• So, I recently began thinking about CBI and the fungus it was based on, specifically Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. And recently I rewatched a video by the Game Theorist, and it got me thinking... what if CBI wasn't a fungus that mutated to infect humans, but rather a desease specifically engineered to infect human populations, possibly using CRISPR?

    Now, I know this is crazy and is most likely a crack-pot theory. But some things about the fungus as presented in the game just don't add up. First of which, why would the fungus need to mutate to infect humans? Based off of our currect understanding of evolution, a mutation that significant would be almost unheard of, especially since mutations normally occur when there is a survival hazard that would nned to occur beforehand.

    Secondly, from what I was able to come with based of what I was able to find (I am more that willing to be proven wrong about this), O. unilateralis is not able to make its host be violent. Once it takes over, it causes the host to head to a death point so that it can spread. It can't be spread any other way. But the wiki said that this form of cordyceps combined with a virus, and that virus is likely to be Rabies lyssavirus. However, there is a problem. It would be nigh-impossible(can still happen, but most likely not) to happen because O. unilateralis can only infect ants as such there is ZERO reason for a virus such as rabies to work together with a fungus like O. unilateralis.

    And thirdly, if what I said about rabies applies to the game (it was the virus cordyceps "combined" with), then this leaves another problem I see. Both O. unilateralis and Rabies lyssavirus cannot (unless there is a picture I missed in my research, which is most likely going to happen) create the lesions that we see on the infected. Yes, rabies can create lesions. However, based off the pictures I saw, the lesions are entirely on the inside of the body and are not  visible on the outside. The Infected in the game have noticable breaks in the skin, and that is just in the first stage of infection alone.

    Now, where does my theory come in? The question I am proposing is if some organisation with some malicious intentions or has something to gain from artificially creating an infection like this? For example, creating an infection where they can exert their will and power over people? Like, for example, FEDRA?

    Yes, I know this was short, but I felt like this needed to be addressed from a more scientific standpoint. And yes, I am more than willing to be proven wrong because this was what I managed to find, and my knowledge is not infinante. 

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