• Hey NFG!

    Hope you enjoyed the newest trailer. With Joel, Tommy and Ellie (And presumably Maria) all appearing in the sequel, might I suggest the wiki adds more images in the Infobox depending on each time period. Eg. Joel and Tommy in the Prologue in Part I would have an image stating "2013" and then for their appearance in the rest of the game "2033", and finally in Part II "2039".


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    • Personally, I don't think it's appropriate to add a tabber of images to infoboxes. It just clutters the infobox and portrays images that can be found later in the article. Given the way we typically format the wiki, we strictly display current events of the series so the most recent, primary iteration of the character should be solely used for the infobox.

      However, I am only one man with an opinion. I'd recommend contacting Snivystorm for his opinion as well, but I say we keep it the way it is.

      Thanks for the suggestion though! Cheers.

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    • Hey. Saw the message and, to save time, figured I'd post here. ^_^

      I'm on the middle ground. I agree with @NFG that piling on the images in the infobox will get cluttery and be counter-productive to the wiki. However, I think a balance can be found (similar to how wikis like The Walking Dead and Call of Duty have done when it comes to characters that have aged and/or be "reincarnated") where we have two images: one for how the characters appeared in Part I and another for Part II.

      I actually brought this up on the Ellie talk pages ages back but it kind of got ignored (twice! ahah). You can find what, little, was said here: Talk:Ellie.

      Regardless though, if we are going to change the infobox/add to the infobox image then we're probably best waiting until the game is fully released and editors have their one month of throwing content onto the wiki (images, information and so on). By that time (I'd estimate March, 2020) we'll have plenty of images to pick from then and can better decide.

      That's what I reckon :D You can see what the other staff members think (if they're still around).

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    • I'm not exactly the biggest fan of tabbers, so I can see NFG's point.

      On the other hand, I can see Snivy's. I feel we should wait until the game comes out. Oh, and sorry for forgetting to say my peice on the talk page back then.

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    • M67PattonZippo wrote: Oh, and sorry for forgetting to say my peice on the talk page back then.

      No hard feelings my man ahah. We all got busy lives. ^-^

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    • Understood, thanks guys.

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    • Yup, thanks for the suggestion! If you have any other ideas feel free to message us, cheers.

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