• After Henry's brother, Sam dies Henry kills himself. Let's say for a moment, Joel manages to calm Henry down and he continues to be a part of the group. How do you think the story would change. Do you think Henry would still be wih Joel and Ellie during their search for the fireflies or would he just leave because of depression. If Henry does stay, what side do you think he would be on when Marlene tries to kill Ellie. Would Henry stay loyal to the survivor that's kept him alive, or be against him to end the infection that killed his brother?

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    • Hmm. This is a very interesting ethical question. While I doubt Joel would've been able to calm Henry down, it is possible.

      I think that, had Henry lived through losing his brother, he would've likely left the group before they reached Tommy's Dam. After all, he lost his reason for living.

      If he did stay, I'm honestly not sure who he would've sided with. He did say that they were looking for the Fireflies, so Marlene is the more likely choice.

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    • I think Henry would most likely join up with the Fireflies and Marlene. He lost his brother, Sam to the infection. I doubt that Henry would want anyone else go through the same thing, and would most likely get pretty angry at Joel for even thinking about stopping the operation.

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    • henry could side with marlene but at the same time could have bounded with joel and ellie and sided with them, but if he lived i like to imagine he just starts living at jackson county and would appear or be mentioned in part 2

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