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"The Park" is the fifth chapter of The Last of Us Part II. It contains the section "Tracking Lesson".






Tracking Lesson

In April, 2034, Abby Anderson runs through a forest searching for her father. She soon finds him, Jerry, who is searching for a zebra he believes is about to give birth. Following tracks, the duo find the zebra caught in a barbed-wire fence. Owen Moore soon joins them, and helps them free the zebra. Once free, Jerry races after it, followed by the others, to find it with its infant. Owen then informs Jerry that a girl and a smuggler have arrived in Salt Lake City, were picked up by a Firefly patrol and have been transferred to St.Mary's Hospital. The trio then head towards the hospital.

Hours later, Jerry is with Marlene discussing how the girl, Ellie, is immune and he needs to operate on her to create a cure. However, the surgery will kill her as it involves him tampering with Ellie's brain. Marlene, upset with Jerry's finding, demands that he find another way to procure a vaccine without killing the host. Jerry resists though, insisting one life can't stop them saving the whole of humanity. Marlene acquiesces to Jerry, and reluctantly sets out to inform the smuggler, Joel Miller of the situation. Overhearing their discussion, Abby assures her father that he is doing the right thing, and had it been her in Ellie's situation, she would have wanted what was best for the world.

However, Joel intervenes in the operation, killing Jerry and flees the hospital with Ellie. Abby reaches the theater, only to break down in tears in Owen's arms upon finding Jerry dead in the operating room.

Back in 2038, Abby stands over an older Joel at the Baldwin lodge in Jackson, surrounded by former Fireflies. She hears the cries of an older Ellie, pinned to the ground by Nora and Nick begging her not to kill Joel. Abby dismisses her plea, bashing Joel's head with a golf club. Manny Alvarez moves to shoot Ellie but Owen steps in, stating they have to spare her else they would be like Joel. Mel, Manny and Jordan don't agree and keep insisting they kill Ellie. Owen grows angry, pushing Jordan back to protect the still pinned Ellie. Just as Jordan threatens Owen, Abby shouts at them to stop, declaring it is over. She drops the club and Jordan knocks Ellie unconscious.



"The Park" contains the following three collectibles:

Name Section Location
Owen's drawing of Abby Tracking Lesson This artifact is automatically in Abby's bag when the chapter starts.
Thank you card from Mel Tracking Lesson This artifact is automatically in Abby's bag when the chapter starts.
Zoo holiday brochure Tracking Lesson Upon reaching the zoo but before moving the dumpster to access the building, turn right and head towards the far corner of the area. There will be a seat that the brochure is on.