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    13:04, January 27, 2018

    I looked up in those American's Dreams but I only see official summaries. No actual stories, yet. I don't mind to do some story for the first comic book (The Last of Us: American Dreams: Issue 1) I owned. (EDIT: I forget to ask-- Can I write about it?) I'm forward to read the second one. Also, I noticed that on the front page, there is no American Dreams on the bar when you hover over the "Other" tab. I think you should add it to "Other" tab.

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    • I still wait to hear from you guys.

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    • Of course you can write about issue one. You don't need our permission to add to this site. Just go for it ;)

      It'd be great to get a summary of the story. I look forward to reading it.

      Good catch on the "Other" tab, by the way. American Dreams should definitely be up there. I'll add it in now.

      Happy editing!

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    • Thank you! I'll write it tomorrow. 

      I just saw the new tabs-- Prefect! That's pretty much better. Great work. ;)

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