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    11:46, September 10, 2017

    The sniper yells "Go back to where you fucking came from!"

    To me, that could mean that they're just random hostile survivors defending the suburbs area. I also thought that they looked different from the hunters in the city, too.

    The humvee and the actual hunters could have showed up after hearing the gunfire.

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    • Makes a lot of sense to me. Add this to the fact that in the Hunters' buildings we often come across piles of clothes collected from victims and checklists of what they had collected, while the houses where you find the group at are conspicuously lacking these.

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    • Still... What I like to call hunter "pyros" (molotov men) have red hoodies and wear gas masks. In Jackson, bandit "pyros" have gray hoodies and gas masks.

      The suburbs survivors we encounter have a couple hunter (red hoodie) pyros with them, just like the city hunters. That could mean they're the same.

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    • That's true, but remember that the bandits they meet much later near Tommy's settlement also had the pyros with the red hoodies. I'd say it's more based on Naughty Dog just creating one skin for pyros than any links in TLoU canon.

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    • They would be hunters, because the sniper also said: "Did you think you could get away from us?".

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    • Like Brain, I too wonder the need to revive an already deceased thread. I wonder if it's best just to close all threads that keep popping up bringing up already resolved issues.

      The hunters at the house could have been random survivors, an expansion of the hunters or a splinter faction that broke away to follow one of the leaders (perhaps that leader was the sniper?)

      Regardless it's all speculation and we will never know for sure.

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