• Me again, there is a user attempting to instigate negative reactions out of a user and me by using (basic) insults. This itself is minor, as the primary reason behind this message is to bring up several things that have been reported over the past week being unchecked (no-one has clicked approve/delete on them so as such they still just show up as reported). These include messages being written in languages most can't understand (while not a rule a few other wikis I know have it so that the language of the wiki is the one that is allowed and no others), a potential scam, posts that have no meaning other than to have fun (while im not against this itself I just know a few wikis that are a bit anti-fun and idk what this one is fully like yet), asking for personal details (names, I know a lot of wikis are against the asking of personal details but again, I don't know what this wiki is fully like), and as said to begin with - minor cases of instigation. ~~SteakBurger

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    • Alright, I've gone through the first few pages of Discussion posts. I've cleaned up any obvious spam ones, but I did leave relevant foreign-langauge posts. You never know who might wander by.

      As for the problematic user, are you referring to Manu Legend?

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    • The user insulting is TopalHaci.

      Manu it just seems is very, very loving of The Last of Us but just can't keep it to themself. It probably doesn't help however that they sometimes exaggerate what is happening in their post to get a laugh out of people, but they seem to bring a large chunk of activity in that most people will comment on Manu's posts to share experiences in game, (normally) relating to what they have posted. At times though it does get a bit annoying as it happens anywhere between once and 3 times a day.

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    • Hey there. I've dealt with the messages - thanks for bringing it to our attention.

      As a heads up for future cases, I'd recommend you inform us right away rather than attempt to dissuade the user yourself, that way staff can deal with it straight away and you don't risk yourself saying something that can conjoin you with similar punishment.

      Happy editing and keep up the good work @SteakĀ :)

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