• Hey M67! :D

    Given the new game play trailer came out (O.O) I was wondering if we should update the community messages on the Recent Activity page. The messages still references now outdated information, like the Left Behind DLC and the announcement of the sequel back in 2016 so it could do with a repaint.

    Any suggestions of the sort of things we should add and do you think any of what's there is worth keeping in?

    Thanks as always ^_^

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    • I agree, we need to update it. The problem is, I'm not entirely sure what to put in place of the TLoU2 announcement and Left Behind. Any ideas?

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    • Well, it's community messages - could put stuff about editing expectations? Although, I've already included that in the other one. Another link to the policy pages, that way there's no way people can miss them?

      We also need to sort the matter of the navigation bar - as in do we include all the characters and enemies within it or do we update to only include characters with Part II. We could split them as has been done for the games - characters for the first game, then a separate bar for Part II

      Also, do we really need the [[Category:Survivors]] as all those within are practically included in the [[Category:Characters]]?

      What do you reckon? Should we open a wiki-wide discussion about it or shall we keep it staff based for now?

      Just thinking the sooner we do this, the better as there's gonna be a lot of work to do once the game releases.

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    • I'd be more inclined to include a comment about the E3 trailer, and maybe link a few policy pages.

      I agree, we need to fix that. The only problem is, I have no idea how to do it.

      And no, I don't think we need the Survivors category. It is rather redundant.

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    • Sounds like a good idea, I can update the messages then if you want, unless you feel NFG would rather take care of that?

      I reckon I could update the nav bar, but we'd have to be sure which way we go about doing it - I'd prefer splitting them, as keeping them all in one slot will lead to an excessive bar size given the list will likely double in size by the time the game releases.

      Want me to go ahead and start the deletion process on the Survivor category, or should we wait for the others to check in?

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    • Yeah, you can change the Community Corner how you want.

      As for the other changes, we should get a community concensus before we change anything too much.

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    • Sweet, I've went ahead and updated the messages. Feel free to adjust/suggest changes ^_^

      Indeed we should - we can start a discussion in the forums. Reckon we should separate them? (one for categories, one for the navbar, etc) or clump them all together as a "wiki rejig"?

      By the way, the welcome messages currently only have yours and @NFG as references for new users. Should they not include all the staff team, myself, Riley and Brain?

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    • Nice work! I only had one very minor change to make.

      I guess lumping them together under the pretense of reorganizing the wiki would work.

      Add that to the list of things that need to be changed that I don't know how to do.

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    • Sweet, I went ahead and opened a formal discussion on the various matters. Feel free to add anything I missed into the discussion below. :D

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    • Just another minor thing, (^_^) I went ahead and made the location and weapons templates ready for Part II. Reckon it's worth adding them to their respective articles or should we wait for the release so we know for certain what can go where?

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    • I would suggest waiting until the game is released, or at least waiting until we know more about the game before adding the templates.

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    • Alrighty, :D

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