• Can I create a page for the scanner the military uses to see if people are infected or not?

    I feel it would be worthy of a page because it's how Joel and Tess found out that Ellie was infected casting away all ambiguity for her purpose of being smuggled. Plus it's seen in gameplay when that line of people in the quarantine zones was in trouble with those soldiers and were being scanned by them using it. 

    I think I could start off the page by saying:

    "The scanner is a device used by the Military to check if people going in and out of Quarantine Zones are infected with the Cordyceps Brain Infection . It's a handheld device that is held closely to the back of the person's head who is being scanned to scan them. When the scanner beeps the scanning is complete and if says "positive" the person is infected and prompty executed by the military via lethal injection or by gunshot should the person resist."

    If the military didn't scan them they probably would've never found out about Ellie being infected. 

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    • Hmm. Interesting point. My only problem with that is, we don't know what the device is actually called in the game. "Infected Scanner" might work, but you should probably get Snivystorm's opinion on this as well.

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    • Personally, I'm not a huge fan of making the page. I mean, we could make it, but then we have little to say about it beyond "reveals infection" and it's place in the story, which is already covered on the military page. But then we are a wikia, if there was some way the page was more than the section given on the military page, then I can see it working as it's own page.

      Regarding the title being conjecture, we could always make a template like has been made on TARDIS wiki to inform readers the title is based on conjecture, as seen here:

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