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    Hey guys I have a question if somebody know:

    What date Ellie was born? 

    I think Ellie she is a special girl I mean for her time and even 20 years back she is so pretty and special I mean she have her red hair and her beautiful green eyes she is very special what are you think?

    I will be more than happy to see your opinions and answers 

    thanks for answering :D

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    • We don't know Ellie's date of birth, there's little information around Ellie's birth.

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    • Well,did you guys heard the guy on the other thread,he said that Ellie was birth in April 11 2019 or 2018,well,I dunno about this or sure enough about this,well,I just hope that I know where did that guy found the information......anyone knew him/her where did it get the information?Cause I kinda curious about her date of birth too though.But I dunno anything,all I could say is her information of her own birth is unclear wether it's a one night stand or Marlene never said about the date of her birth.And anyway she's birth and her mother then died,but it's also unclear if her mother has ever had her on her arm before she had her last breath,so, I think that Marlene never said about the date and anyway maybe she doesn't even notice that date,I mean who even watch the date if you live in the middle of a deadly apocalypse where you've chased by runners and some thief and the brutal survivor right?

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    • I read 4th Issue and it didn't say anything about her birthday.

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    • There is no information about her birth date.

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    • No,someone says it I thought that it's true but as I thought,Ellie's birth date was never shown in any information about her ID and things about her.

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    • what the Maximum information we know about Ellie birth?

      and thank you guys :D

      I dont think Ellie born in April because we ending the game on the spring and Ellie something  like 3-2 months before her birthday [3 weeks before the summer(the beginning of the game after the 20 years) she was 13(in the American Dreams)]

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    • Spring huh?3-2 months before her birthday right?3 weeks before the summer...hmm.....any ideas?I'm out of I forgot about each seasons each months though,I'm not living there...,so,anyone had any idea what month?What day?Well for the day,I bet it'll be hard to solve,so I think I'm just gonna think for a while for the month...and,uh,Sahar40021,could you explain it more detail?

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    • I wish I was know....

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    • Well,do you know what month the spring is?Just tell me the seasons and the month for spring,summer,autumn,winter and after this we could calculate on this together till we found the best result.

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    • Ellie has a birthday something bitween 3 weeks before the summer and in the end (on the spring) she is something like 3-2 months before her 15 birthday

      thats all I know....

      what are you think?

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    • The month might would be in March April and May,now,if you could guess the right one,I'll give you 5 stars cause I'm starting to be confused by this.....agh!!

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    • maybe she born on june or july I think.....

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    • Well,that means the guy I'm ssaying above about the April theory was right!Or I think she was born at May,cause you said between 3 weeks before the summer right?The last month of summer is May,she might got birth at May!What do you think?

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    • I dont know but its before the summer thats for sure...

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    • Before the summer?Well,man,I need help to find out about it...

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    • At a first guess, it's probably near the end of spring (April/May) or the beginning of summer (June/July) since throughout the whole of the main game she is 14.

      The out break happens 'late 2013' (or at least that's what I've read) and the game takes place 20 years after (so about 2033).

      Ellie is 14 in 2033, so she was likely born in 2019, six years after the outbreak.

      Now we just need to narrow the months down, so... What do we know?

      - It's 3 weeks before summer.

      - At the end of the game, she was 2/3 months shy of her 15th

      Assuming that summer = June/July/August, we can rule those out, since it was before Summer.

      The end of the game was sometime during spring (March/April/May) so that suggests that it could be in May (2 months after March) or August (3 months after May) and any of the months in between (June/July)

      We've already ruled out June, July and August (since they would be 'summer' and her birthday is 'before summer') so the most likely candidate would be May.

      Making her born sometime in May 2019

      Of course, I'm just going off what I've read (and can understand, because, I'm sorry, I know it's probably not your first language, but some of the English on here is so garbled it's not understandable) on here and other places, so I may be misinformed. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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    • Possibly the last week of May.

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    • SPOILERS AHEAD. Alright, I think I'm going to have my take on this. A few assumptions are made, but I tried my hardest to find facts.

      Ok, let me state the obvious. She is 14 in the game, and the game starts off in the summer. We can use a few clues to limit down where her birth date may be.

      First off, Tess' List suggests that the game starts in early August, such as the 2nd, as in the game, it is known Tess made a "drop" to the West End District (however, it's unlikely that she made the drop the same day as receiving the pills from Bill). This drop could have been to Donovan, but it's impossible to know for sure. Also, in Pittsburgh, the Tourists Manifest also suggests the date at that time may be in early August. We don't know how recent that manifest is, but one of the hunters suggests the "crazy chick" was killed recently, as the hunter(s) had to stay up all night to kill her.

      Ok, let's add up the facts. The amount of time spent from the Outskirts, to Pittsburgh is at least three days. On day one, we meet Ellie, and wait until nightfall. During the night (transitioning into day two), are the events of the Goldstone Building, the metro, and the museum. During day two, Tess is bitten and killed in the Capitol building. The rest of day two is spent during the escape from Boston. By the time the duo escape Boston, it is early evening (as it probably took several hours to finally escape Boston). (We don't know for sure if it the same day however). The third, and final day is spent with Joel driving to Pittsburgh. 

      From this information, we can conclude that the duo reached Pittsburgh on the 9 Aug, thus the journey began somewhere around the beginning of August (perhaps the 5 or 6th), however could have started slightly earlier, as Tess made the "drop" to the West End District the same day as Joel and Tess met Ellie, which could have been as early as the 2nd.

      To conclude, the game starts off in early August. We know that Ellie got bit three weeks before the events of the game, so that would be somewhere around the 11 or 12 July. The events of Left Behind take place in one morning (from when Riley wakes up Ellie, to when they are bitten). We also know that Ellie is 14 at this stage.

      We know from American Dreams that Ellie is 13. At the end of the last issue, Ellie returns to the military school. Sometime after this (we don't know how long), Riley and Ellie have an argument, and Riley leaves. It is then stated that Riley had been gone for 46 days (about 6 weeks, and thus, 9 weeks before the start of the game). 

      6 weeks before the 11 July (the day Ellie may have been bit), would be around the 30 May. Thus, Ellie turned 14 sometime between the 30 May (as it's known she is 13 at this date), and the 11 July, as we know she is 14 by this date. 

      With that out of the way, let's focus on the end of the game...

      By the time the duo reach St. Mary's hospital, she is still 14. We know this because Marlene's 1st Recorder states the date as 28 April 2034. Now, we don't know how long it took for Joel to finally take Ellie back to Jackson (it could have been as little as one day, but it can be much longer, as Joel clearly found some new clothes for Ellie to wear). Being reasonable, and making a good assumption, we can say it took a few days to reach Jackson county, as some of the roads may have been blocked on the way and the characters would need to eat and sleep, as well as find gas for the car. We can assume the game ended on the last day of April 2034 or in early May 2034. 

      So we can say that Ellie is anywhere from one month to two and a half months to her 15th birthday.

      There, that's my take on it. I've tried to make it as detailed as possible. I am new to the series, but this is what I can rack up right now. I hope this explains everything.

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    • I read somewhere that Marlene once told Ellie that she was born 'as the first leaves fell' (i.e. in autumn). Is there a canon/official source for that or is it just something I picked up from an otherwise-forgotten fan work?

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    • The first outbreak. That's when she was born.

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    • wrote:
      The first outbreak. That's when she was born.

      No. Ellie is fourteen when you first meet her and the outbreak occured twenty years ago.

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    • You said june july were ruled out the first outbreak was in september

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    • May it probably may

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    • So she's a Gemini?? 🤔🤔

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    • In American Dreams, the only age they mention is Riley's who will turn 16 in less than a month. Ellie never says her age. Yes she could be 13 years old, but she also could be 14 years old.

      The only moments in The Last of Us where Ellie's age is mentioned is at the beginning of the game and in Pittsburgh when she's talking with Sam. And no, in Marlene first recorder she never says her age. Marlene just calls Ellie "a kid", but it's not rare that adults call teenagers of 15, 16 or 17 years old "kid".

      Left Behind doesn't start 46 days after American Dreams. As we can see in the beginning of Left Behind, there is a polaroid of Ellie and Riley together in Ellie's bedroom. There is also the cassette tape that Riley has recorded and given to Ellie. Both moments are not shown in American Dreams.

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    • You have to think about what year it is and her age. It was 2033. Ellie is 13 or 14. 2033-13 or 14 = 2018/2019. That's the year she was born I'm not sure about the month and the day.

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