• Sorry, just thought it'd be interesting to show the similarities of the Canada's C7A2 and the game's assualt rifle. I was a cadet in Canada and have seen the C7A2 a number of times and as soon as I saw it the C7A2 immediatly came to mind and the wiki info of the C7A2 is true when I read through it which is why I linked it.

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    • Hey there and welcome to the wiki! :D

      It's alright. However, wikipedia is not a trustworthy source to use when citing real world information, given (much like wikia) anyone can edit it and claim things they write on it to be entirely true. The more reliable the source the better. For instance, if the staff at Naughty Dog wrote an article wherein they mentioned they intentionally made the rifle similar to Canada's C7A2, then we could include that on the wiki. But they have not, so there is no legitimate source as such that we can use.

      I recommend you read our editing guides so you can better grasp how things here (and wikia) as a whole work to make your editing the best it can be.

      I look forward to seeing you progress as an editor.

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