• So what happened to the food there? Do you think Joel and Ellie left them behind? I sure hope not. Especially the one that Henry was cooking. I would hate to think all of that stuff went to waste. But I guess it made sense, since Joel and Ellie doesn't seem the type to cook anything. Oh well, more free food for the Bandits!

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    • Joel is an experienced survivor and one thing I bet he knows is that he and Ellie would have a finite carrying capacity. Whilst it would be a good idea to take everything, even if it wasn't too heavy, it would slow them down and make it harder for them to get around obstacles.

      I'm thinking Joel would have been very careful about what they could take - preserves and canned food would be a must as would any utility supplies like water purification tablets (in case, worst comes to worst, he and Ellie have to recycle their urine for drinking water).

      He would also have to consider weapons carriage. By this point in the game, you have the revolver, the Shorty, the nine-mil, the hunting rifle, the bow and the shotgun. I've got a feeling that, not knowing when (or if) more ammo would be available for what was possibly a locally-built custom weapon, he'd dump the Shorty to make room for more ammo for the weapons for which sourcing maintenance supplies and ammo would be more assured.

      Oh, I would have taken the military sniper with me but, because I bet ammo is rare, I would have stripped off the telescopic sight for my hunting rifle and abandoned the MSR rather than haul around a weapon for which, like Shorty, I might never be able to source more ammo.

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