes.] Oh... [She bends down next to him.] I only managed to get a little bit of food. But... [She removes the penicillin from her bag.] I did get this. [Ellie puts back Joel's blanket.] Move your arm. [He does so and she pulls up his t-shirt, revealing his stitched up wound on him torso.] Oh... [she prepares the penicillin.] Here we go. [She injects it into him, causing him to grunt in pain. She removes the needle.] Sorry. All done. [She puts the syringe away and pulls Joel's blanket back over him. She lays down beside him as he shivers intensely.] You're gonna make it. [She rests her head on her bag and goes to sleep.]

[The scene cuts to daytime, where Ellie startles awake as Joel sleeps. She hears a noise and vaults onto an old washing machine, looking out a window. She sees a group of men wandering the area, appearing to be looking for someone. She realizes they are from David's group.]

Ellie: Oh, fuck. They tracked me. [She jumps down to Joel.] I'm gonna draw them away from here. I'll come back for you.

[She picks up her bag and runs up the stairs, leaving Joel behind. End cinematic.]

By any means

[The scene opens to Ellie waking up in a cell. James is just outside, using a meat cleaver to chop the limbs off of a human corpse. Crouching, Ellie approaches the gate, and sees James chop an arm from a corpse. She reacts with a quiet panic, causing James to turn to her. He puts the cleaver down and leaves the room. While gone, Ellie rattles the gate, trying to pry it open. After a few seconds, David enters the room with a tray of food. Ellie stops rattling the gate, looking at him.]

Ellie: Oh...

David: How are you feeling?

Ellie: Super.

David: Here. [David pushes the tray of food into Ellie's cage.] You should eat. I know you're hungry -- been out for quite some time.

Ellie: What is it?

David: It's deer.

Ellie: With some human helping on the side?

David: No. No, I promise. It's... just the deer meat.

Ellie: You're a fucking animal.

[Ellie bends down and starts eating the food.]

David: Oh. [David bends down, facing Ellie.] you're awfully quick to judgment. Considering you and your friend killed how many men?

Ellie: They didn't give us a choice.

David: And you think we have a choice? Is that it? You kill to survive... and so do we. We have to take care of our own. By any means necessary.

Ellie: So now what? You gonna chop me up into tiny pieces?

David: I'd rather not. Please tell me your name.

[Ellie shoves the food plate out of her cell, standing. David stares abashed.]

Ellie: You're so full of shit.

David: On the contrary, I've been, ah, [David stands.] been quite honest with you. Now I think it's your turn. It's the only way I'm gonna be able to convince the others.

Ellie: Convince them of what?

David: That you can come around. You have heart. You're loyal. And you're special.

[David places his hand over Ellie's, which was gripping the cage bars.]

Ellie: Oh...

[Ellie puts her hand on David's. After a moment, she then breaks his finger. She tries to grab his cell keys, but he grabs her arm, yanking her into the cell door, stunning her.]

Ellie: Oh, fuck...

David: [gripping his broken finger. To Ellie.] You stupid little girl. You are making it very difficult to keep you alive. What am I supposed to tell the others now?

Ellie: Ellie.

David: What?

Ellie: Tell them that... Ellie is the little girl that broke your fucking finger!

David: How did you put it? Hmm? Tiny pieces? See you in the morning, Ellie.

[David exits the room, leaving Ellie on the floor, alone. The scene cuts to Joel, who awakes in the cellar of a house with a sharp gasp. He grunts, slowly picking himself up to a kneeling position. He spies round the room.]

Joel: Ellie?

[Joel sees his bag. Standing up, he grabs it and puts it on. He then looks up the nearby staircase. End cinematic.]

I believe him

[The scene opens to the sound of blows in a room. Joel is repeatedly striking Cannibal 1, tied to a radiator, in the face with his fists. Cannibal 2 is tied to a chair, facing away from Joel and Cannibal 1. A table is set up next to Cannibal 2, with a small knife on it. A pipe is also on the floor.]

Cannibal 1: What do you want? [Joel hits him.] What the fuck? [Joel hits him again, then stops, clutching his torso.]

Joel: You wait here. [he crosses over to a table. He grabs the knife and positions a chair in front of Cannibal 2.] Now... [he sits on the chair.] The girl... is she alive?

Cannibal 2: What girl? I don't know no girl. [Joel stabs Cannibal 2 in the knee.] Fuck!

Joel: Focus right here. [he slaps Cannibal 2's face.] Right here. Or I'll pop your goddamn knee off. The girl.

Cannibal 2: [nodding.] She's alive. She's David's newest pet.

Joel: [With a tender rage.] Where?

[Joel twists the knife in Cannibal 2's knee, causing him to cry out once more.]

Cannibal 2: In the town. In the town.

[Joel forces the knife from Cannibal 2's knee then shoves the hilt into his mouth. He takes out a map of the area, holding it up to the man's face.]

Joel: Now you're gonna mark it on the map. [pointing to Cannibal 1.] And it better be the same exact spot your buddy points too. Mark it.

[Cannibal 2 dabs a spot on the map with the blood on the knife before spitting it out to the floor. Joel puts the map away.]

Cannibal 2: It's right there. You can verify it. Go ask him. Go on. He'll tell ya. [Joel walks behind Cannibal 2.] I ain't lyin'. I ain't lyin'.

[Joel grabs Cannibal 2, putting him in a choke hold, beginning to choke him out. After several seconds, he snaps his neck, killing him. He lets go, allowing the chair to fall backwards onto the floor. Cannibal 1 has been watching the whole scene. He looks up to Joel.]

Cannibal 1: [fidgeting.] Fuck you, man. He told you what you wanted. [Joel picks up the pipe.] I ain't telling you shit.

Joel: That's alright. I believe him.

Cannibal 1: No, wait!

[Joel raises the pipe, smashing it into Cannibal 1's face. The scene cuts to black. It then opens to Ellie asleep in the cage at David's town. James comes in, picking her up. David waits outside.]

James: Wake-y, wake-y. Come on.

Ellie: [Wakes up, resisting.] Let go!

[Seeing James struggling, David jumps in, grabbing Ellie's shoulder.]

Ellie: Stop! [she bites David's hand]

[David winces. He then knees her in the stomach before grabbing and tossing her onto a table with James' help. James holds down Ellie's left arm as David does likewise with her right arm. David then picks up a meat cleaver and raises it.]

David: I warned you.

Ellie: [breathlessly.] I'm infected! I'm infected!

David: [amused.] Really!

Ellie: And so are you. [tugging her right arm.] Right there. Roll up my sleeve. [demanding.] Look at it!

David: [to James.] I'll play along.

[He stabs the cleaver into the table, just away from Ellie's head. He then rolls up her sleeve, seeing her healed bite mark. He looks shocked as James stares at him, visibly shaken.]

Ellie: [to David] What'd you say? Everything happens for a reason right?

[James lets go of Ellie's left arm, shakily pointing at her bite.]

James: What the hell is that?

David: She would've turned by now. It can't be real.

[David lets go of Ellie's arm, focusing on his bitten hand.]

James: Looks pretty fucking real to me!

[Seizing the moment, Ellie grabs the meat cleaver and hacks it into James' neck. She then rolls off the table as David draws his revolver and fires, missing her. Ellie lands on the floor as James collapses, bleeding to death. She runs towards the doorway, pushing a hacked animal corpse as she does. David fires again, but misses. Ellie hides next to the doorway. David begins to creep towards the door as James dies. Ellie spies her switchblade on a shelf. She takes it.]

Ellie: Okay.

[Ellie spots an open window. She runs towards it, jumping through. End cinematic.]

It’s me

[As David chokes Ellie, she reaches for his machete, slashing his arm with it. David rolls off of her; Ellie then gets on top of him. David cries out as Ellie hacks him several times in the face. After several hits, Joel runs up to her and pulls her off.]

Joel: Ellie! Stop. Stop.

Ellie: [not recognizing Joel] No, don't fucking touch me!

Joel: It's okay. [he turns Ellie towards him] It's me. It's me. It's me. Look. Look. [he grabs Ellie's face, making her look at him.] It's me...

Ellie: He tried to-

[Ellie breaks down in tears. Joel pulls Ellie towards him, cradling her]

Joel: [Sympathetically.] Oh, baby girl... It's okay. It's okay.

Ellie: Joel...

Joel: It's okay now.

[The sound of their voices fade as the music grows. Joel pulls Ellie's head away, saying something that she nods in response to before helping her to her feet and leading her out of the restaurant. The camera pans towards the machete, blood-soaked and sticking upwards. End cinematic.]


It can’t be for nothing

[Joel goes to open the door leading to the stairwell, but stops. Ellie finishes watching the giraffes and approaches Joel.]

Joel: We don't have to do this. You know that, right?

Ellie: What's the other option?

Joel: Go back to Tommy's. Just... be done with this whole damn thing.

Ellie: After all we've been through. Everything that I've done. It can't be for nothing.

[Ellie then walks towards the door, opening it and proceeding through. Joel looks back as the last giraffe fades from view before following Ellie into the building. End cinematic.]

Find someone else

[The scene opens to Joel dragging Ellie to the surface from the water. He notices she isn't breathing. He presses his ear to her mouth.]

Joel: C'mon [he begins to give her CPR.] C'mon... C'mon. [he stops to check her airway then starts applying CPR again.] C'mon... C'mon... C'mon.

[Two Firefly soldiers approach, their rifles trained on Joel. The lead one, Ethan, walks steadily towards Joel and Ellie.]

Ethan: Hands in the air.

Joel: [still applying CPR.] She's not breathing.

Ethan: Hands in the fucking air!

Joel: [Growing desperate.] Come on Ellie.

[Ethan then strikes Joel in the head with the butt of his rifle. The screen cuts to Joel waking up on a hospital bed, his bag and Ellie nowhere in sight. He looks up, seeing Marlene sat next to him on a chair. Ethan stands at the bottom of the bed, watching them.]

Marlene: Welcome to the Fireflies. Sorry about the... [points to her head. Joel looks at Ethan.] They didn't know who you were.

Joel: And Ellie?

Marlene: She's alright. They brought her back. You came all this way. How'd you do it?

Joel: It was her. She fought like hell to get here. Maybe it was meant to be.

[Joel sits up on the bed as Marlene stands from her chair, walking towards the wall.]

Marlene: I lost most of my crew trying to get here, I pretty much lost everything. [facing Joel.] And then you show up and somehow we find you just in time to save her. Maybe it was meant to be.

Joel: [getting up from the bed] Take me to her.

Marlene: You don't have to worry about her anymore.

Joel: I worry. Please, just let me see her.

Marlene: You can't. She's being prepped for surgery.

Joel: The hell you mean, surgery?

Marlene: The doctors tell me the growth inside has somehow mutated. It's why she's immune. Once they remove it, they'll be able to reverse engineer a vaccine. A vaccine.

Joel: But it grows all over the brain.

Marlene: It does.

Joel: Find someone else.

Marlene: There is no one else

Joel: [Advancing towards Marlene.] Listen, you are gonna show me where-

[Ethan comes forward, striking Joel in the leg, pushing him to the floor. He draws his pistol.]

Marlene: [to Ethan] Stop. [Ethan steps back, moving his gun away from Joel. Marlene stands next to him, looking down at Joel, who gradually picks himself up to a kneeling position.] I get it. But whatever it is you think you're going through right now is nothing to what I have been through. I knew her since she was born. I promised her mother that I'd look after her-

Joel: Then why are you letting this happen?

Marlene: Because this isn't about me. Or even her. There is no other choice here.

[Joel snarls at Marlene. He then sits up.]

Joel: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that bullshit.

Marlene: [to Ethan] March him outta here. He tries anything, shoot him. [to Joel] Don't waste this gift, Joel.

[Marlene leaves the room. Joel remains sat on the ground as Ethan stands in front of him.]

Ethan: Get up. [Ethan aims his pistol at Joel.] I said get up. [Joel slowly gets to his feet.] Go on. Move.

[Joel walks to the door, Ethan still pointing his gun at him, ensuring Joel's back is facing him. Joel begins to stop walking.]

Ethan: I said... [Ethan pushes Joel forward.] move. [Joel turns his head.] Gimme an excuse.

Joel: Which way?

[Ethan gestures his gun to the left. Joel then marches that way, Ethan following him a few feet behind. Midway down the hall, Joel notices his bag on a counter. He stops just in front of it.]

Ethan: What the fuck are you doin'? Keep walking. [Ethan shoves his pistol into Joel's back.] I said keep walking.

[Joel elbows the gun upwards as Ethan fires a shot. The bullet misses. Joel grabs Ethan and shoves him against the wall. He takes the gun and hits him in the face with it. He then forces the gun into Ethan's abdomen as he holds him against the wall.]

Joel: Where is the operating room? [Ethan remains silent.] I ain't got time for this. [Joel shoots Ethan in the abdomen. Demanding.] Where? [Joel fires again. Roaring.] Where?

Ethan: [Struggling] Top floor. The far end.

[Joel lets him go. Ethan slumps to his knees. Joel shoots him in the head. Ethan collapses to the floor. Joel holsters the gun and proceeds to pick up his bag.]

Firefly: Gunshots! Search the floor!

Joel: Oh shit.

[End cinematic.]

You can’t save her

[The elevator door opens, revealing Joel with an unconscious Ellie in his arms. He presses the emergency stop button, then begins to run from the elevator. However, Marlene is waiting outside. She draws her sidearm, aiming it at Joel, who comes to a standstill.]

Marlene: You can't save her. Even if you get out of here, then what? How long before she's torn to pieces by a pack of clickers? That is if she hasn't been raped and murdered first.

Joel: That ain't for you to decide.

Marlene: It's what she'd want. And you know it. [Marlene begins to walk towards Joel, moving her gun away from him.] You can still do the right thing here. She won't feel anything.

[Joel begins to think about Marlene's words. The scene cuts to Joel driving down a highway, initially from his perspective before the camera cuts to look at him. After a long pause, a groan is heard in the back seat. Joel looks in the rear view mirror. The camera cuts to Ellie waking up.]

Ellie: What the hell am I wearing?

Joel: Just take it easy, drugs are still wearing off.

Ellie: What happened?

Joel: We found the Fireflies. Turns out, there's a whole lot more like you, Ellie. People that are immune. It's dozens actually. Ain't done a damn bit of good neither. They've actually st- They've stopped looking for a cure. I'm taking us home. [Ellie rolls on her side, no longer facing Joel.] I'm sorry.

[The scene cuts to black. After several seconds it cuts back to the hospital where Joel lets out a breath, having just shot Marlene in the abdomen with a hidden pistol. Marlene collapses, grunting in pain. Joel heads to an SUV, placing Ellie in the back seat. He shuts the door, stalking back to Marlene, who is bleeding out on the ground. He stops just in front of her, as she raises her arm.]

Marlene: Wait! Let me go. Please.

Joel: You'd just come after her.

[Joel raises the gun, shooting Marlene point blank in the head. The screen cuts to black as the shot rings out. End cinematic.]

I swear

[Joel helps Ellie onto the ledge.]

Joel: Alright, come on.

[Joel begins to walk towards Tommy's settlement but Ellie stays still.]

Ellie: Hey wait.

[Joel stops, turning to face Ellie.]

Ellie: [breathes deeply] Back in Boston - Back when I was bitten, I wasn't alone. My best friend was there. And she got bit too. We didn't know what to do. So...She says, "Let's just wait it out. Y'know, we can be all poetic and just lose our minds together". I'm still waiting for my turn...

Joel: Ellie-

Ellie: Her name was Riley and she was the first to die. And then it was Tess. And then Sam.

Joel: None of that is on you.

Ellie: No, you don't understand.

Joel: I struggled for a long time with survivin', And you- [He briefly clutches his watch.] No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for. Now, I know that's not what you want to hear right now but it's-

Ellie: Swear to me. Swear to me that everything that you said about the Fireflies is true.

[Instruments start to play quietly in the background.]

Joel: [Hesitating] I swear.

Ellie: [The music builds during the pause.] Okay.

[The screen then cuts to black as the credits roll in, the music playing throughout. End cinematic.]


  • Together, the total amount of time to watch all of the cut-scenes in The Last of Us would take about one hour, thirty-two minutes, and nineteen seconds.
  • According to Ashley Johnson in The Last of Us cinematic commentary for I'm not her, the shove she did as Ellie was not indicated in the original script, with her having improvised it on the spot.