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"The University" is the eighth chapter of The Last of Us.


Go Big HornsEdit

Joel and Ellie go around campus looking for the Science Building on horseback, which according to Tommy looks like a "giant mirror." Ellie names the horse Callus, since Joel forgot to ask Tommy the horse's name. As they search, Joel starts to share a bit more about his past, telling her about his childhood dream to be a singer and how he never got to attend college due to being a father so early, and talking to Ellie about football. He goes off on his own at one point, passing through a dormitory filled with infected, in order to reach the generator that opened a locked gate. They start to realize how strange it is that the place is completely deserted and that they should have seen someone by now, since the only thing they encountered was a group of monkeys running around in a square near the dorms. He speculates optimistically that the large number of infected are used by the Fireflies as a defense mechanism, as Bill did.

Science BuildingEdit

As they enter the Science Building, they realize that the Fireflies had left in a hurry, for reasons unknown. Joel finds a recorder near a corpse of a Firefly scientist, and learns that they were using monkeys as test subjects, trying to study the effects of the Cordyceps Brain Infection in order to find a cure. The scientist, who had been instructed to kill the infected test subjects, instead believed they deserved to be free. While trying to let them out of their cages, he is bitten by one, subsequently passing the infection onto him.

Listening to a scientist's recorder, they learn that the Fireflies have gone to Salt Lake City, Utah, to continue their research. As soon as they discover this, a group of looters ambush them. Joel and Ellie make their way through the building, killing their attackers as they go. Joel is caught by surprise by one of them, when they burst through a door he opened. They struggle briefly, before Joel punches him — the looter, however, drags Joel down with him, and they both fall off the balcony. The looter dies on impact, but Joel is impaled by a piece of rebar sticking up from the ground. Ellie climbs down and helps him to his feet, and guides him towards the exit.

Ellie is forced to protect the both of them, as Joel is incapacitated by pain, and extreme blood loss. They manage to exit the building and, after Ellie shoots a looter who attempts to steal Callus, ride away from the university. Joel taking the reins, they get far enough for Ellie to assume they are safe. Suddenly, Joel slumps and falls off the horse, passing out. Ellie tries to wake him up, calling his name and asking him what she should do.

The season ends with the screen cutting to black.


"The University" contains the following collectibles:

  • 9 Artifacts
    • The Snipers' Nest Log is on the balcony 2 stories up from the room containing the flamethrower.
    • The Wall Panel Note is next to the Wall Panel, to the right of the area after Joel first tells Ellie to wait with the horse.
    • The UEC Campus Map is on a table in the first room after Joel tells Ellie to stay with the horse a second time, and ducks into the room on the right.
    • The Student's Journal is in a draw in room 202, in the hallway the floor above the room with the UEC Campus Map in it.
    • The Newspaper Clipping is in the room to the right of the exit from the spore filled area at the top of the stairs.
    • The Office Recorder is on a table by the window in the room to the left of the left exit from the room reached by going up the flight of stairs after the short cutscene about the "medical mumbo-jumbo" and the absence of the Fireflies.
    • The Fungal X-Rays are on a metal table to the left after walking through the short section of hallway with the cloth draped about in it.
    • The Lab Recorder is to the right side of the room with the monkeys in it.
    • The Firefly's Recorder is found automatically on finding the dead Firefly and viewing the cutscene. It is possible to listen to the parts that Joel skipped over in the cutscene from the Artifacts menu.
  • 5 Firefly Pendants
    • Hope Pino (00)0318 is suspended from a tree to the right of the area reached by jumping the low wall and climbing the stairs. Next to the tree are 3 conveniently placed bottles which are ideal for dislodging the pendant.
    • Alex Rohner 000260 is in a room that has to be climbed into, on the right just before the second low wall to be jumped, after the room with the Wall Panel Note.
    • Joe Warren 000310 is dropped by the bloater on death in the area with the spores after dropping through the hole in the floor.
    • Erik Griggs 000111 is in the tent furthest away from the entry point to the area with the tents outside the science building where Joel and Ellie remark upon the lack of people. The tent is almost directly across from the entry point.
    • Sadie Pearle Hickman 000231 is in the same room as the Lab Recorder, in the far right corner, by the cooler.
  • 2 Training Manuals
    • Health: Sterilization is in a room on the first floor that must be reached be climbing onto the low roof through the window of the room next door. This room is reached by climbing the stairs of the building to the right of the square that initially has monkeys in it.
    • Molotov: Deployment is behind a shiv door to the right, after going through the first door with the exit sign above it, once inside the university. The level 4 tools are also in this room. 
  • 1 Comic
    • Comic number 7 (Free Radicals) is on the hood of a truck, back along the road Ellie and Joel used in the prior cutscene.


  • The Left Behind DLC explores the aftermath of this chapter. Specifically, it reveals that the trio fled to the Colorado Mountain Plaza, pursued by a splinter group from the cannibals.
  • At the gate blocking the player's path to a generator, there are trees casting a shadow depicting an infected, but when zoomed in on the shadow, it becomes a blur.
  • One of the newspaper clippings inside the Science building in the room to the left of the way in is from The Times newspaper August 9th 2011 edition on the London Riots.
  • One of the newspaper clippings inside the dorms has an article written by Lev Benioff, an homage to the protagonist of David Benioff's City of Thieves (a novel that aided in the development of The Last of Us) and is grandfather to the author David.
  • While the University of Eastern Colorado is not a real-life university and despite the campus map mentioning the location in Boulder, it is modeled after Colorado State University in Fort Collins.
  • In the 2016 game Firewatch, a sweater can be found in one of the many accessible caches throughout the game (located near Jonesy Lake). This sweater, labeled with University of Eastern Colorado, is a reference to the University of Eastern Colorado in The Last of Us. Upon interacting with the sweater, dialogue between Henry and Dililah will be activated, where they mention how they question the existence of a university under the same name even existing.

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