• It was recently brought to my attention that your userpage contains graphic sexual language. Please remove it, as it violates Wikia's Terms of Use. If you do not remove it within 48 hours, I will blank the page myself.

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    • Okay, In removed all the "graphic sexual language," I think—probablly more than was necessary. But I have no metric to calibrate "graphic sexual language," so if there's still something bad, please TELL me so I can remove it, don't just blank the page and ban me.  I'm not trying to "get away" with anything. I'm pretty far into the autism spectrum, and can only vaguely tell how other people have reacted emotionally or will react.

      I'm NOT asking for "special snowflake" treatment!  I just want you to know I'm not trolling, fucking with you, or trying to get away with something when I talk weird.

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    • Thanks for your work so far. While that does look better, there are still some things that would likely need to be edited out to comply with the Terms of Use. Any nude pics (irl or Second Life) should go, just to be safe. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      I don't give preferential treatment anyway, but thanks for explaining.

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    • Oops, I apologize. You said "graphic sexual language." 

      I removed the links to naked pix. I don't want to make you spend time with this; I want to talk about ethical issues in The Last of Us.

      But if past is indeed prologue, I am about to be banned anyway. I want to blast off into orbit and play with the other kids, but once the arc of the trajectory bends back down toward the ground, it is inevetable.

      It usually takes more time than this, though.

      Oh well.

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    • Ok then...

      Thanks for removing the pics--some were rather disturbing, tbh. In the future, you can always contact Staff if you have questions about whether or not something is within the Terms of Use, or if it might be in a gray area.

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    • Thanks for removing the pics

      You're, well...CUM!

      ...and thanks for just telling me instead of assuming I'm not serious, getting mad and banning me. I want to do what the mod says because IT'S NOT MY WEB SITE. It's like a party in somebody else's house. Even if you don't like the other guests, you still respect the host. You don't piss on their floor.

      Some were rather disturbing,

      so is being an intelligent animal, if you pay attention to it. My problem is, I can't control what I pay attention to.

      you can always contact Staff if you have questions about whether or not something is within the Terms of Use

      Okay, I'll do it now.

      Do people here say "fuck?" I assumed they do and I can't imagine they don't, but it occurs to me I don't remember seeing it.

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    • Hmm. Point taken. Thanks for your cooperation, just the same.

      As for profanity? It's generally not allowed here, unless it's a quote from the game. A user raised a huge fuss about it a few years back and wrote a rather angry blog post when I called him out on it. It's around here somewhere...

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