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    One of the things I liked most about TLoU 1's multiplayer was its simplicity: it's a great example of a game where less is more. The loadout skills and weapons were intuitive and easy to use, and the mechanics easy to learn yet difficult to master. However no game is perfect, and I have a few quibbles with TLoU1's multiplayer.

    Namely, I didn't like the cosmetic and population system. It felt...tacked on. It was just a petri dish of floating blue dots next to your menu screen. That's kind of boring. The game would tell me that my community was doing great if I got a lot of supplies, or people were sick and dying if I had a bad game, but I felt pretty much nothing at all for my "community". It was just a petri dish.

    I want the system to be expanded upon in the sequel, or removed entirely. Instead of watching a few blue dots on your screen in between each game, what do you think about making a small hub that you can walk around in and interact with? You can use supplies picked up in games to buy accessories and boosters in stores in your town (so if you get the pre-weapon upgrade boost you can talk to the gun warehouse guy and give him supplies in exchange for a better starting weapon); if you don't do well then the town could deteriorate to reflect this, but then get better again after a good round. The hub can also be tied to the singleplayer game; maybe residents could have dialogue that pertains to the game's world, or maybe they'll make small talk about a girl and an older man passing through the area a couple of weeks ago, or the like.

    What do you guys think? If you could improve on the population system from TLoU's multiplayer, what would you do?

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    • Indeed, more interactivity with the multiplayer world would help, make it feel more authentic like the main story was. While the gameplay was more or less awesome (bar glitches and the like) the story element was heavily lacking, especially when you suffer no real punishment for letting your clan die; just respawns as the Hunters/Fireflies pretty much straight away.

      There could even be dialogue like "Did you here <player-name> got hurt in the raid yesterday?" Or "<player-name> secured a ton of supplies from that bookstore the other week, wonder if the boss will promote him" just stuff like that to create realism and make us care about whether our clan dies/suffers like we did Joel and Ellie.

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    • They should try to make a factions game mode like they did in TLOU and also add like a "free-roam" kind've mode where players can scavenge with their friends with zombies lurking about aswell as other people.

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    • This is purely a nitpick but I would like the appearance of the guns to change when they're upgraded (longer barrels and magazines, for example).

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    • Stuff from enemies can be picked up and not disappear:

      The most frustrating thing about the game is when you kill a survivor and their weapon disappears, like you're fighting a hunter with a shotgun and then when you kill him, no more shotgun. That makes no sense, I mean he should drop the shotgun and Joel should be able to pick it up. Why would the weapon just disappear? I mean in the E3 trailers when a hunter with a revolver would die, Joel would pick up the revolver and get its ammo. 

      So dumb gameplay mechanic, should be fixed in the sequel.

      More melee weapons:

      A pipe, baseball bat, board of wood, switchblade, hatchet and machete, isn't much to fight people with. There's all kinds of junk in the environment that the player should be able to use as a melee weapon. Same goes with throwable junk, I mean just a brick and a bottle isn't much. I recommend adding a sledge hammer, regular knife, crowbar, screwdriver, and even a chainsaw (limited fuel) for starters. I mean wouldn't be so cool for Joel to cut up a clicker in half with something usually reserved for trees? For throwable items I recommened adding a rock, small box, soup can, cd (Joel or Ellie would throw it like a frisbee), and a broken cell phone for starters.

      More durable melee weapons:

      A machete or hatchet breaking seriously? The whole melee weapons that should break that break mechanic was stupid. Machetes are made to be strong and sharp in real life so them breaking in the game was just jarring. Yeah maybe it balanced the game/stopped weapons from being OP (Overpowered) but it still seemed stupid. 

      I guess they could make it so only wooden weapons break and and metal weapons don't but to keep the game balanced make the metal weapons are rare and make their instant kill attack slow and vulnerable. 

      More guns:

      They could take the weapons that were exclusive to multiplayer and add them to single player like the burst rifle, plus they could add new ones. I was thinking they could had a machine gun, submachine gun, rocket launcher (Hey the military could have some!), automatic shotgun, and a minigun (Hey why not?) for starters. 

      Better weapon menu system:

      Face it the weapon menu system was crap, I mean it was a cross that was struggle to scroll and navigate through. They should just use a weapon wheel like the one from GTA 5. 

      So that's all I have for now. 

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