• Ugh. It gets so ridiclous! I logged in and to create a blog about some background pop-out issue, but when I clicked to create a new blog, it kicked me out. I had to log in again and created an another blog but it won't switch to its textbox after I filled the title up. So, I gave up. I will use this message wall instead... I hope you don't mind...

    Anyway-- I wonder it does happen to you when you visit Naughty Dog's official site? It really annoys me when I tried to visit Naughty Dog's official forum, but each time I entered the site, it will pop out a larger blank background. Here's what it look like if you wait a bit right after you visit the forum.

    UPDATED: I don't think that I can do something about it. So I used an another computer instead...

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    • That's weird. I've never seen anything like it before. I use Chrome too and it works fine. Maybe try Internet Explorer and see if it works?

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