• Hey @NFG ^_^

    I'm wondering if you still have the link for all those audio files you were asking me and @M67 to help add to the wiki.

    I finally have some ample spare time coming up and reckon I can get cracking on adding them to the various articles. Also, my computer is all fixed and (all being well) can download the files. :D

    So you still got that link?

    Add on: Regarding discord, should we have a chat there just for us staff members? A new user showed up who isn't even a part of the wiki so I reckon we either make the server exclusively for wiki related matters or make a separate room on there for staff members only. What do you reckon?

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    • Yeah, sure thing. The link can be found here, the download links should still work I would assume.

      I'd definitely appreciate the work though considering I just don't have a lot of time nowadays to work on the wiki.

      As for Discord, I've already had a staff channel and a wiki chat created so we're all good there.

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    • On Discord, awesome, I realised last night when I was chatting with Tim - guy is a great help :D

      On the audio files, the link to reddit you provided works but the actually linked provided by the user for both dialogue and music appears to have stopped working for me, thing keeps saying the site can't be reached :(

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    • Hm, that's strange. Try this link for the dialogue, and try to open it while you're on desktop.

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    • A FANDOM user
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