• Title basically says the gist of my question, which has arisen due to my notice of a lack of "active" moderation of the discussions (I am in no way saying any of you are bad at keeping things in check, youre all obviously not as the issue with that user the other day was swept up quick enough). I was wondering as I may be able to fill in for that position at some later point (when i actuslly meet said requirements) for when tlou2 eventually drops and for when the discussions board (and app) expands in user count.

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    • Ignore this temporarily, a user is now threatening to pursue police action against the user that posted pornography the other day, an admin may want to intervene before anything else happens.

      Edit: Included link

      Edit 2: Scratch that, I may have been able to calm them down slightly.

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    • I don't think there are any concrete guidelines as to what makes a good discussion mod. At least, I couldn't find anything in our policy pages about that. That would lead me to believe that it's up to the bureaucrat's discretion. You may want to ask Snivystorm or NinjaFatGuy, though.

      I warned the user on their message wall.

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    • To answer your moderator question, we have a guidelines/request page you can check out here at: Rollback Requests

      If you meet the criteria, feel free to request for the rights. Although, you've yet to edit consistently here for one month so I'd advise you wait until you've got more experience and proved you are a dedicated member who comes here editing and/or taking part in discussions often.

      Staff requests will likely be required once Part II actually launches - I reckon you'll have more to do as a moderator and more wiki engagement with the community once the game's release sparks some life back in to the wiki

      Thanks ^_^

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    • A FANDOM user
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