They've All Left is the twenty eighth of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately one minute and four seconds long.


Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Managing to force the door open, Joel and Ellie enter the room. Joel spies a tape next to a Firefly corpse. He grabs it and plays the recording.]

Recording: If you're looking for the Fireflies, they've all left

Ellie: [picking up a file] Yeah, no shit. [she sits in a chair and begins to scroll through the file.]

Recording: I'm dead. Or I will be soon. Got me some time to reflect. [Joel fast forwards the recording] been years that felt like we were... [Joel fast forwards the recording again] fucking thing was a giant waste of ti- [Joel fast forwards it one more time as Ellie drops the file and walks up to him.] not gonna do this anymore

Joel: [irritated] Come on.

Recording: looking for the others, they've all returned to Saint Mary's Hospital in Salt Lake City. You'll find them there. Still trying to save the world. Good luck with that.

[The recording ends as Ellie looks at Joel.]

Ellie: Do you know where that is?

Joel: I know the city

Ellie: Is it far?

Joel: It ain't close. I mean on horseback-

[Joel stops as he notices several people with flashlights from the building opposite them coming into view.]

Ellie: What? [she notices the people below] Fireflies?

[The flashlights point towards Joel and Ellie.]

Joel: Get down!

[Joel grabs Ellie, pulling her to the floor as a shot rings and a bullet smashes through the glass, narrowly missing them. End cinematic.]

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